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Anthony Herrel

Evolution of complex integrated systems such as the vertebrate feeding and locomotor systems
My research centers around the evolution of complex integrated systems such as the vertebrate feeding and locomotor systems. To gain insights into how and when these complex systems may change over evolutionary time I use an integrative approach combining morphological, ecological behavioural and functional analyses within an explicit historical context. One of the model systems I have recently started to study in collaboration with Dr. D. Irschick (Tulane University) is the feeding system in Anolis lizards. Anolis lizards have radiated extensively in different microhabitats in the Caribbean and have evolved specific morphologies (i.e. ecomorphs) independently in all the major island systems (e.g. Bahamas, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Hispaniola). By combining data on prey availability, diet, head morphology and bite forces I try to investigate if evolutionary variation in head shape is associated with evolutionary variation in bite forces and diet. Similar studies on other lizard radiations, fish, bats and Darwins finches will allow me to infer broad evolutionary patterns across major vertebrate lineages.

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Proposed Amendments to the SICB DEE Bylaws, March 2021

Officers & Representatives

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Chair 01/2021-01/2023 Frances Bonier
Chair-Elect 01/2021-01/2023 Tonia Schwartz
Past Chair 01/2021-01/2023 Cameron Ghalambor
Program Officer 01/2020-01/2022 Sarah Diamond
Program Officer-Elect 01/2021-01/2022 Martha Munoz
Secretary 01/2021-01/2023 Christine Miller
Student/Postdoc Representative 01/2021-01/2023 Anusha Shankar

DEE Memberlist

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Maria Abate  Simmons University 
Patrick Abbot   
Evelyn Abbott  University of Texas at Austin 
Caroline Abbott  The University of Chicago 
Arkhat Abzhanov  Imperial College London 
Raghav Acharya  Georgia Institute of Technolog 
Kerri Ackerly  University of Texas at Austin 
Danielle Adams  Clemson University 
Fadeke Adeola  University of New Orleans 
Stephen Adolph  Harvey Mudd Coll 
Brent Adrian  Midwestern University, Anatomy 
Mehrnaz Afkhami  University of Oklahoma 
Elizabeth Aguilar  Indiana University Bloomington 
Jonathan Aguinaga  Washington State University 
Hannah Aichelman  Boston University 
Daniel Akin   
Ayomikun Akinrinade  University of Washington Bothell 
Laura Alencar  Clemson University 
Jarome Ali  Princeton University 
Bassem Allam  Stony Brook University 
Jonathan Allen  William & Mary 
Rachael Allen   
Joshua Allen  Simon Fraser University 
Nathalie Alomar  University of Florida 
Beau Alward  University of Houston 
Medhavi Ambardar  Fort Hays State University 
Chris Amemiya  Univ. California, Merced 
Haley Amplo  Rutgers University-Newark 
Rose Amrhein   
Roger Anderson  Western Washington University 
Douglas Poole Anderson   
Christopher Anderson  University of South Dakota 
Rindy Anderson  Florida Atlantic University 
Andrew Anderson  Reed College 
Hannah Anderson   
Nigel Anderson   
Luke Anderson  Tulane University 
Nigel Andrew  University of New England 
Frederic Angelier   
David Angelini  Colby College 
Kenneth Angielczyk  Field Museum of Natural History 
Nicholas Antonson   
James Archie  CSU Long Beach 
Gloria Arellano   
Jonathan Armbruster    
Roxanne Armfield  Yale University 
Taqwa Armstrong  Austin College 
Reid Armstrong  Midwestern State University 
Lauren Artime  Millikin University 
Andrea Aspbury  Texas State University 
Vania R Assis  University of Sao Paulo 
Claudia Astorino  CUNY Graduate Center 
Jean-Nicolas Audet  Rockefeller University 
Giorgianna Auteri   
heather Axen  Salve Regina University  
Alissandra Ayala   
Nadia Ayoub  Washington and Lee University 
Jill Azzolini   
Leslie Babonis  University of Florida 
Marc Badger  University of Pennsylvania 
Laura Bagge  University of FL and AFRL 
John Baker  Clark University 
Nicole Baker   
Jacoby Baker   
Stephanie Baker  Sam Houston State Univeristy 
George Bakken  Indiana State Univ 
Christopher Balakrishnan  East Carolina University 
Susan Balenger  University of Mississippi 
Susan Balenger  University of Mississippi 
Mallory Ballinger   
Dylan Baloun  University of Saskatchewan 
Evan Balzer  University of Waterloo 
Amanda Banet  CSU Chico 
Nitin Bansal  University of Nebraska-Lincoln 
Nicole Baran  Emory University 
Jessica Barkhouse  Columbus State University 
Cody Barnes  Oklahoma State University 
Sofia Barreira   
Nicholas Barts  University of Pittsburgh  
Elizabeth Bastiaans  SUNY Oneonta 
Nick Battista  The College of New Jersey 
Carolyn Bauer  Swarthmore College 
Ulrike Bauer  University of Bristol 
Abby Beatty  Auburn University 
Sara Bebus  Florida State University 
Adam Becker  Washington State University 
Richard Beckwitt  Framingham State University 
Samuel Bedgood  Univ. of California, Irvine 
Hayley Bedwell   
Ava-Rose Beech  Kenyon College 
Sophia Beery   
Rachelle Belanger  University of Detroit Mercy 
Alexandra Bely  Univ of Maryland 
Charlotte Benedict   
Hugo Benitez  Universidad Catolica del Maule 
Kevin Bennett  University of Maryland 
Derek Benson  Amherst College 
Ilias Berberi  Carleton University 
Cory Berger  MIT/WHOI Joint Program 
Daniel Bergman  Grand Valley State University 
Philip Bergmann  Clark University 
Sarah Berke  Siena College 
Daniel Berning  University of Cincinnati 
Justin Bernstein  Rutgers University-Newark 
Oliver Betz  University of Tuebingen 
Brent Bever  PSU 
Catherine Bevier  Colby College 
Rachana Bhave  University of Virginia 
Leann Biancani   
Abegail Bigasin  UC San Diego 
Kevin Bilyk  Western Kentucky University 
Ruediger Birenheide   
David Birlenbach  University of Minnesota 
Aleksandra Birn-Jeffery  Queen Mary University of London 
Jackson Birrell  University of Montana 
Liraz Bistritz  Hebrew University of Jerusalem 
Corinthia Black  Auburn University 
Todd Blackledge  University of Akron 
Emily Blackwell  George Fox University 
Pauline Blaimont  University of California, Sant 
Richard Blob  Clemson University 
Elliott Bloom  CSU Northridge 
Walter Bock  Columbia University 
Samantha Bock  University of Georgia 
Brooke Bodensteiner  Yale University 
Samuel Bogan  UC Santa Barbara 
victoria bogantes  Auburn University 
Tyler Boggs  University of Cincinnati 
Carol Boggs  University of South Carolina 
Peri Bolton  East Carolina University 
Richard Bomphrey  Royal Veterinary College 
Evelyn Bond  CSUF 
Alyssa Bonfoey  University of the Pacific 
Frances Bonier  Queen's University 
Katherine Boole   
Alberto Bortoni   
Claire Bottini  University of Western Ontario 
Colleen Bove  Boston University 
Rachel Bowden  Illinois State University 
Cole Bower   
Kelly Boyle  University of New Orleans 
Michael Boyle  Smithsonian Marine Station 
W. Alice Boyle  Kansas State Univeristy 
Amber Brace  The University of Tampa 
Kai Brady  Spelman College 
Nicholas Brandley  College of Wooster 
Erin Brandt  University of Western Ontario 
Renata Brandt  Auburn University 
Pamela Brannock  Rollins College 
Jacqueline Brashears  LaGuardia Community College 
Kelsey Brass   
Catriona Breen   
Christopher Breen   
Ana Breit  University of Maine 
Anthony Breitenbach  Illinois State University 
Patricia Brennan  Mount Holyoke College 
Noah Bressman  Chapman University 
Valerie Brewer  New Mexico State University 
Adriana Briscoe  Univ. of California, Irvine 
John Briseno   
Cara Brittain  Auburn University 
Sarah Britton   
Alyson Brokaw   
Anne Bronikowski  Iowa State University 
George Brooks  Virginia Tech 
Adrian Brueckner  Caltech 
Caleb Bryce   
Justin Buchanan   
Theresa L. Bucher   
Tyler Buchinger   
Tyler Buchinger   
David Buchwalter  NC State University 
Lauren Buckley  University of Washington 
Benjamin Burford   
Shayna Burg  Florida Southern College 
Jennifer Burnaford  California State University Fullerton 
Louis Burnett  College of Charleston 
Nicholas Burnett  UC Davis 
Madeline Burns  Rice University 
Mercedes Burns   
Robert Burroughs  University of Chicago 
Kathryn Busby   
Michael Butler  Lafayette College 
Luke Butler  The College of New Jersey 
Paul Byrne  USC 
Greg Byrnes  Siena College 
David Cade   
Abigail Cahill  Albion College 
Liming Cai  UC Riverside 
Paige Caine   
Jonathan Calede  The Ohio State University 
Henry Camarillo   
David Cannatella  University of Texas 
Johanna Cannon  Academies of Loudoun  
John Capano  Brown University 
Serena Caplins   
Ghislaine Cardenas-Posada  Wake Forest University 
Karen Carleton  University of Maryland 
Nora Carlson   
Isabela Carson  Trinity University 
Aja Carter  University of Pennsylvania 
Anna Carter  Iowa State University 
Darius Carter  Howard University 
Amanda Carter  University of Tennessee 
Anna Carter  Michigan State University 
Garth Casbourn   
Cameron Cassavaugh  New England College 
Joyce Caughron  Radford University 
John Cavagnaro  Arizona State University 
Eleanor Caves  University of Exeter 
Alma Ceja  Univ. of California, Riverside 
Peter Cerda  University of Michigan 
Cynthia Chai  Caltech 
Roberta Challener  Bellarmine University 
Amina Chamanlal  Rhode Island College 
Nicoline Chambers   
Kit Yu Karen Chan  Swarthmore College 
Jeremy Chan   
Christopher Chandler  SUNY Oswego 
Karthikeyan Chandrasegaran  Virginia Tech 
Elizabeth Chang   
David Chang van Oordt  Cornell University 
Blake Chapman  Fort Hays State University 
Callie Chappell  Stanford University 
David Charifson  Stony Brook University 
Hila Tzipora Chase  University of Montana 
Anirudh Chaudhary   
Jaqueline Chavez-Melendez   
Daravuth Cheam  University of California, Merc 
Zachary Chejanovski  MNSU - Mankato 
Amy Cheu  Clark University 
Zachary Cheviron   
Ylenia Chiari  George Mason University 
Amanda Chicoli  University of Maryland 
Jackie Childers  Museum of Vertebrate Zoology,  
Sarah Chinn  University of Georgia 
Ariel Chipman  The Hebrew Univ of Jerusalem 
Greg Chism  University of Arizona 
Madeline Choi  Auburn University 
Able Chow  Louisiana State University 
Kaysen Christensen   
Albert Chung  UCLA 
Morgan Churchill  University of Wisconsin Oshkos 
Emma Churchman   
Scott Cinel  University of Florida 
Lauren Cirino   
Todd Clardy  Friday Harbor Labs 
Elizabeth Clark  Yale University 
Jaden Clark  Stanford University 
Rulon Clark  San Diego State University 
Daniel Clark  University of Illinois at UC 
Timothy Clay  Nicholls State University 
Ian Clifton  University of Toledo 
Noah Cline   
Paisley Clunis  Carleton University 
Bonnie Cobb   
Jamie Cochran   
John Coffin  Kansas State University 
Mary Alice Coffroth  University at Buffalo 
C. Sarah Cohen  EOS/ Romberg Tiburon Campus, SFSU 
Karly Cohen  University of Washington 
Hannah Cohen  Georgia Southern Univ 
Kathleen Cole  University of Hawaii at Manoa 
Alexis Coles   
Sean Colin   
Andres Collazo  California Institute of Tech. 
Elizabeth Collins  George Mason University 
Chloé-Rose Colombero  Harvard 
Dane Conley  Christopher Newport University 
Chelsea Connor   
Patrice Connors  Colorado Mesa University 
Hailey Conrad  Rutgers University 
Geoffrey Cook  New England College 
Taylor Coon  University of Montana 
Alissa Coonfield   
Amanda Cooper  University of Utah 
Cameron Cooper  Cal Poly 
W. James Cooper  Washington State University 
Denver Cooper  Spelman College 
Clay Corbin  Bloomsburg Univ 
Kasey Cordova  Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 
Marisa Correa  CSU Sacramento 
Daisy Cortes  UC Santa Cruz 
Randy Coryell  New Mexico State University 
Charlotte Marie Cosca  UCLA 
Kathy Cosenza  Front Range Community College 
Daniel P. Costa  University of California 
Robin Costello  University of Virginia 
Brian Counterman  Auburn University 
Brian Counterman  Auburn University 
Robert Cox  University of Virginia 
Christian Cox  Florida International University 
James Crall  Harvard University 
Rachel Crane  Stanford University 
Douglas Crawford  University of Miami 
Callie Crawford  New Jersey Institute of Technology 
Antoine Cribellier   
Jasmine Croghan  Oklahoma State University 
Christopher Crowder   
Jenna Crowe-Riddell  University of Michigan 
Hayley Crowell  University of Michigan 
Lucas Crownover   
David Cuban   
Alistair Cullum  Creighton University 
Zachary Culumber   
Mandy Cumming  University of North Florida 
David Cundall  Lehigh University 
Paul Cupp  Eastern KY Univ 
Michael Curran   
Kathleen Currie  University of Texas Arlington 
Suzie Currie  Acadia University 
Andrea Currylow  USGS 
Elizabeth Dahlhoff  Santa Clara University 
Victoria Dahlhoff   
Kalasia Daigle  Rhode Island College 
Roslyn Dakin   
Jason Dallas   
Ben Dantzer  University of Michigan 
Emily Darin   CSU Long Beach  
Zachary Darnell  Univ. of Southern Mississippi 
Kyle David  Auburn University 
Zachary David  Old Dominion Univeristy 
Mena Davidson  University of Michigan 
Sarah Davies  Boston University 
Sarah Davies  Boston University 
Trevor Davis  Florida Atlantic University 
Sarah Davis  The University of Texas at Aus 
Allison Davis   
Rachel L Davis   
Alexander Davis   
Elizabeth Davis-Berg  Columbia College Chicago 
Braulio de Almeida Assis  Pennsylvania State University 
Jens De Meyer  Ghent University 
William Deakin   
Ross DeAngelis   
Denise Dearing  University of Utah 
Allison Dees  Auburn University 
Irina Delamare  CRI 
David Delaney  University of Colorado Boulder 
Pablo Delclos   
Danielle DeLeo  Florida Intl University  
Jérôme Delroisse  University of Mons 
Alyce DeMarais  University of Puget Sound 
Abigail Dennis  Trinity University 
Alice Dennis   
Charles Derby  Georgia State University 
Rachael Derbyshire  Trent University 
Kenneth Dial  University of Montana 
Terry Dial  Harvard University 
Kelly Diamond  Seattle Children's Research Institute 
Sarah Diamond   
Raul Diaz  California State University Los Angeles 
Candido Diaz  Vassar College 
Erika Diaz Almeyda  New College of Florida 
Meig Dickson  New Mexico State University 
Zachary Dietz  Portland State University 
Michael Dillon  Univ of Wyoming 
David Dimitrie  Case Western Reserve University 
Jason Dinh  Duke University 
Raymond Diorio  University of Scranton 
Groves Dixon   
Laurie Dizney  University of Portland 
Whitney Dobbyn  George Fox University 
Katie Dobkowski  Bates College 
Jamie Dolan  UC Riverside 
Davide Dominoni  University of Glasgow 
Courtney Donkersteeg   
Margaret Doolin   
Anna Dornhaus  University of Arizona 
Hector Douglas  Grambling State University 
Cynthia J. Downs  SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry 
Jeana Drake  UCLA 
Joshua Drew  SUNY ESF 
Robert Driver   
Rachel Drown  University of South Dakota 
Michael Drummond   
Jennifer Drummond  Rice University 
Meghan Duell  University of Western Ontario 
Elizabeth Dumont  UC Merced 
Peter Dunn  Univ of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
Sydnee Dunn  CSU Fullerton 
Tilly Duong   
Molly Dupin  New Mexico State University 
Fernanda Duque  Georgia State University 
Edward Dzialowski  University of North Texas 
Alexis Earl  Columbia University 
Ryan Earley  University of Alabama 
Catherine Early  Ohio University 
Caitrin Eaton  Colby College 
Erich Eberts   
Alyssa Eby   
Sebastian Alejandro Echeverri  University of Pittsburgh 
Allison Edgar  University of Florida 
Joan Edwards  Williams College 
Phoebe Edwards   
Hannah Eiseman  Tufts University  
Thomas Eiting  University of Utah 
Laura Ekstrom (Macesic)  Wheaton College MA 
Jaida Nicole Elcock   
Jaida Elcock  University of Washington 
Andreas Eleftheriou  The University of Montana 
Erika Eliason  University of California, Santa Barbara 
Chad Eliason   
Kendra Ellertson   
Hugh Ellis  University of San Diego 
Christina Ellison  University of Oregon 
Michael Ellison   
Sara ElShafie  University of California, Berkeley 
Ibrahim Elshesheny  University of Nebraska-Lincoln 
Ricardo Ely  Indiana University 
Zachary Emberts   
Kyle Emerson  Duquesne University 
Aaron English   
Joanna Enns  Simon Fraser University 
Vivien Enriquez  UCLA 
David Ensminger  UC Berkeley 
Laura Enzor  University of Hartford 
David Epel  Stanford University Hopkins 
James Erdmann  Oklahoma State University 
Yasmeen Erritouni   
Natalia Ershova  University of Chicago 
Jeffrey Esparza  CSU Northridge 
Robert Espinoza  California State University, Northridge 
Alistair Evans  Monash University 
Nathaniel Evans  Smithsonian 
Katarina Evans  Graduate Center of the City Un 
Christine Ewers  Zoological Museum of the Chris 
Jay Falk  Cornell University 
Vincent R. Farallo  University of Scranton 
Amelie Fargevieille  Auburn University 
Roy Farman  University of New South Wales 
Sean Farmer  California State University, Northridge 
Victoria Farrar  University of California Davis 
Michael Fath  Tufts University 
Zen Faulkes  U. Texas Rio Grande Valley 
Kathryn Feerst  UFL 
Kara Feilich  University of Chicago 
Andrew Feltmann   
Leanna Fernandez  University of Aberdeen 
Yohami Fernandez Delgado  Wake Forest University 
Kristina Fialko  University of Chicago 
Daniel Field  University of Cambridge 
Jamie Andersen Fields   
Florent Figon  Institut de Recherche sur la Biologie de l'Insecte, Université de Tours 
Michael Finkler  Indiana University Kokomo 
Thomas Firneno  The University of Texas at Arl 
Marie-Therese Fischer  Stanford University 
Adrian Fisher  Arizona State University 
Elise Fiskum  California Polytechnic 
Skye Fissette   
Robert Fitak  University of Central Florida 
Rachel Fleming  Colorado State University 
Julie Fletcher  1996 
Jessi Florendo  University of Washington 
Bobby Fokidis  Rollins College 
Edita Folfas   
Bert Foquet   
Kassandra Ford  UL-Lafayette 
Helen F. Forrest   
zachery forsburg   
Anna Forsman  University of Central Florida 
John Fortner  University of Mizzouri  
John Fortner  University of Missouri 
Susan Foster  Clark University 
Mercedes Foster   
Alicia Fox  Allan Hancock College 
James Frakes   
Clinton Francis  California Polytechnic State U 
Austin Francis, Jr.  Georgia Southern University, Armstrong Campus 
Craig Frank  Fordham University 
Amanda Franklin  The University of Melbourne 
Delaney Freehill   
Rowan French  University of Toronto 
Grace Freymiller   
Sarah Friedman  University of California Davis 
Caitlin Friesen  University of Texas at Austin, 
Christopher Friesen   
Sonja Friman  UNC Chapel Hill 
Anthony Friscia  UCLA 
Adam Fudickar  Indiana University 
Lauren Fuess  Texas State University 
Rebecca Fuller   
Emily Funk  Cornell University 
Daniel Furman  University of Pennsylvania 
Denise Furr   
Morgan Furze  Yale University 
Matthew Fuxjager  Brown University 
Eloy Gálvez-López  University of York 
Valentina Gómez-Bahamón   
Molly Gabler-Smith  Harvard University 
Caitlin Gabor  Texas State University 
Bryan Gahn   
Kaitlin Gallagher  Christian Brothers University 
James Gallagher   
Dominique Gallery  University of Texas Austin 
Maybellene Gamboa  Colorado State University 
Kaelyn Gamel  University of Akron 
Hannah Gams  Saint Mary's College 
Eric Gangloff  Ohio Wesleyan University 
Mark Garcia  University of Kentucky 
Loriann Garcia  Austin College 
Jayne Gardiner  New College of Florida 
Sarah Gardner   
Theodore Garland  University of California 
Austin Garner  Harvard University 
Austin Garner  University of Akron 
Timothy Gassler  NJ Institute of Technology 
Laura Gatch   
Lauren Gates   
Sandra L. L. Gaunt  The Ohio State University 
Sophia Gauthier  Lewis & Clark College 
Brad Gemmell  University of South Florida 
Kerry Gendreau  Virginia Tech 
Caitlyn Genovese  University of Hawaii at Manoa 
Andrew George   
Justin Georgi  Midwestern University 
Gary Gerald  Nebraska Wesleyan University 
Lilly Germeroth   
Mackenzie Gerringer  State University of New York at Geneseo 
Alexander Gerson  UMass Amherst 
Cameron Ghalambor  Colorado State University 
Katie Gheysen  University of Rhode Island 
Fabrizio Ghiselli  University of Bologna 
Julian Giakas   
Samantha Giancarli  Drexel University 
Allen G Gibbs  University of Nevada 
Joshua Gibson  Georgia Southern University 
Randy Gibson  US Fish & Wildlife Service 
Matthew Gifford  University of Central Arkansas 
Erin Giglio   
Michael Gilbert  UMass Amherst 
Anthony Gilbert  Ohio University 
Frederick Gilbert   
Sandra Gilchrist  New College of Florida 
Ariel Gilligan   
Morgan Gilmour  University of Tasmania 
Jordan Glass  Arizona State University 
Caitlyn Glidden   
Elizabeth Glynne   
Scott Goeppner  Oklahoma State University 
Tyler Goerge   
Elsa Goerig  Harvard University 
Cory Goff  Liberty University 
Daniel Goldberg  Illinois State University 
Ivan Gomez-Mestre  Donana Biological Station CSIC 
Ze Gong  UCSD-SIO 
Katherine Gonzalez  Purdue University 
Jessica Goodheart  UC San Diego 
Colin Goodman  University of Florida 
Aaron Goodman  San Francisco State University 
Danielle Goodvin   
Mandi Gordon  EIH-UHCL 
Courtney Gorman   
William Gough  Stanford University 
Francois Gould  Rowan SOM 
Alison Gould  California Academy of Sciences 
Pulkit Goyal  Wageningen University and Rese 
Jacquelyn Grace  Texas A&M University 
Candace Grand Pre   
Jaimi Gray  Oklahoma State University CHS 
Suzanne Gray  The Ohio State University 
Rita Graze  Auburn University 
Patrick Andrew Green  University of Exeter 
Delbert Green  University of Michigan-Ann Arb 
Michael Greene  University of Colorado Denver 
Ginny Greenway  University of Florida 
Jennifer Gresham   
Joanna Griffiths  Louisiana State University 
Candace Grimes   
Noah Gripshover  University of Cincinnati 
Richard Grosberg  University of California, Davi 
Collin Gross   
David Grossnickle  University of Washington 
Tobias B. Grun  University of Florida 
Daniel Grunbaum 
Brandon Guell  Boston University 
Vanessa Guerra   
Ana Guerrero   
Sarah Guindre-Parker  Kennesaw State University 
Eric Gulson-Castillo  University of Michigan 
Jennifer Gumm  US Fish and Wildlife Service 
Alexander Gunderson  Tulane University 
Pooja Gupta   
George Gurgis  Stony Brook University 
Amberlika Guruvadoo   
Sander Gussekloo  Wageningen University 
Samuel Gutherz  Ohio University 
Abby Guthmann   
Jessica Gutierrez   
Natalia Gutierrez-Pinto   
Maria Laura Habegger  University of North Florida 
Andreas Haerer  UC San Diego 
Emily Hager  Harvard University 
Travis Hagey  MUW 
Daniel Hahn  Univ of Florida 
Meley Haile   
Tim Hain  University of Western Ontario 
Margaret Hall  Midwestern University 
Alexander Hall  Thermo Fisher Scientific 
Brianna Hall   
Kayla Hall  University of Washington 
Lily Hall  University of Minnesota-Duluth 
Joshua Hall  Auburn University 
Joshua Hallas   
Michaela Halsey  Texas Tech University 
Sarah Kyoko Halvorsen  Harvey Mudd College 
Emily Hamant  University of Montana 
Charles Hambley   
Natalie Hamilton   
Tierra Hammond  Spelman College 
Sarah Handy  CSU San Bernardino 
Austin Haney  University of Florida 
Robert Haney  Ball State University 
Brenda Hansen  UNC Chapel Hill 
Haley Hanson   
Christopher Harbison  Siena College 
Braelei Hardt  UNCO 
Tyler Harman  GVSU-AWRI 
Emily Harmon   
Fiona Harper  Rollins College 
James Harper  Sam Houston State University 
Rayna Harris  UC Davis (USA) 
Olivia Harris  University of Cincinnati 
Jon Harrison  Arizona State Univ 
Jacob Harrison  Duke University 
Michael Hart  Simon Fraser University 
Lauren Harter  University of the Pacific 
Michelle Hartwick  University of San Francisco 
Brandon Hastings  George Mason University 
Megan Hatcher   
Luke Havens  Luke Havens 
Justin Havird  University of Texas at Austin 
Olivia Hawkins  Kennesaw State University 
Dana Hawley  Virginia Tech 
Virginia Hayssen  Smith College 
Lisa Hazard  Montclair State University 
Lorrie L He  Wellesley College 
Elizabeth Heath-Heckman   
Nicholas Hebdon  University of Utah 
Ivana Heerdegen   
Jeff Heim  Bucknell University 
Thomas Heinbockel  Howard University College of Medicine 
Dominique Hellmich  New Mexico State University 
Sara Helms Cahan  University of Vermont 
Brian Helmuth  Northeastern University 
Patrick Hennessey  Georgia Southern University 
Per Henningsson   
Amberleigh Henschen  University of Memphis 
Amberleigh Henschen  University of Memphis 
Nicholai Hensley  Cornell University 
Jennifer Heppner  University of Nevada, Reno 
Jayampathi Herath  Guangxi University 
Hollister Herhold  American Museum of Natural History 
Claire Hermans  NIOO-KNAW 
Jessica Hernandez  Virginia Tech 
Alyssa Hernandez  Harvard University 
conner herndon  Georgia Institute of Technology 
Anthony Herrel  CNRS 
Matthew Herron  National Science Foundation 
Nicholas Heslep   
Taylor Heuermann  Villanova University 
Diana Hews  Indiana State University 
Karolina Heyduk  University of Hawai'i 
Laurel Hicke  Moscow High School 
Carole Hickman  UC Berkeley 
John G. Hildebrand  University of Arizona, Dept. of Neuroscience 
Ethan Hill  University of Hawaii 
Malcolm Hill  University of Richmond 
Geoffrey Hill  Auburn University 
Anthony Himes  VIMS 
Sarah Hirsch   
Grace Hirzel  University of Arkansas 
Jennifer Hodge   
Brett Hodinka  Simon Fraser University 
Jennifer Hoeflich   
Christina Hoffman   
Devin Hoffman  Virginia Tech 
Alexander Hoffman   
Robert Hogg  CSU Northridge 
Kim Hoke   
Nancy Holcroft  Johnson Co. Community College 
Kaitlyn Holden  Iowa State University 
Matthew Holding  Florida State University 
Iris Holmes  University of Michigan 
Ben Holt  University of Tennessee, Knoxv 
Roi Holzman  Tel Aviv University 
Dominique Homberger  Louisiana State University 
Wendy Hood  Auburn University 
Sydney Hope   
Gareth Hopkins  Western Oregon University 
William Hopkins  Virginia Tech 
Brent Horton  Millersville University 
Stephane Hourdez  CNRS France 
Jennifer Houtz  Cornell University 
Cody Howard  Florida Museum of Natural Hist 
Stephen Howe   
Kimberly Howell  University of Pittsburgh 
Christopher Howey  Scranton University 
John M. Hranitz  Bloomsburg Univ 
Anne Hu   
Jessica Hua  Binghamton University 
Sichuan Huang  Arizona State University 
David Hudson  The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk 
Spencer Hudson  Utah State University 
Christopher Huebner  UC Berkeley 
Raymond Huey  Univ of Washington 
Sarah Humfeld  Univ of Missouri 
Eve Humphrey   
Kelsie Hunnicutt  University of Denver 
Peter Hurd  University of Alberta 
Jerry Husak  Univ St. Thomas 
Danielle Husband  Texas Tech University  
Arild Husby  Uppsala University 
Carole HYACINTHE  Harvard Medical School 
Jennifer Ibarra  Cal State Univ Fullerton 
Masaya Iijima  Clemson University 
Danielle Ingle  Texas A&M at Galveston 
Allison Injaian  University of Georgia 
Evgeny Ivashkin  Marine Biological Laboratory 
Erik Iverson  University of Texas at Austin 
Vikram Iyengar  Villanova University 
John Jacisin  Texas A&M University 
Christopher Jackson   
Erin Jackson  Carleton University 
Molly Jacobs  Manomet, Inc 
Justin Jacobs  UT Arlington 
Grace Jacobs  University of Kentucky 
Charles A. Jacoby  Univ of Florida Fisheries Aquatic Sciences Dept 
Heather Jamniczky  U of Calgary 
Madison Janakis   
Fredric Janzen  Michigan State University 
Fredric Janzen  Michigan State University 
Steven Jasinski  University of Pennsylvania 
Hillary Jean-Joseph    
Chris Jendrey  University of Washington 
Blanca Jimeno   
Henry John-Alder  Rutgers Univ 
Sonke Johnsen  Duke University 
Amy S Johnson  Bowdoin College 
Kevin Johnson  Louisiana State Universty 
Michele Johnson  Trinity University 
Jacob Johnson  UC Davis 
Meredith Johnson  Arizona State University 
Lauren Johnson   
Mackenzie Johnson  University of Texas at Austin 
Erynn Johnson  Paleontological Research Inst. 
Aubree Jones  University of Rhode Island 
Korin Jones   
Blake Jones  Bennington College 
Angela Jones  Humboldt State University 
John Jones  Tulane University 
Greg Jongsma  1985 
Marcus Jorgensen  Indiana State University 
Bryan Juarez   
Jessica Judson   
Ana Jurcak-Detter  Friends University 
Derek Jurestovsky   
Shirel Kahane-Rapport   
Amanda Kahn  Moss Landing Marine Labs 
Ariel Kahrl  Stockholm University 
Robert Kallal  NMNH 
Jeriyla Kamau-Weng  Northeastern University 
Emily Kane  University of Louisiana 
Suzanne Kane  Haverford College 
Kelly Kang  University of Chicago 
Eva Kanso  Uni of Southern California 
Caitlin Karniski  Springer Nature 
Neosha Kashef   
Vishwa Teja Kasoju   
Kakani Katija  Monterey Bay Aquarium Res Inst 
Madhusudan Katti  NC State University 
Sandy Kawano  George Washington University 
Shannon Keating  Marquette University 
Chloe Keck   
Aubrey Keirnan  Flinders University 
Darcy Kelley  Columbia University 
Shawn Kelley  University of Missouri-St. Louis 
Morgan Kelly  Louisiana State University 
Tosha Kelly  Lousiana State University 
Joseph Kelly  Stony Brook University, State  
Patrick Kelly  UNC Chapel Hill 
Tosha Kelly  Louisiana State University 
Matthew Kenwood  Ursinus College 
Meredith Kernbach   
Ellen Ketterson  Indiana University 
Loc Kver   
Sarah Khalil  Tulane University 
Eman Khwaja  University of Rhode Island 
Yosef Kiat   
Sarah Kienle  University of California Santa Cruz 
David Kikuchi  University of Arizona 
Karen Killion   
Karen Killion  Blinn College 
Abigail Kimmitt  Texas A&M University 
Abigail Kimmitt  Texas A&M University 
Emily King  University of California, Berkeley 
Teisha King  Louisiana State University 
Richard King  Clark University 
Logan King  University of Bristol 
Joel Kingsolver   
Alexandra Kingston  University of Tulsa 
Chase Kinsey  Clemson University 
Eseza Kironde  Smith College 
Yuriko Kishi  Caltech 
Kelly Kissane  Trinidad State Junior College 
Sheila Kitchen  California Institute of Techno 
Randy Klabacka  Auburn University Department o 
Kaylin Kleckner   
Marco KleinHeerenbrink  University of Oxford 
Courtney Klepac  Old Dominion University, Dept. 
Anna Klompen  The University of Kansas 
Lauren Knasin  Boston University 
Emily Knott  Univ of Jyvaskyla 
Robert Knowlton  GWU 
Sarah Knutie  University of Connecticut 
Megan Kobiela  University of Nebraska 
Ryan Koch  Oklahoma State University 
Mimi Koehl  Univ. of California, Berkeley 
Krista Koeller  University of Florida 
Abbigale Koenigsmark   
Kevin Kohl  University of Pittsburgh 
Laura Kojima   
Broc Kokesh  University of Chicago 
michaela Kolker Ghatan  Tel Aviv University  
Daniel Kollath  Northern Arizona University  
Kyle Koller  University of South Florida 
Tim Koneval  Ohio Northern University 
Nicolai Konow  U Mass Lowell 
Alicia Korpach   
Jeremy Koster   
Jennifer Kovacs  Agnes Scott College 
Rachael Kramp  University of Pittsburgh 
Jacqueline Krantz  Florida Southern College 
Krista Kraskura  Univ. of Calif. Santa Barbara 
Nicola Kriefall  Boston University 
Cara Krieg  University of Scranton 
Ananke Krishnan  Reed College 
Janice Krumm  Widener University 
Yang Kuang  Arizona State University 
Anna Kudla  Duke University 
Emma Kunkel  Texas Tech University 
Maria Kuruvilla   
Carina Kusaka  Colorado State University 
Simon Lailvaux  University of New Orleans 
David Lambert  Rochester 
Stacey Lance  University of Georgia 
Matthew Landau   
Zachary Lane  University of Southern MS 
Audra Lane  Harvey Mudd College 
Katherine Lang  University of Central Arkansas 
Anthony Lange  UC Merced 
Hayley Lanier   
Anthony Lapsansky  University of Montana 
Zachary LaRocca-Stravalle  Kenyon College 
Robert Laroche  Rice University 
Olivier Larouche  Rice University 
Olivier Larouche   
Claire Larroux   
Thornton R Larson  University of Texas at Arlington 
Jacob Lasala  Mote Marine Laboratory 
Howard Lasker  University at Buffalo 
Matthew Lattanzio  Christopher Newport University 
Christine Lattin  Louisiana State University 
Emily Lau   
George Lauder  Harvard Univ 
Chris Law  AMNH /University of Washington 
Marion Le Gall  Arizona State University 
Ariel Leahy  West Chester University 
Manuel Leal  University of Missouri 
Christopher Leary  University of Mississippi 
Melise Lecheta  University of Kentucky 
Carol Lee  University of Wisconsin 
João Leite  The Natural History Museum 
Noah Leith   
Benjamin Lemmond  University of Florida 
Angela Lenard   
David Lentink  Stanford University 
Kathryn Leonard  Simon Fraser University 
Faith Leri   
Nicolas Lessios  Assumption College 
Iris Levin  Kenyon College 
Ofir Levy  Tel Aviv University 
Ning Li   
RUIQI LI  University of Colorado Boulder 
James Liao  U. Florida/Whitney Lab 
Andrea Liebl  University of South Dakota 
Alyssa Liguori  Stony Brook University 
Harvey Lillywhite  University of Florida, Dept of Biology 
Sara Lindsay  University of Maine 
Alexis Lindsey  Auburn University 
Courtney Linkous  Kennesaw State University 
Astrid Lisondro Arosemena   
Aerianna Littler   
Juan Liu  University of California, Berkeley 
Yuxiang Liu   
Heather Liwanag  Cal Poly State University 
Graham Lobert   
Amaneet Lochab  Harvard University 
Hannah Locke  University of Houston 
Brent Lockwood  University of Vermont 
Michael Logan  University of Nevada, Reno 
Bernard Lohr  Univ of Maryland, Baltimore County 
Alexandra Lolavar  Florida Atlantic University 
Jeremy Lomax   
Kira Long  University of Illinois Urbana 
Sarah Longo   
Patricia Lopes  Chapman University 
Jorge Lopez-Perez   
Nathan Lord  Louisiana State University 
Michael Lough-Stevens  UniversityofSouthernCalifornia 
Ashley Love  University of Arkansas 
Sarah Lower  Bucknell University 
Aurélien Lowie   
Kelsey Lucas  University of Michigan 
Ingrid Lundeen  University of Texas at Austin 
Linnea Lungstrom  University of Chicago 
Yi-Jyun Luo  Harvard University 
William I. Lutterschmidt  Sam Houston State University 
Sophia Ly  Northeastern University 
Leigha Lynch  Midwestern University 
Ana Lyons  UC Berkeley 
Marta Lyons  University of Central Florida 
Dylan Maag  San Diego State University 
Henry Macías  Pontifical Catholic University 
Aide Macias   
Joseph Mack  University of Maryland 
Stephen Mackessy  University of Northern Colorad 
Heath MacMillan  Carleton University 
Jason Macrander  Florida Southern College 
Murat Maga  Seattle Childrens Research Institute 
Jasmine Mah   
Alice Maher   
Andrew Mahon  Central Michigan University 
Anabela Maia  Rhode Island College 
Russell Main  Purdue University 
Mark Mainwaring  University of Montana 
John Majoris  King Abdullah University of Sc 
Katherine Malinski  University of North Carolina 
Jessica Malisch  St Mary's College of Maryland 
Kasja Malkoc  Max Planck Inst. Ornithology 
Terri Maness  Louisiana Tech Univeraity 
Joshua Manning  Florida State University 
Christine Mantegna   
Kyle Mara  University of Southern Indiana 
Claire Marino  Bucknell University 
Jamie Marks   
Aleksey Maro  UC Berkeley 
Cynthia Marroquin  The Ohio State University 
Rosario Marroquin-Flores  Illinois State University 
Christopher Marshall  Texas A and M University 
Craig Marshall  Colorado State University 
Karen Martin  Pepperdine Univ 
Lynn Martin  University of South Florida 
Arthur Martin  Saginaw Valley State University 
Christopher Martin  University of California, Berk 
Jeff Martin  Texas A&M University 
Jeff Martin   
Rachel Martin   
Chris Martine  Bucknell University 
Christopher Martinez  University of California Davis 
Emilia Martins  Arizona State University 
Jivanna Mason   
Spencer Mass  SUNY New Paltz 
Kevin Matson  Wageningen University 
Shayle Matsuda  Hawaii Institute of Marine Bio 
David Matthews   
Mikhail Matz  University of Texas at Austin 
Alexander Mauro  Colorado State University 
Melissa May  Florida Gulf Coast University 
Christopher Mayerl  NEOMED 
Christopher Mayerl  NEOMED 
Tanner Mazanec   
Justin McAlister  College of the Holy Cross 
Lance McBrayer  Georgia Southern Univ 
Marlo McCarter  University of California, Irvi 
Sara McClelland   
Jenna McCullough   
Marisa McDonald  University of Hawaii at Manoa 
Matthew McDonald  Drexel University 
Angela McDonnell  Chicago Botanic Garden 
Caitlin McDonough  Syracuse University 
Eric McElroy  College of Charleston 
Kyle McElroy   
Kira McEntire  Queens University of Charlotte 
Catherine McFadden  Harvey Mudd College 
Joel McGlothlin  Virginia Tech 
Kayleigh McHugh   
Amberle McKee  University of Calif., Irvine 
Sarah McMenamin   
Sarah McPeek   
Samantha McPherson  University of New England 
Caryn McQueen   
Matthew McTernan  Clemson University 
Todd McWhorter  Univ of Adelaide 
Scott McWilliams  University of Rhode Island 
Molly Meagher   
Osmary Medina-Baez  Case Western Reserve University 
Penny Medina-Sanchez   
Madhava Meegaskumbura  Guangxi University 
Abinaya Meenakshisundaram   University of Western Austr 
Lauren Mellenthin   
Joseph Mendelson  Zoo Atlanta/Georgia Tech 
Javier Mendez Narvaez   
Abbigail Merrill   
Rachel Merz  Swarthmore College 
Lisa Mesrop  UCSB 
Hillery Metz   
Natasha Mhatre  University of Western Ontario 
Margot Michaud  Royal Museum for Central Afric 
Noland Michels  University of Minnesota Duluth 
Taishi Mikami  Tohoku University 
Emily Mikucki  University of Vermont-Biology  
Jenna Miladin   
Liliana Milani  University of Bologna 
Donald Miles  Ohio University 
Amy Miles   
Luke Miller  San Diego State University 
Christine Miller  University of Florida 
Abraham Miller  Univ of Tampa 
Christina Miller  University of Queensland 
Colleen Miller  Cornell University 
Audrey Miller  Princeton University 
Isaac Miller-Crews   
Kara Million  Indiana University 
Kendall Mills  University of Alaska Fairbanks 
Lauren Mitchell  Kennesaw State University 
Lindsey Mixer  University of South Florida 
Juri Miyamae  Yale University 
Robert Mobley   
Daniel Moen  Oklahoma State University 
Roberto Molina  Texas State University 
Dillon Monroe  Texas State University 
Katherine Montana  UC Berkeley 
Tracy Montgomery   
Daniel Montgomery  University of Exeter 
Kristi Montooth  University of Nebraska 
Stephane Montuelle  Ohio University 
Ignacio Moore  Virginia Tech 
Francisco Moore  National Science Foundation 
Marianne Moore  Arizona State University 
Talia Moore  University of Michigan 
Christopher Moore   
Jameel Moore  Benedict College 
Omar Javier Morales  Southern Illinois University 
Vanessa Morales   
Amy Moran  University of Hawaii at Manoa 
Yevgeniy Mordvinov   
Nathan Morehouse  University of Cincinnati 
Wave Moretto   
Gen Morinaga  Oklahoma State University 
Rina Morisawa  Macalester College 
Kevin Morrill  UCSD 
Jeremy Morris  Wofford College 
William Morris  University of Cambridge 
Colin Morrison   The University of Texas at Aus 
M. Patricia Morse   
Abilene Mosher  Missouri State University 
Andrew Mountcastle  Bates College 
Fadya Mroue Ruiz  Universidad Autonoma de Baja C 
Joseph Mruzek   
Taryn Mueller   
Stephen Mugel   
Christopher Muir  University of Hawaii 
Martha Munoz  Yale University 
Victor Munteanu  Clemson University 
Elizabeth Murphy  Stockholm University 
Dennis Murphy   
Kaitlyn Murphy  Auburn University 
Molly Murphy  California Polytechnic, SLO 
Jacob Musser   
Anik Mutsuddy  Wheaton College 
Gregory Mutumi  UC Merced 
Matthew Muzzatti  Carleton University 
Laura Mydlarz  University of Texas 
Carly Myers  University of California Los Angeles 
Brian Myers   
Nadje Najar  UC Riverside 
Nagayasu Nakanishi  University of Arkansas 
Thomas Naragon  Caltech 
Chloe Nash  University of Chicago 
Jasmine Nation  Cal Poly SLO 
Jonathan Nations  Louisiana State University 
Melissa Naugle  California State University, M 
Emily Naylor  The George Washington University 
Thomas Near  Yale University 
Lauren Neel   
Maurine Neiman  University of Iowa 
Maurine Neiman  1n0sq8 
Maurine Neiman  1n0sq8 
Maurine Neiman  1n0sq8 
Sterling Nesbitt  Virginia Tech 
Laura Newman   
Amy Newman  University of Guelph 
Karena Nguyen   
Daniel Nicholson  Queen Mary University London 
Michaël Nicolaï   
Matthew Nicotra  University of Pittsburgh 
Joseph Niederhauser   
Danny Nielsen  UNR 
Matthew Nielsen  Department of Zoology 
Karl Niklas  Cornell Univesity 
Jasmine Nirody  Rockefeller University 
Eshan Nirody  Boston University 
Michele Nishiguchi  University of California, Merced 
Rachel Nix   
Kara Noonan   
Mike Norris   
Stephen Nowicki  Duke University 
Richard Nye  US Fish and Wildlife Service 
Haley O'Brien  OSU Center for Health Sciences 
Lauren O'Connell   
Michael O'Connor  Drexel University 
Jenna O'del   
M. Teague O'Mara  Max Planck Inst of Anim Behav 
Erica A O'Neill  Carleton University 
Katie O'Reilly  University of Portland 
Todd Oakley  UC Santa Barbara 
Danielle Oberg   
James George Ogilvie  Auburn University 
Aki Ohdera   
Daniel Olivares-Zambrano  California State University LA 
Daniel Oliveira   
Kristen Oliver  University of New Mexico 
Jennifer Olori  SUNY Oswego 
Savannah Olroyd   
Rachel Olson  Ohio University 
Kirt Onthank  Walla Walla University 
Dara Orbach  Texas A&M- Corpus Christi 
John Orcutt  Gonzaga University 
Ceren Ordas  Iowa State University 
Sarah Orr  North Carolina State University 
Teri Orr  University of Utah 
Kyle Orr  Humboldt State University 
Danielle Orrell  University of Windsor 
Randy Ortiz   
richard orton  UT Arlington 
Karen Osborn  Smithsonian National Museum of 
Madeleine Ostwald   
Kate Otter  University of Massachusetts Am 
Christopher Oufiero  Towson University 
Jenny Ouyang  University of Nevada Reno 
Patrick Owen  University of Cincinnati 
Avalon Owens  Tufts University 
Douglas Pace  Cal State - Long Beach 
Kevin Padian  UC Berkeley 
Dianna K. Padilla  Stony Brook University 
Dylan Padilla Perez  Federal University São Paulo 
Lisa Paggeot   
EW Misty Paig-Tran  CSU Fullerton 
Ryan Paitz  Illinois State University 
Maria Gabriela Palacios  Iowa State Univ 
Alexandre Palaoro  Universidade Federal de São Pa 
Ravindra Palavalli Nettimi   
Sitara Palecanda   
Amanda Palecek  Clemson University 
A. Richard Palmer  University of Alberta 
Lynne Parenti  National Museum of Natural History 
Olivia Pares  UMCES IMET 
Sheila Patek  Duke University 
Madison Paterniti   Radford University 
Gail Patricelli  University of California Davis 
Mark Patterson  Northeastern University 
Nicole Paulat  Texas Tech University 
Michael Paulson  Beechwood High School 
Cheyenne Payne  Stanford University 
Richard Peel  George Washington University 
Jessie Pelosi  University of Florida 
Wei-Xuan Peng  Wageningen University 
Karen Peralta Martinez  University of Pittsburgh 
Carlos Peredo  University of Michigan 
Leah Perez   
Fernan Perez-Galvez  University of Kentucky 
Elizabeth Perkin  Native Fish Society 
Robert Charles Perkins  Texas A&M at Galveston 
Bruno Pernet  California State Univ/Long Beach 
Weston Perrine   The University of Arkansas 
Blair Perry  University of Texas Arlington 
Melissa Pespeni  University of Vermont 
Susan Peters  Duke University 
Jacob Peters  1989 
Christopher Peterson   
Ashley Peterson  Univ. of California, Irvine 
Brianna Peterson  William & Mary 
Lauren Petrullo   
Amanda Pettersen  Lund University 
Janne Pfeiffenberger  Tufts University 
Kasey Pham  University of Florida 
Steve Phelps   
Ayana N Phelps  University of Cincinnati 
Nicole Phillips  Victoria University of Wellington 
John Phillips  Virginia Tech 
John Phillips  University of Idaho 
Conner Philson  University of California, Los Angeles 
Nathan Phipps  Colorado State University-Fort Collins 
Stephanie Pierce   
John F. Pilger  Agnes Scott College 
Rishab Pillai  James Cook University 
Maria Pimienta  Florida International University 
Michael Pittman   
David Plachetzki  University of New Hampshire 
Melissa Plakke  University of Kansas 
Robert Podolsky  College of Charleston 
Michael Polito  Louisiana State University 
Henry Pollock  University of Illinois 
Shirley Pomponi  FAU-Harbor Branch 
Rebecca Poon  University of Exeter 
Dylan Poorboy  The Ohio State University 
Megan Porter  University of Hawai'i at Manoa 
Megan Porter   
Sushant Potdar  University of Arkansas 
Daniel Powell   
Donald Powers  George Fox University 
Sean Powers  Virginia Commonwealth University 
Matt Powers  Auburn University 
Megan Powers  University of Washington 
Devaleena S Pradhan  Idaho State University 
Edwin Price  University of North Texas 
Samantha Price  Clemson University 
Tanya Prinzing   
Charlotte Probst   
Heather Proctor  University of Alberta 
Pauline Provini  CRI 
Jenna Pruett   
Jake Pruett  Southeastern OK State Univ 
Amanda Puitiza  Hunter College 
Kristen Pulley  UTEP 
Philip Queller  University of Texas at Austin 
Haylee Quertermous  University of Alabama 
Kim Quillin  Salisbury University 
Daniela Rößler  Harvard University 
Samantha Rabinowitz   
Jonathan Rader  University of North Carolina 
Thomas Raffel  Oakland University 
Greg Ragland  University of Colorado, Denver 
Md Sadequr Rahman   
Amrapali Prithvisingh Rajput  Guangxi University 
Sriram Ramamurthy  UC Santa Barbara 
Ashwini Ramesh  Indiana University Bloomington 
Desmond Ramirez  UMass Amherst 
Valeria Ramirez Castaneda  UC Berkeley 
Brian Ramos-Guivas  New Mexico State University 
Racine Rangel  UCI 
Nathan Rank  Sonoma State Univ 
Shubham Rathore  University of Cincinnati, Biol 
Rhett Rautsaw  Clemson University 
Paul Rawson  University of Maine School of Marine Sciences 
David Ray  Texas Tech University 
Emily Rayfield  University of Bristol 
Brooke Reams   
Kara Reardon   
Caitlin Redak  Auburn University 
Joseph Redinger  University of Central Arkansas 
Joshua Reece  CSU Fresno 
Sierra Reese   
Tiffany Regier  George Fox University 
Hannah Reich  Penn State University 
Dustin Reichard  Ohio Wesleyan University 
Beth Reinke  Northeastern Illinois University 
Kathleen Reinsel  Wittenberg University 
Karen Zich Reiss  College of the Redwoods 
John Reiss  Humboldt State University Department of Biology 
Adam Reitzel  UNC Charlotte 
Julie Rej   
Michael Remington   
Carlee Resh  Central Michigan University 
Hannah Reynolds   
Daniel Rhoda  University of Chicago 
Jennifer Rhode Ward  University of North Carolina a 
Emma Rhodes   
Amber Rice  Lehigh University 
Kallan Richards  Walla Walla University 
Corinne Richards-Zawacki  University of Pittsburgh 
Christopher Richardson  Lesley University 
Breann Richey  Texas A&M University 
Tessa Ricker   
Eric Riddell  Iowa State University 
Eric Riddell   
Jeff Riffell  University of Washington 
Angela Riley  Oklahoma State University 
Kate Riordan  Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 
John Rippe  University of North Carolina 
Leslie Rissler  National Science Foundation 
Kathleen Ritterbush  University of Utah  
Gabriel Rivera  Creighton University 
Michelle Rivera   
Hanny Rivera  Boston University 
Julio Rivera  Arizona State University 
Emily Rivest  VA Institute of Marine Science 
Emily Rivest   
Kevin Roberts  UC Berkeley 
Alexus Roberts   
Emily Roberts  Claremont McKenna College 
Nickellaus Roberts   
Jeanne Robertson  CSU, Northridge 
Clare Robertson   
Hallie Robin   
Eve Robinson  Humboldt State University 
Chris Robinson   
Kelly Robinson  University of Nevada-Reno 
Karen Robles  Brown University 
Dulce Robles Martinez   
Matthew Rockman  NYU - CGSB 
David Rodriguez  Texas State University 
Carlos Rodriguez-Saltos   
Svana Rogalla   
D. Christopher Rogers  Kansas Biological Survey 
Heide Rohland  SICB 
Karl Rohrer  University of Memphis 
Moey Rojas   
Louise Rollins-Smith  Vanderbilt Univ Med Center 
Vittoria Roncalli  University of Barcelona 
Emily Rose  University of Tampa 
Joseph Ross  Cal. State University, Fresno 
Adam Rosso   
Kimberly Rosvall  Indiana University 
Samantha Rothberg   
Lauren Rowsey  University of New Brunswick 
Margaret Rubega  U of Connecticut 
Dustin Rubenstein  Columbia University 
Elizabeth Rudzki  University of Pittsburgh 
Theresa Rueger  Boston University 
Allison Rugila  Stony Brook University 
Nathan Ruhl  Rowan University 
Carlos Ruiz  Florida International Univ 
Avery Russell   
Melissa Ruszczyk   
Katharina Ruthsatz  TU Braunshweig 
Kelsi Rutledge  UCLA 
Lucy Ryan   
Lucy Ryan  None 
Julita Sadowska  University of Białystok 
Benjamin Sager   
Giovanna Sainz  MBARI 
El Nyazia Sajdah-Bey   
Maria Salazar Nicholls  Boston University 
Nicholas Saleh   
Jonatan Salinas  Texas State University 
Michael Salmon  Florida Atlantic University Department of Biological Sciences 
Julia Saltz   
Jill Sanderson   
Mark Sandfoss  University of Florida 
Franziska Sandmeier  Colorado State Univ. - Pueblo 
NATALIA SANDOVAL HERRERA  University of Toronto 
Thomas Sanger  Loyola University in Chicago 
Sharlene Santana  University of Washington 
Nicholas Santangelo  Hofstra University 
Scott Santos  Auburn University 
Nir Sapir  University of Haifa 
Alyssa Sargent  University of Washington 
Ushrayinee Sarker   
Daniel Sasson   
Trisha Sathish   
Brendan Savage   
Alan Savitzky  Utah State University 
Ryan Scauzillo  University of Memphis 
Jelena Scepanovic  University of Chicago 
Jessica Schaefer  University of California Davis 
Bracha Schindler   
Ivana Schoepf  Queen's University 
Ryan Schott  Smithsonian  
Aaron Schrey   
George Schulte  Truman State University 
Eric Schultz  University of Connecticut 
Elizabeth Schultz  Kenyon College 
Margot Schwalbe  Lake Forest College 
Tonia Schwartz  Auburn University 
Lindsey Schwartz   
Nicolas Schwartz  UC Riverside 
Shawn Tyler Schwartz  UCLA 
Rena Schweizer  University of Montana 
Anthony Scibelli  Tufts University 
Sunny Scobell  St. Edward's University 
Bradley Scott  University of Illinois U-C 
Carly Scott  University of Texas at Austin 
Clare Scott Chialvo  Appalachian State University 
Briana Sealey   
Michael Sears  Clemson University 
Kenneth Sebens  University of Washington 
Stephen Secor  University of Alabama 
Nicholas Sekits  Whitman College 
Kaleb Sellers   
Sarah Senécal   
Shreeram Senthivasan   
Jeanne Serb  Iowa State University 
Sasha Seroy  University of Washington 
Shirley Serrano Rojas   
Brett Michael Seymoure  Washington University 
Alisha Shah  University of Montana 
Anusha Shankar  Cornell University 
Joel Sharbrough   
Varun Sharma  Georgia Tech 
Sunanda Sharma  MIT Media Lab 
Sam Sharpe  choose title 
Lucas Jeremiah Sharrett  Christopher Newport University 
Bethany Shaw  SUNY Oneonta 
Kimberly Sheldon  University of Tennessee 
Grascen Shidemantle  Binghamton University 
Analisa Shields-Estrada   
Nathaniel Shiiki  George Fox University 
Jeff Shimeta  RMIT University 
Braden Shipman  University of Texas at Dallas 
Caitlin Shishido  US Fish and Wildlife Service 
Rachel Short  Texas A&M University 
Samuel Shrimpton  University College London 
Yoonjin Shu   
Brian Sidlauskas  Oregon State University 
Usama Sikandar   
Mayra Silva  Cal State Univ Fullerton 
Monique Simon  USP 
Lauren Simonitis  Texas A&M University  
Brent Sinclair  U Western Ontario 
Sugjit Singh   
Preetpal Singh  North Dakota State University 
Miranda Sinnott-Armstrong  University of Colorado-Boulder 
Kyle Sirovy  Louisiana State University 
Zachary Skelton  UCSD 
Joel Slade  CSU, Fresno 
Christopher Smaga   
Ashley Smart   
Garrett Smedley  Iowa State University 
Ashley Smiley   
David C Smith  Williams College 
Annika Smith  University of Florida 
Andrew Smith  Umass, Amherst 
Stephanie Smith  Field Museum 
Taylor Smith  CSU - Long Beach 
Audrey Smith  George Fox University 
Taryn Smith   
Kristen Smith   
Heather Smith  Midwestern University, Anatomy 
Shaylee Smith   
Julia Smith   
Chase Smith  University of Texas at Austin 
Samantha Smoot  Auburn U 
Emilie Snell-Rood  University of Minnesota 
Leticia Soares   
Francesca Socki  University of Minnesota  
Keith Sockman  University of North Carolina 
Sarah Solie   
Aurora Solla  Reed College 
Tessa Solomon-Lane  Claremont Colleges 
Shane Somers  University College Cork 
Ummat Somjee   
Yash Sondhi  FLorida International Universi 
Hojun Song  Texas A&M University 
Mahaut Sorlin    
Camilla Souto  Smithsonian NMNH 
Gabriella Spatola  University of South Carolina 
Sierra Spears   
Hayden Speck   
Daniel Speiser  University of South Carolina 
Austin Spence   
Erich Spiessberger  University of Tübingen 
Joan Marie Spinelli   
Kamiel Spoelstra  NIOO-KNAW 
Regina Spranger   
Michelle St John   
Maria Stager  University of Montana 
Maria Stager  University of South Carolina 
Allegra Stahl  UC Santa Cruz 
Zach Stahlschmidt  University of the Pacific 
Kathryn Stanchak  University of Washington 
Rachel Stander  Albion College 
Ted Stankowich  Cal State Univ Long Beach 
Keegan Stansberry   
Caitlin Stapp   
Gavin Stark   
Jeremy Starkey  Idaho State University 
Tristan Stayton  Bucknell University 
Mireille Steck   
Alexandra Steele   
Sarah Steele Cabrera  University of Florida 
Kendall Steer   
Matthew Steffenson  St. Edward's University 
Nicholas Steichmann  University of South Carolina 
Laura Stein  University of Oklahoma 
Deborah Steinberg  VA Institute of Marine Science 
Janet Steven  Christopher Newport University 
Dale Stevens  Clark University 
Thomas Stewart  The University of Chicago 
Kimberly Stewart  Heritage University 
Michelle Stocker  Virginia Tech 
Benedict Stocker   
Mary Stoddard  Princeton University 
Levi Storks  University of Missouri 
Marie Strader  Auburn University 
Caroline Strang  University of Western Ontario 
Richard R. Strathmann  University of Washington 
Amy Strauss   
Sarah McKay Strobel   
Shirah Strock  Roger Williams University 
Madeline Strom  New Mexico State University 
Mikayla Struble  Northern Arizona University 
Stanley Stupski  Pennsylvania State University 
Monserrat Suarez-Rodriguez  Arizona State University 
Nicole Suckow   
Kyra Sullivan  UC Santa Barbara 
Joevy Sum  University of Nebraska-Lincoln 
Jenny Yi-Ting Sung  University of Cincinnati 
Venkata Surapaneni  University of Freiburg 
Yuichiro Suzuki  Wellesley College 
Brooke Sykes  University of Mississippi 
Andre Szejner-Sigal  UC Berkeley 
Colin Szuch  New England College 
Patricia Tachinardi  Vila Olímpia 
Conor Taff   
Cheyenne Tait  UMass Amherst 
Emly Takara   
Stav Talal  Arizona State University 
Katherine Talbott  Indiana University Bloomington 
Zuleyma Tang-Martinez  Univ of Missouri-St. Louis 
Richelle Tanner  UC Davis 
Junliang Tao  Arizona State University 
David Tapley  Salem State University 
Stephen Tapsak  Bloomsburg University 
Lidya Tarhan  Yale University 
Michael Tassia  Auburn University 
Jennifer Taylor  UC San Diego 
Larry Taylor  University of California, Berk 
Laura Taylor  Trinity University 
Izabella Tejada   
Rory Telemeco  CSU Fresno 
Raymond Telfair II   
Michael Temkin  St Lawrence Univ 
Kimberly Terrell  Memphis Zoo 
Robert Thacker  Stony Brook University 
Maria Thaker  Indian Institute of Science 
Christopher Thawley  University of Rhode Island 
Kate Thomas  Natural History Museum 
Jodi Thea Thomas  James Cook University 
Morgan Thompson  Trinity University 
Andrew Thompson   
Rebecca Thublin  Bowling Green State University 
Kiley Thueson   
Michael Tift   
David Timerman  University of Toronto 
Jessica Tingle  UC Riverside 
Julia Tituskin  New Mexico State University 
Daniel Tobiansky  Brown University 
Louise Tosetto  Macquarie University 
Nicole Tosto   
Severine Toussaint  Humboldt University of Berlin 
Ian Townley  Saint George's School 
Christopher Tracy  Deep Canyon Research Center 
C. Tracy  U of Nevada Reno 
Leon Tran   
Kevin Travis  California State University, Long Beach 
Lisa Treidel  UC Berkeley 
Shelly Trigg  SAFS, UW 
Henry Tsai  Missouri State University 
Susanna Tsueda  Indiana University 
Brian Tsukimura  California State Univ Fresno 
Toshi Tsunekage  Kenyon College 
Kimberly Tucker  Stevenson University 
Mo Turner  University of Washington 
Micah Turrell   
Gabrielle Tutelo  College of Charleston 
Catherine Tylan   
Jennifer Uehling  Cornell University 
Yu Umeki   
Kaera Utsumi   
Dennis Utt  Radford University 
Travis Vail   
Miles Valencia   
Magalie Valere Rivet  Loma Linda University 
Jackson Valler   
Kathryn Van Alstyne  Western Washington University 
James Van Dyke  La Trobe University 
Elsa van Hall   
Byron Van Nest  University of Manitoba 
Jacey Van Wert   
Jacey Van Wert  Ucsb 
John Vanden Brooks  Midwestern University 
Jarrod Varnell  University of Arkansas 
Rebecca Varney  University of Alabama 
Adrian Vasquez  Wayne State University 
David Vasquez  University of Georgia 
Princeton Vaughn  Ohio Wesleyan University 
Cameron Venable  University of Michigan 
Yaamini Venkataraman   
E. Alan Verde  Maine Maritime Academy 
Rachel Verdi   
Marie Verheye  MNHN 
Ben Vernasco  Washington State University 
Carla Nathaly Villacis Nunez  University of Michigan 
Natalie Villafranca   
Clement Vinauger  Virginia Tech - Department of 
Bridget Vincent  University of California, Sant 
Abigail Vinson   
Andressa Viol  Rice University 
Emily Virgin  Utah State University 
Natasha Vitek  Stony Brook University 
Maren Vitousek  Cornell University 
Kathy Vo  California State University, Long Beach 
Griffin Wagner  Georgia Institute of Technolog 
Damien Waits  Auburn University 
David Wake  Univ of California 
Lindsay Waldrop  Chapman University 
Brian Walker  Fairfield University 
Kaaria Walker   
Keith Walters  Coastal Carolina University 
Linda Walters  Univ of Central Florida 
Sara Wang  Louisiana State University 
Shuo Wang  USC 
Bo Wang  Stanford University 
Wen-Yeu Wang  Tulane EEB 
Trevor Wardill  University of Minnesota 
Annaliese Wargin   
Karen Warkentin  Boston University 
Robin Warne  Southern Illinois University 
Daniel Warner  Auburn University 
Brooke Washburn   
Akinobu Watanabe  NY Institute of Technology 
James Waters  Providence College 
Charles Watson  Midwestern State University 
Emily Watts  Ohio University 
Savannah Weaver  California Polytechnic 
Ryan Weaver  University of Texas 
Lucas Weaver   
Summer Webb  SIO, UCSD 
Christina Webb   
William Weber  University of Maryland 
Anna Weber   
Mark Webster  University of Chicago 
Beck Wehrle  UC Irvine / Coastline College 
Daniel Weihs  Technion 
Jonathan Weinbaum  Southern Connecticut State Univ 
Chava Weitzman   
Matthew Welc  Auburn University 
James Welch  Wittenberg University 
Allison Welch  College of Charleston 
Jack Weldon   
Hannah Weller  Brown University 
Terry West   
James West  Texas A&M University  
JoJo West  Rice University 
Taylor West  University of Michigan 
Erica Westerman  University of Arkansas 
Sarah Westrick  University of Michigan 
David S Wethey  U South Carolina 
Matthew Whalen   
Rebecca Wheatley  University of Tasmania 
Nathan Whelan  US Fish and Wildlife Service 
Shannon Whelan  McGill University 
Jacquelyn Whisenant  University of Wisconsin: MSN 
Tyler Whitacre  University of California Irvin 
Connor White  Harvard University 
Natalie Whitehead  UCR 
Lisa Whitenack  Allegheny College 
Malachi Whitford  San Diego State University 
Jacob Whitlock  University of the Pacific 
Linda Whittingham  UW-Milwaukee 
Norman Wickett  Chicago Botanic Garden 
Shanelle Wikramanayake  CSU Northridge 
Piper Wilburn  Louisiana Tech University 
Sean Wilcox  Moorpark College 
Travis Wilcoxen  Millikin University 
Cheryl Wilga  University of Rhode Island 
Tony Williams  Simon Fraser University 
Susan Williams  Ohio University 
Caroline Williams  U California Berkeley 
Cory Williams  University of Alaska Fairbanks 
Claire Williams   
Sierra Williams  Oklahoma State University 
Tanisha Williams  Bucknell University 
Elizabeth Wilson  Kansas State University 
Robbie Wilson  Uni of Queensland 
Lauren Wilson  Georgia Southern University 
Bodo Wilts  Adolphe Merkle Institute,UniFR 
Alex Winsor  University of Massachusetts 
Colleen Winstead   
Aaron Wirsing  University of Washington 
Morgan Wirthlin   
Tyler Wittman  University of Virginia 
Anika Marie Wohlleben   
Michal Wojciechowski  Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun, Poland 
Blair Wolf  University of New Mexico 
Cole Wolf  University of Montana 
Heather Wolverton  Florida Atlantic University 
Molly Womack   
Serena Wong  Simon Fraser University 
Bradley Wood  Wellesley College 
Hannah Wood  Smithsonian Institution 
Amber Wood-Bailey  University of Liverpool 
Sarah A. Woodin  Univ of SC 
Alexander Wooding  Idaho State University 
Tamsin Woodman  University of Florida  
Mary Woodruff  Indiana University, Bloomington 
Gavin Woodruff   
H. Art Woods  Univ Montana 
Jennifer Wortham  Univ Tampa 
Sarah Worthington  Indiana State University 
Jennifer Wright  University of Miami 
Rachel Wright  Smith College 
Daniel Wright  University of California, Sant 
Aaliyah Wright  Tuskegee University  
Jeremy Wyman   
Brenen Wynd   
Jeanette Wyneken  Florida Atlantic Univ 
Nicole Xu  Stanford University 
KayLene Yamada  Auburn University 
Yusan Yang   
Yusan Yang  Washington University in STL 
Steve Yanoviak  University of Louisville 
Jeff Kang Nian Yap  Auburn University 
Meghan Yap-Chiongco  University of Alabama 
Alexandra Yarger  Imperial College London 
Shannan Yates   
Ming Ye   
Jeannette Yen  Georgia Tech/Biol Sciences 
Amanda Yeo  William & Mary 
Kamryn Yerga   
Julia York  University of Texas at Austin 
Cydney Yost  University of Wyoming 
Mark Young   
Rebecca Young  NDSU 
Rebecca Young  University of Texas 
Vanessa Young  Saint Mary's College 
Jacob Youngblood   
Ellianna Zack   
Dorothy Zahor  Eastern Michigan University 
Christina Zakas  North Carolina State University 
Edward Zalisko  Blackburn College 
Peter A. Zani  University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point 
Katerina Zapfe   
Katerina Zapfe  Clemson University 
George Zaragoza   
Melissa Zarate  Boston University  
John Zardus  The Citadel 
Erika Zavaleta  UCSC 
Julia Zeh  Syracuse University 
Yu Zeng  Chapman University 
Yufeng Zhang  University of Memphis 
Paige Zhang  UCLA 
Yingqi Zhang  Ms. 
Samuel Zhang   
Yi Zhong  Arizona State University 
Ruijie Zhu  University of Virginia 
Amanda Fern Ziegler   
Hong Zijia   
Cedric Zimmer  University of South Florida 
Destiny Zinn  Midwestern Univ, TX 
Diamanda Zizis  Bucknell University 
Sara Zlotnik   
Christopher Zobek   
Angelina Zuelow   
Jessica Zung  Princeton University 
Mikhail Zuykov  Laurentian University