SICB Annual Meeting

Automated Roommate Matching Service

This is a fully automated service to match up roommates who travel alone and wish to share a room at the SICB annual meeting. If you search for a roommate please fill in the form below and hit continue. After you confirm your data on the second page, the system will automatically search for a compatible person in the database. The system will tell you if it has found a roommate and notify both you and your prospective roommate via email. It is your responsibility to contact your prospective roommate and make arrangements and reservations. This web service is for matching roommates by helping them to exchange contact information only.

If the system cannot find a roommate for you, your data will be stored and compared with future incoming requests. In case of a match you will be notified via email as described above.

Note that in case of a match the entries of both matched roommates are taken out of the database and are not available for future matches.

Make sure your email address is typed correctly to ensure proper functioning of this service!


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