SICB Division of Ecology and Evolution (DEE)

DEE Researchers Database

Contributions to the divisional database should be submitted to the divisional secretary.
Michael Angilletta: Thermal adaptation of geographically widespread species
George Bakken: Vision-like ablilities of rattlesnake facial pit organs
Lawrence V. Basch: Analyses ecological and oceanographic processes affecting spatial and temporal variation in coastal populations and communities
Lisa Belden: Impacts of disease on natural populations of amphibians
Kimberly Bostwick: How birds make sounds with their wings and how did it evolve
Anne Bronikowski: Life history evolution using field studies, laboratory experiments, and mathematical/computational modeling
Alexander Cheroske: Color vision system of stomatopod crustaceans
Mary Alice Coffroth: Population dynamics and early ontogeny of the symbiosis between the dinoflagellate and cnidarian hosts such as coral
Steven Cooke: A mechanistic approach to understanding mortality of upriver migrating Pacific salmon
Denise Dearing: Foraging Behavior and Dietary Specializations in Herbivores
Robert Espinoza: Effects of evolutionary history, the physical environment, and interactions among species on physiology, ecology, and life history
Michael Hart: Population genetics of reproductive variation
Brian Helmuth: A new approach to "ecological triage" in the intertidal zone
Anthony Herrel: Evolution of complex integrated systems such as the vertebrate feeding and locomotor systems
Steve Huskey: Functional design (morphology) and realized utility (ecology) in vertebrates
Daniel Janes: The origins of heteromorphic sex chromosomes
Sonke Johnsen: Visual ecology and magnetoreception of marine organisms
Kevin McGraw: Behavioral Ecology, Animal Behavior, Sexual Selection, Biochemical and Physiological Mechanisms of Bright Coloration in Birds
Aaron Krochmal: Behavioral, Ecological and Evolutionary Perspectives on Habitat-Seeking Behavior in Aquatic Turtles
James Liao: How fish alter their swimming mechanics and physiology when exposed to turbulent flow environments
Meredith Miles: Evolution of complex displays
Roberto Nespolo: Energy Usage and Optimization
Robert Podolsky: Physiological ecology of development in organisms that reproduce and develop on tidal flats
Alisha Shah: Determinants of elevation range limits in aquatic insects
Martin Wikelski: Songbird migration physiology
Joseph Williams: Pattern and process of physiological adaptation of animals
Doug Woodhams: Antibiotic properties of peptides from amphibians
H. Art Woods: The physiological ecology of plant-insect interactions
Peter A. Zani: Linking morphology and performance to fitness