Invertebrate Biology

Invertebrate Biology is the study of the form, function, behavior, natural history, ecology, and evolution of non-vertebrate animals. Courses in Invertebrate Biology traditionally include lectures and laboratory work focused on representatives of the major animal taxa.  Teaching about the subject involves extensive use of data graphics, diagrams, digital images, movies, and descriptions of natural history and research.  At this site we ultimately hope to include a number of these resources as aids to teaching about invertebrates.


Invertebrate Research Focus Boxes (RFBs)

Invertebrate Biology - Clicker Questions

TaxaGloss - Multilingual Glossary

How-To Videos for Understudied Invertebrates

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Methods and Tools for Studying Sponges

The Invertebrate Zoology Educators Slack workspace is a place where instructors teaching about all aspects of animals without backbones can come together to share ideas and resources. As of February 2020, we have 154 members from 104 institutions. Interested parties need to be sent an invitation and can reach out to Kevin Kocot, .