Division of Comparative Biomechanics - Awards

The Carl Gans Award
An annual prize may be given either to an outstanding young investigator for distinguished contributions to the field of comparative biomechanics (eligible candidates are those who have completed their doctorate within the past seven years), or to any investigator for the single most significant contribution published in the preceding calendar year to the literature of comparative biomechanics, including research papers, review articles, and published books. The formal title for this award is "The Carl Gans Award," in recognition of Carl Gans' scientific career and editorial contributions to animal morphology, biomechanics, and functional biology. The Chair of the Division of Comparative Biomechanics shall appoint an Award Committee consisting of at least three divisional members with diverse interests to serve as judges. The Chair of the Division will designate one of the members as the chair of the Award Committee. Committee members will normally serve for no more than three years, with at least one member being replaced each year. Candidates may either apply directly or be nominated for either type of award, and must be members of SICB. Past winners of the Bartholomew Award are ineligible to compete for the Gans Award. Details for the competition will be announced in the spring newsletter of each year. Applicants shall submit to the Chair of the Division either a short description of their work together with selected reprints (outstanding young investigator), or a copy of either a research paper, review article, or book (best contribution to the literature). A curriculum vitae must also be submitted, along with three letters of support. Nominators must arrange for these same materials (except that only two additional letters of recommendation are required) to be submitted to the Committee. The Committee may recommend for approval one candidate to the Chair of the Division, who may authorize reimbursement of appropriate expenses incurred by the winner in attending the annual SICB meeting. The awardee will be presented with a certificate signed by all current Divisional officers. According to available funds, the Chair may also authorize a research award to further the following themes: 1) general field and laboratory work in comparative biomechanics, 2) collaborative work with scientists in Israel, 3) travel to visit Ben-Gurion University (Sde-Boqer Campus) and the Gans Library, and to conduct fieldwork in Israel, and 4) support of collaborative international research. These research themes are in recognition of Carl Gans' efforts to promote and foster international collaborations among scientists, as well as his ability to show that all animals are interesting. Donations to the Carl Gans Award Fund can be made via our Secure Online Contribution Form.

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