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James Liao

How fish alter their swimming mechanics and physiology when exposed to turbulent flow environments
The view from below: My research documents how fish can profoundly alter their swimming mechanics and physiology when exposed to turbulent flow environments. Fish, like these rainbow trout, adopt a novel mode of locomotion when they interact with vortices (revealed here by bubbles) generated experimentally from a cylinder. By using high-speed video, flow visualization, and in vivo muscle recordings, I was able to show that fish reduce muscle activity when interacting with vortices. This finding supports a hydrodynamic explanation for fish distributions in schools and in current swept habitats. Field work confirms that a diversity of wild fishes of differing body morphologies and ecological niches will exploit vortices shed from cylinders. Currently, I am investigating the role of sensory feedback on locomotion at the cellular level using zebrafish.

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Nov. 2017: Master's Level Opportunities at West Chester University


Student Presentations in the Division of Vertebrate Morphology

There are two questions that are undoubtedly on your mind as you polish your abstract and its submission deadline approaches:

What sort of presentation should I give?
There are two ways to present your results to the scientific community: oral papers and posters. Posters are an excellent way to present preliminary data or the results of a small project; oral presentations are more appropriate for projects that tell larger stories. Both types of presentation involve a fair bit of advance preparation: posters are laid out and printed before the meeting, and even with PowerPoint, slides for oral papers need to be designed ahead of time. Both types of presentation are also excellent ways to practice communicating your ideas with others; the oral presentation tends to be favored as a way of practicing for the day when you give a job talk, but a poster session is a good way to learn to describe your data in a more casual setting.

Should I enter the Best Student Paper competition?
Think carefully. The prize is given to a paper that represents a significant conceptual, observational, or experimental contribution to the field of vertebrate morphology. Papers that present preliminary data are unlikely to meet this criterion, if only because they will be competing against papers presented by advanced students (and new Ph.D.s!) who have had the time to develop their work further. When deciding whether or not to mark the box on the abstract submission form, consider whether or not your project is ready to be throughly evaluated by professional scientists.

Collaborative projects are eligible for the competition, but these projects should clearly be the work of the student (or students) who present the paper. If you plan to present multiple papers at the meeting, bear in mind that only one of those papers will be accepted into the competition in any year.

And although spectacular presentation techniques do not trump the scientific merits of a paper in the Davis competition, poor visual aids and muttering can make it difficult for the judges to understand the most brilliant and original analysis.

Officers & Representatives

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Chair 01/2021-01/2023 Richard Blob
Past Chair 01/2021-01/2023 L Patricia Hernandez
Program Officer 01/2021-01/2023 Nicole Danos
Secretary 01/2020-01/2022 Angela Horner
Student/Postdoc Representative 01/2019-01/2022 Kara Feilich

DVM Memberlist

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Emily Abbott  Georgia Institute of Tech. 
Caroline Abbott  The University of Chicago 
Jeremy Abels   
John Abramyan  University of British Columbia 
John Abramyan  University of Michigan Dearbor 
Arkhat Abzhanov  Harvard University 
Arkhat Abzhanov  Imperial College London 
Kerri Ackerly  University of Texas at Austin 
Acacia Ackles  George Washington University 
Danielle Adams  Clemson University 
Dominique Adriaens  Ghent University 
Brent Adrian  Midwestern University, Anatomy 
Peter Aerts  University of Antwerp 
Anna Ahn  Harvey Mudd College 
Heather Ahrens  High Point University 
Christina Aimone   
Otar Akanyeti   
Kristina Akesson  UC Santa Cruz 
Hugo Alamillo  WSU 
Monica Albe  Museum of Vertebrate Zoology 
Craig Albertson   
Michael E. Alfaro  UCLA Dept of Ecol and Evol Biology 
Corey Allard   
Rebecca Allen  Univ of RI 
Brett Allen  Blackburn College 
Rachael Allen   
Justine Allen  Brown University 
Cara Allen   
Lisa Allred   
Sarah Alto   
Robert Aluck   
Sebastian Alvarado  Queens College CUNY 
Kyra Amacker   
Christine Ambrosino  University of Hawaii at Manoa 
Chris Amemiya  Univ. California, Merced 
Haley Amplo  Rutgers University-Newark 
Nicholas Anable   
Marshall Andersen  Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences 
Curt Anderson  Idaho State Univ 
Roger Anderson  Western Washington University 
Deborah Anderson  St. Norbert College 
Erik Anderson  Grove City College 
Philip Anderson  University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 
Christopher Anderson  University of South Dakota 
Amber Anderson   
Brian Andres  University of South Florida 
James Andrews   
Nicole Angeli  Texas A&M University 
Kenneth Angielczyk  Field Museum of Natural History 
Gianni Aranoff  University of Washington 
Jessica Arbour  University of Washington 
Christopher Arellano  Brown University 
Jeff Arendt  UC Riverside 
Adrien Arias  University of California, Irvine 
Aria Armendariz Peavy  HSU 
Roxanne Armfield  Yale University 
Sara Armon  Blackburn College 
Maria Armour  CW Post LIU 
Jonathan arnette   
Gary P Aronsen  Yale Univ 
Logan Arthur   
William Ary  San Diego State University 
Helena Aryafar  CSU fullerton 
Miriam Ashley-Ross  Wake Forest University 
Henry Astley  University of Akron 
Claudia Astorino  CUNY Graduate Center 
Jade Atkins   
Lisa Marie Axtman  Colorado State Univ 
Manny Azizi  Univ. of California, Irvine 
Sharon Kay Babcock  James Madison University 
Thomas Bachmann  TU Darmstadt 
Marc Badger  University of Pennsylvania 
Camille Baettig   
Justin Bagley  Brigham Young Univ 
Joseph Bahlman  California State U Sacramento 
David Baier  Providence College 
John Bailey  University of Southern Mississippi 
Alida Bailleul   
John J. Baird   
Kela Bakari   
Shirley M. Baker  University of Florida 
T. Vernon Baker  Grove City College 
Eileen Baker   
Stephanie Baker  Sam Houston State Univeristy 
Jordan Balaban  UC Irvine 
Amy Balanoff  Stony Brook University 
Ana M Balcarcel  Vert. Paleontology, American Museum of Natural History 
Vikram Baliga  University of British Columbia 
Mairin Balisi  UCLA 
Elijah Ballard  Hendrix College 
Kapil Bambardekar   
Abby Bamberger   
Saptaparni Bandyopadhyay  University of Miami 
Devon Barnhart  SUNY New Paltz 
Lindsey Barrett  Hendrix College 
Andrew Barrios  CSUF 
Dylan Bastiaans   
Christopher Basu  Royal Veterinary College 
Justin Baum  University of Cincinnati 
Stephanie Baumgart  University of Chicago 
Dana Baxter  Tufts University 
Emily Becker  Univ. Rhode Island 
Brian Beckman  National Marine Fisheries Service 
Alexander Beechko   
Sophia Beery   
Jennie Lanett Beltran  The George Washington University 
Willy Elliott Bemis  Cornell University 
Katherine Bemis   
Noah Ben-Aderet  Bar-Ilan Uni 
Miriam Ben-Hamo   
Lorena Benitez  Harvard University 
Albert F. Bennett  University of California Irvine 
Matthew Benoit   
Charlsie Berg  University of California,Davis 
Angela Berg Robertson   
Kathryn Berge  UNI 
Philip Bergmann  Clark University 
Attila Bergou  Brown University 
Zachary Berlant  Bucknell University 
Patricia Berles   
Jeri Berlin   
Caroline Berlin  Wellesley College 
Dieldrich Salomon Bermudez   
Diego Bernal  U Mass Dartmouth 
Elena Bernick  University of Baltimore 
Chelsea Berns  Iowa State University 
Ze'ev Bernstein   
Justin Bernstein  Rutgers University-Newark 
Annalisa Berta  San Diego St Univ 
John Bertram  Univ of Calgary 
Alfred Beulig  New College of FL 
Gabriel Bever  Johns Hopkins University 
Catherine Bevier  Colby College 
Alexander Beyl  Stony Brook University 
Kiran Bhattacharyya  Northwestern University 
Bhart-Anjan Bhullar  Yale University 
Hilary Bierman  University of Maryland 
Andrew Biewener  Harvard University 
Audrone Biknevicius  Ohio University 
Francesca Bilotta   
Wendy J. Binder  Loyola Marymount University 
Sandra Ann Binning  Australian National University 
Audrey Biondi  New Jersey Institute of Technology 
James Birch  MBARI 
Nathan Bird  University of Northern Iowa 
Deborah Bird  UCLA 
April Bird  Sierra College 
Ruediger Birenheide   
David Birlenbach  University of Minnesota 
Aleksandra Birn-Jeffery  Queen Mary University of London 
Cory Bishop  St. Francis Xavier University 
Kristin Bishop  Florida International University 
Peter Bishop  Griffith University 
Janelle Bissell  Hendrix College 
Kirsten Bjornson  Radford University 
Corinthia Black  Univ. of Northern Iowa 
Corinthia Black  Auburn University 
Daniel Blackburn  Trinity College 
David Blackburn  University of Florida 
Augie Blackman  Oberlin College 
Jusin Blair   
Savannah Blake   
Tara Blank  University of North Texas 
Erin Blevins  Harvard University 
Richard Blob  Clemson University 
Segall Bloom   
Elliott Bloom  CSU Northridge 
Nathaniel Bobbitt  Central Washington University 
Walter Bock  Columbia University 
Christine Boehmer   
David Boerma  Brown University 
Courtney Bohn   
Raj Bolla  Cal State Fullerton 
Luke Bollinger  Towson University 
Rachel Bolus  U.S.G.S. NOROCK 
Calhoun Bond  Greensboro College 
Ronald Bonett  University of Tulsa 
Jonathan Bonin   
Matthew Fredrick Bonnan  Richard Stockton College 
Allison Bormet  Indiana University 
Samuel Borstein  University of Tennessee, Knoxville 
Alberto Bortoni   
Kimberly Bostwick  Cornell University 
Mathias Bouilliart  Ghent University 
Jason Michael Bourke  New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine at Arkansas State 
Linda Bouwmans   
Nassima Bouzid  University of Washington 
Beth Bowers   
Melissa Bowlin  University of Michigan-Dearborn 
Morgan Boyd   
Douglas Boyer  Duke University 
Kelly Boyle  University of New Orleans 
David Bradley   
Elizabeth L. Brainerd  Brown Univ 
Katherine Brakora  UC San Francisco 
Charlotte Brassey  Manchester Met. University 
Martin Brazeau  Imperial College London 
Jamie Bregman   
Patricia Brennan   
Patricia Brennan  Mount Holyoke College 
Noah Bressman  Chapman University 
Kenny Breuer  Brown University 
Ashley Kristen Brewington   
Dylan Briggs  University of Massachusetts 
Jen Bright  University of South Florida 
Jennie Bright  University of Bristol 
Matthew Brim   
Kirstin Brink  University of Manitoba 
Chad Brock  Washington State 
Robert Brocklehurst  University of Manchester 
Robert Brocklehurst  Harvard University 
Chris Broeckhoven  University of Antwerp 
Caitlin Brown  UCLA 
Judith Brown  Hendrix College 
Holly Brown  University of Connecticut 
Ike Brown   
Frances V Brozozowski  Syracuse University 
Alan Brush  University of Connecticut Emeritus 
Theresa L. Bucher   
Emily Buchholtz  Wellesley College 
Sara Burch  Stony Brook University 
Sarah Burcher  Northern Arizona University 
Ann Burke  Wesleyan University Biology De 
Marie-Helene Burle  Simon Fraser University 
Louis Burnett  College of Charleston 
Jacob Burnett   
Jeremy Burnett  Florida Institute of technolog 
Morgan Burnette  Wake Forest University 
Michael Burns  University of Alberta 
Robert Burroughs  University of Chicago 
Michael Butcher  YSU 
Donald G. Buth  University of California 
Marguerite Butler  University of Hawaii 
Nathan Butler   
Macrina Butler  Hendrix College 
Julie Byle  University of Colorado Boulder 
Maddie Byrne  Knox College 
Paul Byrne  USC 
Greg Byrnes  Siena College 
Craig Byron  Mercer University 
Luis L Cabo  Mercyhurst University 
Aliya Cacanindin  UCSC 
Jennifer Cahill  James Madison University 
Zachary Calamari  Richard Gilder Graduate School 
Michael Caldwell  Cal Poly, SLO 
Sharlene Cam  UC Berkeley 
Jasmin Camacho  Stowers Institute 
Henry Camarillo   
Ariel Camp  University of Liverpool 
Timothy Campbell  Texas A&M University 
James Campbell  University of Calgary 
Stephanie Canington  Johns Hopkins University 
David Cannatella  University of Texas 
John Capano  Brown University 
Jillian Capdevielle   
Christopher Caprette  Ohio Northern University 
Grace Capshaw  University of Maryland 
Rachel Carlowicz  Fairfield University 
Kristian Carlson  NYCOM 
Rose L Carlson  Harvard University 
Niels Carlson   
Ana Carnaval   
Ryan Carney  University of South Florida 
Spencer Carpenter-Carter   
James Carr  Texas Tech University 
Jennifer Carr  Salem State University 
Robert Carr  Ohio University 
Carrie Carreno  Duke University 
David Carrier  Univ of Utah 
David Carrier  University of Utah 
Andres Carrillo  UC Irvine 
Ariel Carter  CSU Fullerton 
Casey Carter   
Lauren Carter  University of Rhode Island 
Aja Carter  University of Pennsylvania 
Amanda Cass  Kennesaw State University 
Noe Castaneda  UC Santa Cruz 
Eric Rafael Castillo  Hunter College CUNY 
Theodore Castro-Santos  S O Conte Anadromous Fish Res Ctr 
Eloise Cave  Florida Atlantic University 
maria ceja  Cal State San Bernardino 
Donald Cerio  Ohio University 
Ann Cespedes  University of New Orleans 
Jules CHABAIN   
Trisha Chabria  SUNY New Paltz 
Brad Chadwell  Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine 
Amina Chamanlal  Rhode Island College 
Brenna Chang  UCSC 
Julie Charbonnier   
Hila Tzipora Chase  University of Montana 
Anirudh Chaudhary   
Julia Chaumel   
Marie-Claire Chelini  Un. of California, Merced 
Hu Chen  University of Missouri - St Louis 
Chen Chen  Northwestern University 
Jorn Cheney  Royal Veterinary College 
Amy Cheu  Clark University 
Jodi Cheung   
Christine Chevalier-Horgan   
Ylenia Chiari  George Mason University 
victor china   
Alec Chiono   
Il-Gyu Cho   
Benson Chow   
Joshua Chow  University of California,Davis 
Linsey Christensen  Weber State University 
Brooke Christensen    
Kelly Christianson   
Katie Chronister   
Nathan Churches   
Robert Cieri  U. Sunshine Coast 
Kerin Claeson  PCOM 
Leon Claessens  College of the Holy Cross 
Todd Clardy  VIMS 
Todd Clardy  Friday Harbor Labs 
Todd Clardy   
Andrew Clark  College of Charleston 
Julia Clarke  Univ of Texas Austin 
Thomas Claverie  UC Davis 
Christofer Clemente  University of Sunshine Coast 
Sharon Clemmensen  University of Tennessee 
Andrew Clifford  Brown University 
Kari B. Clifton  Mayo Clinic 
Glenna Clifton   
Matthew Close  Radford University 
Roger Close  University of Oxford 
Ethan Clotfelter  Amherst College 
Richard Cloutier  Université Québec Rimouski 
Michael Coates   
Brittney Racheal Coats  California State University San Bernardino 
Savannah Cobb  University of Manchester 
Melissa Cogan  Loyola University Chicago 
Karly Cohen  University of Washington 
Samantha E Colayori  Indiana State Univ 
Kathleen Cole  University of Hawaii at Manoa 
David Collar  UMass Boston 
David Collar  Christopher Newport University 
Andres Collazo  California Institute of Tech. 
Clint Collins  CSU Sacramento, Biology 
Moira Concannon   
Keith Condon  Dept of Anatomy and Cell Biolo 
Katheryn Connell   
Jack Conrad  NYIT COM 
Anna Conrades  Truman State University 
Thomas R Consi  Univ of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
Elisabeth Cook  CSUSB 
Sheryl L. Coombs  Bowling Green State University 
Ellen Coombs   
Lisa Cooper  NEOMED 
Jennifer Cooper  Univ of Illinois 
W James Cooper  Syracuse Univ 
Amanda Cooper  University of Utah 
W. James Cooper  Washington State University 
Tabitha Cooper  University of Akron 
Lynn Copes   
Christina Coppenrath  Florida Atlantic University 
Joseph Copploe   
Joshua Copus  NAU 
Kate Corbin  Stony Brook 
Gerardo Cordero   
Katherine Corn  University of California, Davis 
Anthony Cornett   
Marisa Correa  CSU Sacramento 
Daisy Cortes  UC Santa Cruz 
Ian Cost  Albright College 
Katherine Costantini  George Washington University 
David Coughlin  Widener University 
Aidan Couzens  Flinders University 
Robert Covert  Slippry Rock University 
Suzanne Cox  University of California, Irvi 
Suzanne Cox  Penn State University 
Suzanne Cox  University of California, Irvi 
Amanda Cozic   
Kristen Crandell  Bangor University 
Kristen Crandell  Bangor University 
Ted W. Cranford  SDSU 
Brent Craven  The Pennsylvania State Univers 
Karen Crawford   
Callie Crawford  New Jersey Institute of Technology 
Shelby Creager   
Katharine Criswell  University of Cambridge 
Katharine Criswell  University of Chicago 
Susan Crockford  U Victoria BC 
Stephanie Crofts  College of the Holy Cros 
Jasmine Croghan  Oklahoma State University 
Roger Croll  Dalhousie Univ 
Alfred Crompton  Harvard University 
Peter James Croucher  ESM, Univ CA Berkeley 
Jenna Crowe-Riddell  University of Michigan 
Lucas Crownover   
Charles Crumly  Taylor & Francis - CRC Press 
David Cuban   
Andrew Cuff  Royal Veterinary College 
Rongfeng Cui  Texas A&M University 
Joshua Cullen  Texas A&M University 
Zachary Culumber   
Megan Cummins  Lafayette College 
David Cundall  Lehigh University 
Christopher Cunningham  University of Georgia 
Chelsea Cupp  Hendrix College 
Michael Curran   
Kristina Curry Rogers  Macalester College 
Amanda Curtin  Duke University 
Abigail Curtis  Dept of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology UCLA 
Maria Da Silva   
Brian Dagley  Framingham State University 
Monica Daley  University of California, Irvine 
Nicole Danos  University of San Diego 
Hannah Darcy  Univ Illinois Urbana-Champaign 
David Darda  Central Washington Univ 
Ian Davenport  Xavier Univ of Louisiana 
Marcus Davis  James Madison University 
Trevor Davis  Florida Atlantic University 
Jillian Davis  West Virginia University  
Julian Davis  University of Southern Indiana 
Reed Davis  The University of Akron 
Yevgeniy Davydov   
Ellen M. Dawley  Ursinus College 
Megan Dawson  Brown University 
Tricia Dawson  Arizona State University 
Steven Day  Rochester Inst of Technology 
Maria de Boef Miara  Harvard University 
Carrie De Jesus  Cal State Fullerton 
Jens De Meyer  Ghent University 
Nishantha de Silva  Lock Haven University of PA 
William Deakin   
Mason Dean  Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces 
Jennifer Dearolf  Hendrix College 
Silas Debacker  Michigan State University 
Stephen Deban  University of South Florida 
Paul C. Dechow  Texas A&M University College of Dentistry 
Claudia V. deGruy   
Irina Delamare  CRI 
Leah DeLorenzo  Univ. Massachusetts Amherst 
Brigitte Demes  Stony Brook University 
Michael Depew  UCSF 
Peter Derbyshire  UWA 
Elissa Derrickson  Loyola University Maryland 
Emilie Descamps  Ghent University 
Alexandra Deufel  Minot State University 
Eric Dewar  Suffolk University 
Kenneth Dial  University of Montana 
Terry Dial  Harvard University 
Kelly Diamond  Seattle Children's Research Institute 
Raul Diaz  California State University Los Angeles 
Renee Dickie  Towson University 
Kathy Dickson  National Science Foundation 
Meig Dickson  New Mexico State University 
Blake Dickson  Harvard University 
Amber Diluzio   
Marina Dimitrov  Stanford University 
Yang Ding  Beijing CSRC 
Heather Dingwall  Harvard University 
Jacqueline Dion  Framingham State University 
Emma DiPaolo   
Claudia Distler  Ruhr-Universitat-Bochum 
Jocelyne Dolce  Wellesley College 
Cassandra Donatelli  University of Ottawa 
James K Dooley  Adelphi University 
Nicole Doorly  Vassar College 
Thomas Michael Dornhoffer   
Morgan Douglas  Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville 
Regan Downey   
Courtney Dramm   
Savannah Draud  University of Mississippi 
Robert Driver   
Robert Druzinsky  University of Illinois 
Brooke Dubansky  Tarleton State University 
Robert Dudley  University of California, Berkeley 
David Dufeau  Ohio University 
Elizabeth Dumont  UC Merced 
Donald Dunbar  University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine 
Mariah Dunbar  Xavier University of Louisiana 
Andrew Durso  Utah State University 
Hugo Dutel  University of Hull 
Hugo Dutel  University of Bristol 
Laurel Dwyer  U Connecticut 
Catherine Early  Ohio University 
Charlotte Easterling  Northwest University 
Joseph T. Eastman  Ohio University 
Caitrin Eaton  Colby College 
Hayley Ebersbacher  Westminster College, PA 
Mark Eckardt  Holy Cross 
Kirsten Eckert   
Whitney Edmonds   
Chloe Edmonds  NEOMED 
Sara Edsall  Dalhousie University 
Jessica Edwards  Univ New Orleans 
Emily Edwards  Cleveland State University 
Charles Edwards   
Chris Effken  University of Nebraska - Omaha, Department of Biology 
Shiro Egawa  RIKEN BDR 
Thomas Eiting  University of Utah 
Eric Ekdale  San Diego State University 
Laura Ekstrom  Wheaton College, MA 
Laura Ekstrom (Macesic)  Wheaton College MA 
Richard Elinson  Duquesne University 
David Ellerby  Wellesley College 
Sara ElShafie  University of California, Berkeley 
Ricardo Ely  Indiana University 
Kyle Emerson  Duquesne University 
Kate Emery  Hendrix College 
Carolyn Eng  Yale University 
Virginia Engel  Vassar College 
Aaron English   
Jackie Entz  Georgia Southern 
James Erdmann  Oklahoma State University 
Gregory Erickson  Florida State University 
Rolf Ericsson  Macquarie Univ 
Timothy Erton  Blackburn College 
Jeffrey Esparza  CSU Northridge 
Richard Essner  Southern Illinois University Edwardsville 
Alison Esteva-Sanders  The George Washington Univ 
Brian Esty   
Shelley Etnier  Butler Univeristy 
Dennis Evangelista  University of North Carolina 
Howard E. Evans  Cornell University Veterinary College 
Alistair Evans  Monash University 
Kory Evans   
Allyson Evans  The George Washington University 
Kory Evans  Rice University 
Christopher Evelyn   
Matteo Fabbri  Yale University 
Anne-Claire Fabre  NHM 
Marissa Fabrezi  Museo de Ciencias Naturales-Universidad Nacional de Salta 
Philip Fahn-Lai   
Peter Falkingham  Liverpool John Moores University 
Nicholas Famoso  University of Oregon 
Jack Fant  Wheaton 
Stacy Farina  Howard University 
Mireille Farjo  University of Chicago 
Roy Farman  University of New South Wales 
Sean Farmer  California State University, Northridge 
Colleen Farmer   
Michael Fasano   
Michael Fath  Tufts University 
Daphne Gail Fautin  University of Kansas 
Cynthia Faux  Washington State University 
Carl Favata  Eastern Illinois University 
James Fawcett  University of Nebraska, Omaha 
Barbara Fears  Missouri S&T 
Kara Feilich  University of Chicago 
Krista Felbinger  California State University, San Bernardino  
Ryan Felice  University College London 
Ryan Felice  UCL 
Connie Fellmann   
Andrew Feltmann   
Brian Fenske  Michigan State University 
Teresa Feo  Smithsonian Institution, NMNH 
Maria Jose Fernandez  University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 
April Ferreira  Framingham State University 
Elizabeth Ferrer  University of California, Berkeley 
Lara Ferry  Arizona State University 
Ethan Feuerborn  Idaho State U 
Daniel Field  University of Cambridge 
Christine Figgener  Texas A&M University 
Nirvana Filoramo  Worcester State University 
Alexander Finden  Northern Arizona University 
Frank E. Fish  West Chester University 
Jennifer Fish  Bucknell University 
Rebecca Fisher  University of Arizona COM-Phx 
Brooke Flammang  NJIT/Rutgers 
Benjamin Flaum  Wheaton College 
Mary Flauto  Adelphi Univ 
Rachel Fleming  Colorado State University 
Thomas Fletcher  University of Leeds 
McKenzie Fletcher  Hendrix College 
Jessi Florendo  University of Washington 
Alexander Fodor   
Derrick Fokala   
John Foley  Electronic Imaging Systems 
Janet Fontanella  West Chester University 
Kassandra Ford  UL-Lafayette 
matthew Forir  Missouri Institute of Nat Sci 
Kiersten Formoso  Univ. of Southern California 
Kristy Forsgren  Cal State University Fullerton 
John Fortner  University of Mizzouri  
John Fortner  University of Missouri 
Kathryn Fosha  Univ North Texas 
Kathleen Foster  Ball State University 
Adam Foster  School of Osteopathic Medicine 
Alicia Fox  Allan Hancock College 
Meredith Fox  University of Utah 
Claire Fox  Cornell University 
Tamara Fraker   
Austin Francis, Jr.  Georgia Southern University, Armstrong Campus 
Tanner Frank  University of Pennsylvania 
Adam Franssen  Randolph-Macon College 
Tamara Franz-Odendaal  Mount Saint Vincent University 
Gareth Fraser  University of Florida 
Stephen Roy Frazee  University of Central Oklahoma 
Thomas Frazzetta  University of Illinois Departm 
Bruno Frederich  University of Liege 
Carina Frias  Vassar College 
Sarah Friedman  University of California Davis 
Anthony Friscia  UCLA 
Douglas Fudge  Chapman University 
Allison Fuiten   
Michael Fulbright  University of Louisiana 
Patrick Fuller   
Ethan Fulwood  KY College of Osteopathic Med 
Eloy Gálvez-López  University of York 
Molly Gabler-Smith  Harvard University 
Ariel M Gaffney  U.S. Fish & Wildlife Forensics Lab 
Bryan Gahn   
Austin Gallagher  University of Miami 
Katherine Galloway  Florida Atlantic University 
Kaelyn Gamel  University of Akron 
Hannah Gams  Saint Mary's College 
Eric Gangloff  Ohio Wesleyan University 
Jordan Gannon  High Point University  
Pablo Garcia   
Theodore Garland  University of California 
Austin Garner  University of Akron 
Sofia Garrick   
Gabriel Gartner  University of California 
Samantha Gartner  University of Chicago 
Meagan Gary   
Timothy Gassler  NJ Institute of Technology 
Stephen Gatesy  Brown University 
Sandra L. L. Gaunt  The Ohio State University 
Sophia Gauthier  Lewis & Clark College 
Tom Geerinckx  Ghent University 
Emma Gellman   
Andrew George   
jacob George   
Justin Georgi  Midwestern University 
Rebecca German  Johns Hopkins Medical School 
Rebecca German  NEOMED 
Shannon Gerry  Fairfield University 
Colby Gerth  Eastern Illinois University 
Michael Ghedotti  Regis University 
Katie Gheysen  University of Rhode Island 
Noah Ghossein   
Samantha Giancarli  Drexel University 
Alice Gibb  Northern Arizona University 
Nicholas Gidmark  Knox College 
Paul Gignac  OSU Center for Health Sciences 
Sam Giles  University of Oxford 
Edwin Gilland  Howard University College of Medicine 
Gary Gillis  Mt Holyoke College 
Casey Gilman  UMass Amherst 
Elizabeth Gilmore  Framingham State University 
Carly Ginter  Texas A&M University 
Christopher Gintof  Hofstra University 
Ralph Giorno   
Amy Glazer  SUNY New Paltz 
Todd T. Gleeson  University of Colorado Boulder 
Emily Glenn  Blackburn College 
Zachary Glenn   
Elizabeth Glynne   
Elizabeth Glynne   
Kenneth Gobalet  California State University 
Maia Goguen   
Jeremy Goldbogen  Stanford University 
Alfred Goldschmid  University of Salzburg 
Franz Goller  University of Utah 
Valentina Gomez-Bahamon   
Brian Goo  UC Irvine 
Amy Goodfriend   
Brett Goodman  University of Adelaide 
Danielle Goodvin   
Malcolm Gordon  UCLA 
Mandi Gordon  EIH-UHCL 
Marissa Gorvet  Youngstown State University 
William Casey Gosnell  Clemson University 
Anjali Goswami  Natural History Museum 
William Gough  Stanford University 
Francois Gould  Rowan SOM 
Callie Grabenstein  University of Tennessee 
Terry Grande  Loyola University Chicago 
Jaimi Gray  Oklahoma State University CHS 
Jared Green  Weber State Univ 
Todd Green   
Nathan Greenslit   
Alex Greff  Blackburn College 
Stefan Greif   
Neysa Grider-Potter   
Neysa Grider-Potter  Osaka University 
Theresa Grieco  University of British Columbia 
Zachary Griffin  Blackburn College 
Christopher Griffin  Virginia Tech 
Aaron Griffing  Marquette University 
James Griner  Clemson University 
Noah Gripshover  University of Cincinnati 
Jamie Grivas  DePauw University 
Mariana Grizante  USP 
Eileen Grogan  St Joseph's University 
Joshua B Gross  University of Cincinnati 
Ian Grosse  Univ of Massachusetts 
Bruno Grossi   
Aryeh Grossman  Midwestern University Anatomy 
David Grossnickle  University of Washington 
Justin Grubich  American University in Cairo 
Sander Gussekloo  Wageningen University 
Samuel Gutherz  Ohio University 
Andres Gutierrez  Vassar College 
Sarah Gutzwiller  The Ohio State University 
Alejandra Guzman  Texas A&M Univ 
Maria Laura Habegger  USF 
Maria Laura Habegger  University of North Florida 
Annat Haber   
Insley Haciski  URI 
Natalie Haddad   
Emily Hager  Harvard University 
Aaron Haiman  University of California, Davis 
Melina Hale  Univ. of Chicago 
Brian Hall  Dalhousie University 
Margaret Hall  Midwestern University 
Alexander Hall  Thermo Fisher Scientific 
Maxwell Hall  CSU Fresno 
Kayla Hall  University of Washington 
Benedikt Hallgrimsson  University of Calgary 
Rachel Anne Hamilton  University of Cincinnati 
Christina Hamlet  Bucknell University 
Ashley Hammond   
Ashley Hammond  American Museum of Natural His 
Paul Hampton  Univ of Louisiana at Lafayette 
Jennifer Hancock  Marietta College 
Sarah Handy  CSU San Bernardino 
Austin Haney  University of Florida 
Wolf Hanke  Rostock University 
James Hanken  Harvard University 
Jandy Hanna  WVSOM 
Kelly Hannan  James Cook University 
Shannon Hansen   
Breanne Hanson   
Michael Hanson  Yale University 
Adam Hardy  University of Chicago 
Antony Harold  College of Charleston 
Caroline Harper  Brown University 
Tom Harrington  University of Connecticut 
Frederick W. Harrison  Journal of Morphology 
Jacob Harrison  Duke University 
Todd Harvey   
Amy Harwell  Western Oregon University 
Kevin Hatala  Chatham University 
Samuel Hatch   
Megan Hatcher   
Theresa L Hauser   
Sarah Havens  Missouri S&T 
Rebecca Hawkins   
Michael Hawkins  Harvard University 
Marlee Hayes  UAB 
Justin He  University of the Pacific 
Jason Head  Univeristy of Nebraska-Lincoln 
Megan Heberle   
Tyson Hedrick  UNC at Chapel Hill 
Brandon Hedrick   
Brandon Hedrick   
Ashley Heers  Stanford University 
Christopher Heesy  Midwestern University 
Olivia Heide  Sam Houston State University  
Justa Heinen-Kay   
Egon Heiss   
Spencer Hellert  1990 
Hailey Henck  UW Parkside 
john henderson  university of nebraska 
Aik Roy Heng  CA State U Pomona 
Patrick Hennessey  Georgia Southern University 
Justin Henningsen  University of Massachutts Amherst 
Allison Henry  Hendrix College 
Cody Henson   
Amanda Herbert   
Eva Herbst   
Eva Herbst  University of Zurich 
Anna Nele Herdina  Karolinska Institutet 
Hollister Herhold  American Museum of Natural History 
John Hermanson  Cornell University 
L Patricia Hernandez  George Washington University 
Raymond Hernandez   
Andrea Hernandez  Florida Atlantic University 
Anthony Herrel  CNRS 
Susan W. Herring  University of Washington Department of Orthodontics 
Mark Heslin  Dept. Biology 
Anthony Hessel  Northern Arizona University 
Amanda Hewes  University of Washington 
Keith Heyde   
Lyndie Hice  Stony Brook Univ 
Rebecca Hicks   
Tobin Hieronymus  NEOMED 
Ben Higgins   
Tim Higham  University of California 
Tamara Hijazi   
Milton Hildebrand  University California, Davis Dept. of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology 
Jennifer (JJ) Hill  University of Bristol 
Willem Hillenius  College of Charleston Department of Biology 
Eric Hilton  VIMS/William and Mary 
Sanja Hinic-Frlog  Carleton Univ 
Sanja Hinic-Frlog   
Scott Hippe  Gonzaga U 
Jonathan Hirokawa  Vassar College 
Mackenzie Hlesciak  Bucknell University 
Leslea Hlusko  University of California 
Long Ho  Lafayette College 
Adeljean Ho  Florida Tech 
Jennifer Hodge   
Hopi Hoekstra  Harvard/HHMI 
William Hoese  CSU Fullerton 
Jessica Hoffman   
Devin Hoffman  Virginia Tech 
Simone Hoffmann   
Sarah Hoffmann  Florida Atlantic University 
Aneila Hogan   
Kim Hoke   
Luke Holbrook  Rowan University 
Matthew Holding  Florida State University 
Linda Holland  U of CA San Diego 
Maranda Holley  Univ of South Florida 
Casey Holliday  University of Missouri 
Jill Holliday  University of Missouri 
Michael Holmes  UC Berkeley 
Natalie Holt  UC Riverside 
Ben Holt  University of Tennessee, Knoxv 
Roi Holzman  Tel Aviv University 
Dominique Homberger  Louisiana State University 
Craig S. Hood  Loyola University Department of Biological Sciences 
Mildred A Hoover  Salem State College 
Samantha Hopkins   
Mike Horn  Cal State Univ 
Richard Ian Horn  University of Akron 
Angela Horner  Cal State San Bernardino 
Joshua Horns   
Jaquan Horton  University of Washington 
Stephen Howe   
Kimberly Hruska  University of British Columbia 
Tonia Hsieh  Temple University 
Yinan Hu  Boston College 
Tatjana Hubel  Royal Veterinary College 
Daniel Huber  The University of Tampa 
Penny Hudson  Structure and Motion Lab, Royal Vet College 
Nathan Brett Hudzik  Youngstown State University 
Jerome Hui   
Jonathan Huie  George Washington University 
Jonathan Huie  University of Washington 
Meribeth Huizinga  Colorado State University 
Darrin Hulsey  University of Konstanz 
John Hunter  Ohio State University Newark 
Jerry Husak  Univ St. Thomas 
Steve Huskey  Western Kentucky U 
John R Hutchinson   
Deborah Hutchinson  Coastal Carolina University 
Joel Hutson  DePaul University 
Adam Huttenlocker  University of Utah 
Katleen Huyghe  University of Antwerp 
Tony Huynh  Univ. of California, Berkeley 
Gabe Ibanez  University of Cincinnati 
Celine Ide  Ghent University 
Masaya Iijima  Clemson University 
Carlos Infante  University of Colorado Denver 
Danielle Ingle  Texas A&M at Galveston 
Jose Iriarte-Diaz  Sewanee: The University of the South 
Frances Irish  Moravian College 
Duncan Irschick  Univ Massachusetts 
Andrew Iwaniuk  University of Lethbridge 
Andrew Iwaniuk  University of Lethbridge 
Tetsuya Iwasaki  UCLA 
John Jacisin  Texas A&M University 
William Jackman  Bowdoin College 
Kate Jackson  Whitman College 
Brandon Jackson  Longwood University 
Jacqueline Jackson   
Laura Jackson  University of South Dakota 
Corrine Jacobs  Brown University 
Antone G. Jacobson  University of Texas Austin MCDB 
Mackenzie Jacoby   
Christiane Jacquemetton  UCLA 
Kevin Jagnandan  University of California, Riverside 
Israt Jahan  Eastern Illinois University 
Claire James  Univ of Portland 
Carissa James  College of Charleston 
Brandon James   
William James  University of Alabama at Birmingham 
Helen James  Smithsonian Institution 
Heather Jamniczky  U of Calgary 
Christine Janis  Brown University Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 
Paul Jarrell  Pasadena City College 
Steven Jasinski  University of Pennsylvania 
Alan P. Jaslow  Rhodes College Department of Biology 
Carolyn R. Jaslow  Rhodes College 
Amar Jaswa  Michigan State University 
Andrea Jaszlics  University of Nebraska at Lincoln 
Jacob Javier   
Bruce Jayne  U of Cincinnati 
Hillary Jean-Joseph    
Kamryn Jebb   
Farish Jenkins  Harvard University 
Megan Jensen   
Janet Jeong  Wellesley College 
Natalie Jeremijenko   
Yordano Jimenez  Brown University 
Elizabeth Jockusch  University of Connecticut 
Frida Johannesdottir   
Zerina Johanson  Natural History Museum 
Jeremy John   
Shelly R. Johnson  Pasadena City College Retired 1993 
Normastel Johnson  Hendrix College 
Kaitlin Johnson  Cal Poly, SLO 
Benjamin Johnson   
Laura Johnson  University of Arizona - COMP  
Elissa Johnson  Brown University 
Margaret Johnson  University of Florida 
Cassie Johnston   
Melanie Jonas  Illinois State Unversity 
Cory Bryan Jones   
Zachary Jones  U of Cincinnati 
Katrina Jones  Johns Hopkins University 
Amber Jones   
Ian Jones  University of Maine, Orono 
Dulcinea Jones  Scripps College 
Jessica Joneson  Purdue University  
Laura Jordan  Florida Atlantic University 
Mike Jorgensen  University of Missouri 
Jean M. P. Joss  Macquarie University 
Bryan Juarez   
Derek Jurestovsky   
Ardian Jusufi  Max Planck Institute for Int.S 
Ingrid Kaatz   
Elska Kaczmarek  Brown University 
Shirel Kahane-Rapport   
Stephen M. Kajiura  Florida Atlantic University 
Klea Kalionzes  Harvard University  
Robert Kambic  Brown University 
Christian Kammerer  American Museum of Natural History 
Brittany Kammerer  UC Davis 
Aaron Kampe   
Viktoriia Kamska  Max Planck Institute for Intel 
Andre Kanasiro Spinelli Guimaraes  Sam Houston State University 
Emily Kane  University of Louisiana 
Shane Kaplan  University of Cincinnati 
Eleni Karagiannis   
Kenneth Kardong  Washington State Univ 
Mutahammis Kareem  Univ of VI 
Hilary Katz  Marine Biological Laboratory 
Kathryn Kavanagh  University of Massachusetts Dartmouth 
Sandy Kawano  George Washington University 
Kazuhiko Kawasaki  Pennylvania State University 
David Kay  Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences 
Rachel Keeffe   
Rachel Keeffe   
Rachel Keeffe   
Tiffany Keenan-Bateman   
Stephanie Keer   
Aubrey Keirnan  Flinders University 
Jonathan Keller  University of Minnesota 
Justin Keller   
Darcy Kelley  Columbia University 
Diane Kelly  University of Massachusetts 
Taylor Kelsay  1989 
Addison Kemp  University of Texas at Austin 
Christopher Kenaley  Boston College 
Christopher Kenaley  Boston College 
Natalia Kennedy  UCLA 
Matthew Kennedy  James Madison Univ 
Brett Kennedy  Jet Propulsion Laboratory 
Emily Kennedy   
James Kerfoot  Union University 
Ryan Kerney  Gettysburg College 
Loc Kver   
Kim Khuc  UC Berkeley 
Eman Khwaja  University of Rhode Island 
Sarah Kienle  University of California Santa Cruz 
Sarah Kienle  University of California Santa Cruz 
Brandon Kilbourne  FSU Jena 
Brandon Kilbourne  Museum für Naturkunde Berlin 
Brandon Kilbourne  Museum für Naturkunde Berlin 
Heather King  Univ Chicago 
Logan King  University of Bristol 
Chase Kinsey  Clemson University 
Bonnie Kircher  University of Florida 
Adam Kirchhefer  AFAR, UWO 
Mackenzie Kirchner-Smith  Univ. of California Berkeley 
Eseza Kironde  Smith College 
Brett Klaassen Van Oorschot  University of Puget Sound 
Thomas Kleinteich  Kiel University, Zoology Dept. 
Nathan J. Kley  Stony Brook Univ 
Jeremy Klingler   
Peter Kloess  UC Berkeley 
Daniel Kmack  Dept of Mechanical Engineering 
Kit Knight  UNLV 
Kayla Knoll  Northern Michigan University 
Thomas Kocher  University of Maryland 
Klaus-Peter Koepfli  National Cancer Institute 
David Koester  University of New England  
Tiana Kohldorf  Univ Sao Paulo 
Erik Kolb  University of Southern California 
Matthew Kolmann   
Megan Koluch  Knox College 
Timothy Koneval  Mount Aloysius College 
Tim Koneval  Ohio Northern University 
Nicolai Konow  U Mass Lowell 
Paul Korchari  Clemson Univ 
Wyatt Korff  HHMI Janelia Research Campus 
Dana Korneisel  Carleton University 
Keith Korsmeyer  Hawaii Pacific University 
Keith Korsmeyer  Hawaii Pacific University 
Brian Kot  UCLA 
Andrew Kovac  The University of Akron 
Robert Kozol  University of MIami 
Brian Kraatz  Western Univ.of Health Science 
Alan Krakauer  University of California Davis 
Dallas Krentzel  University of Chicago 
Alex Krohn  UC Berkeley 
Isaac Krone   
Michael Krzyzak  Holy Cross 
Kole Kubicek   
Julie Ann Kuhlman  Iowa State University 
Matthew Kulpa   
Julia Kulyomina  University of Massachusetts 
Joseph Kunkel  University of Mass - Amherst 
Thomas H. Kunz  Boston University 
Chi-Yun Kuo   
Sharon Kuo  University of Missouri 
Shigeru Kuratani  CDB RIKEN 
Samantha Kushner   
Stephanie Kuster   
Daniel Kvistad  Wheaton College 
Suzanne LaCroix  Michigan State University 
Susan Lad   
Travis LaDuc  TX Natural History Collections 
Pascal J Lafontant  DePauw University 
Amy Lagorio  University of the Pacific 
Philip Lai   
Simon Lailvaux  University of New Orleans 
Alexis Lainoff  UCSF 
Melanie Laird  University of Sydney 
Andrew Lammers  Cleveland State University 
Tobias Landberg  Amphibian Foundation 
Stuart O. Landry  State Univ of New York at Binghamton 
Geerling Langenbach  ACTA 
Brian Langerhans  NC State University 
adelle laniyan   
Yashesvini Lanka  University of Chicago 
A Kristopher Lappin   
Anthony Lapsansky  University of Montana 
Anthony Lapsansky  University of Montana 
Nicholas Larghi  University of Florida 
Peter M. Larson  St Anselm College 
Thornton R Larson  University of Texas at Arlington 
Neil Larson   
Jacob Lasala  Mote Marine Laboratory 
Jennifer Lash  Nova Southeastern University 
Patricia Latas   
Patrick Lathrop  AMU 
George Lauder  Harvard Univ 
George Lauder   
J.D. Laurence-Chasen  University of Chicago 
Jessica LaVergne  Hendrix College 
Chris Law  AMNH /University of Washington 
Chris Law   
Austin Lawrence  University of Missouri 
Adam Lawson  LSUHSC 
Jack R. Layne  Slippery Rock University 
Pierre Le Pabic  UCI 
Ariel Leahy  West Chester University 
Brian Leary  University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth 
Hilary Lease  University of Arizona 
David Ledesma  University of Texas 
David Lee  UNLV 
Rachel Lee  Hendrix College 
Andrew Lee  Midwestern University 
David Lee  University of Nevada Las Vegas 
David Leffler   
João Leite  The Natural History Museum 
Justin Lemberg  University of Chicago 
Pierre Lemelin  University of Alberta 
David Lentink  Stanford University 
Krista LePiane   
Carlos Lerma   
Emily Lessner  University of Missouri 
Liliana Lettieri  Georgia Tech 
Zachary Robert Lewis  Yale University 
Kristi Lewton  Harvard University 
Heleen Leysen  Ghent University - Evolutionary Morphology of Vertebrates 
Peishu Li  University of Chicago 
Gen Li  Japan Agency for Marine-Earth  
Zhiheng li  University of Texas at Austin 
Ellen Li  Brown University 
James Liao  U. Florida/Whitney Lab 
Daniel Lieberman  Harvard University 
kayla liebman  Blackburn College 
Karel F. Liem  Professor of Ichthyology 
Victoria Lieu   
Jeanette Lim  Harvard University 
Kelly Limoncelli  Hendrix College 
Craig Lind  University of Arkansas 
Thomas Linscott   
David Little   
Juan Liu  University of California, Berkeley 
Margaret Liu  Arizona State University 
Joshua Lively  University of Texas at Austin 
Rachel Livengood  Georgia Southern University 
Heather Liwanag  Cal Poly State University 
James Michael Logan  Biology Department 
Jeremy Lomax   
John Long  Vassar College 
Nicholas Long  Dickinson College 
Sarah Longo   
Alessandra Inez Lopez  California State Polytechnic Univ 
Wilmer Lopez  Florida Atlantic University 
Hernan Lopez-Fernandez  Royal Ontario Museum 
Jonathan Losos  Harvard Univ 
Matthew Lotti  University of RI 
Leeann Louis  Univ. of Cali., Berkeley 
Alan Love  University of Minnesota 
Andrew Lowe  CSU Fullerton 
Aurélien Lowie   
Lynn Lucas  University of Arizona 
Kelsey Lucas  University of Michigan 
Joshua Ludtke  University of Calgary 
Allison Luger  Ghent University 
Alissa Luken  CSU Northridge 
Ingrid Lundeen  University of Texas at Austin 
Linnea Lungstrom  University of Chicago 
Keegan Lutek  University of Ottawa 
Bram Lutton   
Leigha Lynch  Midwestern University 
Melissa Lynn Lyon  University of Utah 
Gerd Müller  University of Vienna 
Jacob Maag  Blackburn College 
Inbar Maayan  Arizona State University 
Leigh MacAyeal   
Ian MacDonald  Northern Arizona University 
Marjorie MacGregor  University of Wyoming 
Stephen Mackessy  University of Northern Colorad 
Ted Macrini  AMNH 
Hillary Maddin  Carleton University 
Paul Maderson  Brooklyn College 
Murat Maga  Seattle Childrens Research Institute 
Anne M. Maglia  UMass Lowell 
Sarah Maher  James Madison University 
Alice Maher   
D. Luke Mahler  University of California, Davis 
Muhammad Mahmood  Massey University 
Anabela Maia  Rhode Island College 
Rafael Maia  The University of Akron 
Takashi Maie  University of Lynchburg 
Alana Mailey  Macquarie University 
Russell Main  Purdue University 
John Majoris  King Abdullah University of Sc 
Kyle Maki  George Fox Univ 
Amber Makowicz  University of Oklahoma 
Sarah Mallette   
Ashley Malpica  The University of the South 
Armita Manafzadeh  Brown University 
Joanna Mandecki  The University of Chicago 
Bruce Manion  Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science 
Alekhya Mannava   
Diana Mantilla  Temple University 
Kyle Mara  University of Southern Indiana 
Jonathan Marcot  Univ of Illinois 
Tina Marcroft   
Michael Marcucci  Holy Cross 
Andres Marmol  Universidad Cátolica Ecuador 
Eladio J Marquez  University of Michigan 
Ashley Marranzino   
Richard Marsh  Northeastern University/Brown University 
Christopher Marshall  Texas A and M University 
Christopher Martin  University of California, Berk 
Rachael Martinez  Holy Cross 
Christopher Martinez  University of California Davis 
Alejandro Martinez  University of California Davis 
Hamid Marvi  Arizona State University 
Spencer Mass  SUNY New Paltz 
James Massey   
Tobin Mathew  SUNY New Paltz 
Andrew Matson   
David Matthews   
Erin Mattson   
Christopher Mayerl  NEOMED 
Christopher Mayerl  NEOMED 
Eleanor Maynard   
Nicole Mazouchova   
Gianna McArthur  Vassar College 
Lance McBrayer  Georgia Southern Univ 
Katelyn McCabe  McDaniel College 
Ali McCarthy  Wheaton College, MA 
Jacob McCartney  SUNY Geneseo 
Blinda McClelland  U of Texas at Austin 
Katie McComas   
Charlene McCord  Chapman University 
Amy McCune  Cornell University 
Matthew McCurry  Monash University 
Eric McElroy  College of Charleston 
Faye McGechie  University of Missouri 
Matthew McGee  Monash University 
Craig McGowan  University of Idaho 
Kaitlin McGrail   
Daniel McGraw   
Polly McGuigan  University of Bath 
Jenny Lynn McGuire  University of California, Berkeley 
Matthew J McHenry  U. C. Irvine 
Brianna McHorse   
Monica McInerney  McDaniel College 
Benjamin McInroe  UC Berkeley 
Erin McKenney  Duke University 
Meredith McKinney  Hendrix College 
William McLamb  Florida Institute of Technology 
Connor McLaughlin  Bucknell University 
Win McLaughlin  University of Oregon 
Katie McLean  U of Guelph 
David McLeod  James Madison Universtiy 
Sarah McMenamin   
Caryn McQueen   
Julie Meachen  Des Moines University 
Molly Meagher   
Homayun Mehrabani  UC Berkeley 
Rita Mehta  University of California 
Prasong Mekdara   
Keegan Melstrom  University of Utah 
Nelson Membreno   
Joseph Mendelson  Zoo Atlanta 
Joseph Mendelson  Zoo Atlanta/Georgia Tech 
Marco Mendoza  University of Southern California 
Elizabeth Mendoza  University of California, Irvine 
Juliet Mendoza-Castillo  George Washington University 
Rachel Menegaz  University of North Texas Health Science Center 
Rachel Menegaz  UNT Health Science Center 
Evan Menzel  University of Alabama 
Gloria Meredith  Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science 
Tricia Meredith  Florida Atlantic University 
Rachel Merz  Swarthmore College 
Keith Metzger  Hofstra University 
Ron Meyers  Weber State University 
Jay Meyers  Univ Mass Amherst 
Margot Michaud  Royal Museum for Central Afric 
Krijn Michel   
Kevin Middleton  University of Missouri School of Medicine 
Brendan Midkiff   
Donald Miles  Ohio University 
Michel Milinkovitch  Laboratory of Artificial & Natural Evolution 
Christian Millan-Hernandez  Interamrican University of PR 
Lorraine Millard  Coastal Carolina University 
Charlotte Miller  Duke University 
Leith Miller   
Carly Milligan  Weber State University 
Wes Mills  Hendrix College 
Simon Miner  Umass Amherst 
Michael Minicozzi  MSU Mankato 
Michael Minicozzi  Minnesota State University 
Jonathan Mitchell  The University of Chicago 
Hanna Mitchell  Radford University  
Rex Mitchell  University of North Texas  
Juri Miyamae  Yale University 
Tetsuto Miyashita  Canadian Museum of Nature 
Ortal Mizrahy   
Ivan Moberly   
Robert Mobley   
Jennifer Modrall  Tufts University 
Daniel Moen  Oklahoma State University 
Shabnam Mohammadi  University of Nebraska, Lincol 
Dillon Monroe  Texas State University 
Jenna Monroy  Claremont Colleges 
Tesla Monson  UCB 
Edgar Montejo   
Stephane Montuelle  Ohio University 
Kristine Moody  Tulane University 
Troy Moody   
Brad Moon  Univ. Louisiana at Lafayette 
Brandon Moore  Sewanee: The University of the South 
Francisco Moore  National Science Foundation 
Talia Moore  University of Michigan 
Sophie Moore  Hendrix College 
Andrew Moore   
Lexi Moore Crisp  Stockton University 
Clinton Moran  The Citadel 
Meghan Moran   
Janelle Morano  Cornell University 
Heather More  SFU 
Carlos Moreno  Harvard University 
Pierre Moretto  CNRS CRCA 
Michael Morgan  Univ of Utah 
Ashley Morhardt   
Gen Morinaga  Oklahoma State University 
Sabine Moritz  Brown University 
Zachary Morris  Harvard University 
Jeremy Morris  Wofford College 
Randall Morrison  McDaniel College 
Sarah Mortimer   
Amanda Lynne Moss  Georgia Southern Univ 
Angela Mossor   
Philip Motta  U South Florida 
Ross Mounce  University of Bath 
Jacqueline Moustakas-Verho  Institute of Biotechnology 
Eric Mueller  SIU-Edwardsville 
Ritwika Mukherjee  Tufts University 
Vaneeza Mukhtar  Hendrix College 
Ulrike K. Muller  CSU Fresno 
Lara Muller  George Washington 
Martha Munoz  Yale University 
Alexon Munson-Catt  Longwood University 
Victor Munteanu  Clemson University 
Emily Murakami   
Elizabeth Murphy  Stockholm University 
Jacob Musser   
Gregory Mutumi  UC Merced 
Amanda Muzzio   
Alexis Mychajliw  Stanford University 
Marcella Myers  St. Catherine University, Department of Biology 
Carly Myers  University of California Los Angeles 
Brian Myers   
Jason Nadler  Georgia Tech Research Inst. 
James Napoli  Stony Brook University 
Amber Nappier  College of Charleston 
Rachel Narducci  Florida Museum 
Victoria Narici  SUNY New Paltz 
Chloe Nash  University of Chicago 
James Nassif  Ohio University 
Jonathan Nations  Louisiana State University 
Sandra Nauwelaerts  Antwerp University 
Dina Navon  UCRiverside 
Emily Naylor  The George Washington University 
Sundus Nazar  Hendrix College 
Thomas Near  Yale University 
Donna Nemeth  Univ Virgin Islands 
Sterling Nesbitt  Virginia Tech 
Nicole Neubarth  Univ of Chicago 
Céline Neutens   
Ashley Neway  MLML 
Nhi P Nguyen   
Allyn Nguyen  CA State Polytech Univ 
Rachel Nichols   
Lisa Nicholson  Northwestern Univ 
Phil Nicodemo  University of Cincinnati 
Christopher Nicolay  Univ. North Carolina Asheville 
Patrick Niedermeyer   
Stuart Nielsen  Florida Museum of Natural Hist 
Robert Niese  University of Montana 
Kiisa Nishikawa  Norrthern Arizona University 
Joel Nochimson  Dept. Biology 
Drew Noden  Cornell Veterinary 
Andrew Noonan  UCLA 
R. Glenn Northcutt  UCSD 
Christopher Noto  Univ of Wisconsin-Parkside 
Bryan Nowroozi  Brown University 
Noelle Noyes  Mt Holyoke College 
John Nyakatura   
John Nyakatura   
Kayla Nygaard  Carleton College 
Spencer Nyholm  University of Connecticut 
Haley O'Brien  Ohio University 
Haley O'Brien  OSU Center for Health Sciences 
Kristen O'Connell  Hendrix College 
Jennifer Lee O'Connor   
Jenna O'del   
Mary O'Donnell  University of South Florida 
Matthew W O'Neill  Northern Arizona University 
Claire O'Quin  George Washington University 
Danielle Oberg   
Danielle Oberg   
Michelle Oberndorf  Trinity University 
Patrick OConnor  Ohio University 
AdeGbenga Adekunle Okuwoga  Epetedo senior High School 
Jeffrey Olberding  University of California 
Jennifer Olori  SUNY Oswego 
Aaron Olsen  Brown University 
John Olson  Villanova University 
Wendy M. Olson  U Northern Iowa 
Kate Olson  U Northern Iowa 
Rachel Olson  Ohio University 
Lennart Olsson  Jena University 
Julia Olszewski  UNC Chapel Hill 
Dara Orbach  Texas A&M- Corpus Christi 
John Orcutt  Gonzaga University 
Jason Organ  Saint Louis University  
Teri Orr  University of Utah 
Teri Orr  University of Utah 
Kyle Orr  Humboldt State University 
Courtney Orsbon  University of Chicago 
Michelle Osborn  University of Georgia 
Michelle Osborn  LSU School of Vet Med Att 
Andrew Ott  Blackburn College 
Tomasz Owerkowicz  California State University 
Tomasz Owerkowicz  CSU San Bernardino 
Busra Ozpolat  University of Maryland 
D. Pabst  University of North Carolina Wilmington 
Cinnamon Pace  Le Moyne College 
Kevin Padian  UC Berkeley 
Fanny Pagès  Muséun d'Histoire Naturelle 
EW Misty Paig-Tran  CSU Fullerton 
Amanda Palecek  Clemson University 
Meredith Palmer  Ohio Wesleyan University 
Riley Palmer  McDaniel College 
Alexandra Pamfilie  Stony Brook University 
Olga Panagiotopoulou  The University of Queensland 
Caitlin Panessiti  UMass Lowell 
Benison Pang   
Chris Panzini  Wheaton College, MA 
Jason Pardo   
Lynne Parenti  National Museum of Natural History 
Nora Parisi   
Noel Park  Brown University 
Seth Parker  Georgia Southern University 
Eric Parmentier   
Jana Marie Parson   
Biren A. Patel  Ohio University 
Henil Patel  University of Toronto (UTSC) 
Raj Patel  College of Charleston 
Ash Pathak  Penn State University 
Joshua Patterson  University of Florida 
Mihaela Pavlicev  University of Oslo 
Vadim Pavlov   
Samantha Payne  U Guelph 
Scott Pedersen   
Tessa Peixoto   
Nancy Pelaez  Purdue University Bio Sci 
David Penning  MSSU 
RACHEL PEREZ  New Mexico Institute of Mining 
Esther Perisho  Indiana State University 
Benjamin Perlman  University of California 
Margaret Perry  Swarthmore College 
Susan Peters  Univ of NC at Charlotte 
Jacob Peters  Harvard University 
Jarrod Petersen  Brown University 
Charles C. Peterson  Hofstra University 
Ashley Peterson  Univ. of California, Irvine 
Janne Pfeiffenberger  Tufts University 
Jackson Phillips  University of Connecticut 
Quentin Phillips   
Nadine Piekarski  Harvard University 
Stephanie Pierce   
Michele Pierotti   
Vandewalle Pierre  University of Liege, Institut de Chimie 
Rebecca Pike  Slippery Rock Univ 
Tia Renee Pilikian   
Brendan Pinto  Marquette University 
Michelle Pirrone   
Marina Piscitelli  UBC 
Michael Pittman   
Lindsay Piwinski   
Aaron Place  Northwestern OSU 
T. Plenderleith   
Helen Plylar  FIorida Tech 
Marlee Poff   
Delyle T Polet  University of Alberta 
Gianluca Polgar   
John Polk  Univ of Illinois Urbana-Champ 
Herman Pontzer  Washington Univ 
Dylan Poorboy  The Ohio State University 
Tracy Popowics  University of Washington 
Laura Porro  Royal Veterinary College 
Marianne Porter  Florida Atlantic University 
William Porter  Ohio University 
Steven Portugal  Royal Veterinary College 
Kelsie Pos  George Washington University 
Kelsie Pos  George Washington University 
Stuart G. Poss   
F. Harvey Pough  Rochester Institute of Technology 
Emily Poulin  University of Washington 
Kara Powder  Clemson University 
Larry Powell  University of Calgary 
Amanda Powers  Harvard Medical School 
Devaleena S Pradhan  Idaho State University 
Mia Prado  George Washington University 
Kara Pratt  University of Wyoming  
Michelle Marie Prehoda  Hendrix College 
Samantha Price  Clemson University 
Sara Prince  Hendrix College 
Adam Pritchard   
Charlotte Probst   
James Proffitt  The University of Missouri 
Alexander Pronko  Wake Forest University 
Pauline Provini  CRI 
Jenna Pruett   
Megan Pruette  Duke University 
Kristen Prufrock  Johns Hopkins University Schoo 
Kaitlyn Pugh  Blackburn College 
Richard Puzdrowski  University of Houston Clear Lake 
Rebecca Pyles  East Tennessee State University 
Marissa Quattro  Southern Connecticut State Uni 
Zachary Quigley  George Washington University 
Diego Quirola   
Arbor Quist  Wellesley College 
Rachel Racicot  Vanderbilt University 
Cristina Rade  George Washington University 
Jonathan Rader  University of North Carolina 
Michael Rainbow  Queen's University 
Lillian Raley  Portland State University 
Matthew Ramirez  Auburn University 
George Ramos   
Jason Ramsay  Westfield State University 
Manku Rana  SFU Burnaby 
Matthew Rand  Carleton College 
Jeffery Rankin  University of Idaho 
Sridhar Ravi   
Matthew J. Ravosa  Department of Biological Sciences 
James Rawson  University of Bristol 
Emily Rayfield  University of Bristol 
Lindsey Reader  University of Utah 
Vito Rebecca  Lafayette College 
Chrystal Redding  WL Gore and Associates 
Sarah Redmond  Radford University 
Ashley Redo  Hendrix College 
David Reed  Univ. of Illinois, Chicago 
Elizabeth Rega   
Jeremy Rehm  Brown University 
Susan Rehorek  Slippery Rock University 
Jonathan Reichard   
Masha Reider   
Stephen M. Reilly  Ohio University 
Rita Rein   
Kyra Reisenfeld  The College of Charleston 
Karen Zich Reiss  College of the Redwoods 
John Reiss  Humboldt State University Department of Biology 
Amy Remer   
Dana Reuter  University of Oregon 
Crystal Reynaga  Bryn Mawr College 
Russell Rhoads  CSUF 
Daniel Rhoda  University of Chicago 
Aaron Rice  Bioacoustics Research Program 
Joseph Richter   
Alejandro Rico-Guevara  University of Washington 
Mitchell Riegler  University of Florida 
Lance Riley  Hendrix College 
Barbora Rimkus  University of Massachusetts Lo 
Marc Daniel Rinehart   
Kate Riordan  Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 
Daniel K Riskin  Brown University 
Gabriel Rivera  Creighton University 
Jose Rivera  UMET Puerto Rico 
Julio Rivera  Arizona State University 
Hector Riveroll   
Adonis Rivie  William Paterson University 
Alison Roark  Furman University 
Thomas Roberts  Brown University 
Sonia Roberts  University of Pennsylvania 
Alexus Roberts   
John Robertson  Westminster College 
Josi Robertson  Hendrix College 
Hallie Robin   
Stephanie Robinson   
Jeff Robinson  Dartmouth College 
Dulce Robles Martinez   
Dominique Roche   
Meghan Rock  Science Illustrator 
Carlos Rodriguez-Saltos   
Corey Roelke  UT Arlington 
Nala Rogers   
Chris Roh   
Heide Rohland  SICB 
Campbell Rolian  Univ of Calgary 
Marek Romasek   
Laura Romero  U Andes 
Ana Ronan   
Rob Root  Lafayette College 
Ivo Ros  Catech 
Eduardo Rosa-Molinar  Univ Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras 
Michael Rosario   
Robert Roscow   
Jasmin Rose  Harrisonburg High School 
Hannah Rosenblum  Vassar College 
Anna Ross  Christian Brothers University 
Callum Ross  University of Chicago 
Chanel Ross  Weber State University 
Darcy Ross   
Rachel Roston  University of Washington 
V. Louise Roth   
Joel Rozen  UMass Lowell 
Rachel Rozin  University of Missouri at Colu 
Margaret Rubega  U of Connecticut 
Jonas Rubenson  Penn State University 
Alexander Rubin   
Braden Ruddy  Florida Atlantic University 
Ernesto Ruelas Inzunza  Dartmouth College 
Mateo Rull  UMass Lowell 
Andrea Rummel   
Joseph Rupert   
Ariana Rupp  Univ Louisiana at Lafayette 
Ariana Rupp  The University of Louisiana Lafayette 
Amber Ruskell   
Anthony Russell  University of Calgary 
Gabrielle Russo  NEOMED 
Kelsi Rutledge  UCLA 
Amy Rutter  Brown University 
Michael J Ryan  Cleveland Museum of Natural History 
Lucy Ryan  None 
Natalia Rybczynski  CMN 
William Ryerson  Saint Anselm College 
Alex Rygg  Penn State University 
Caroline Rzucidlo  Fairfield University 
Rudyard Sadleir  University of Chicago 
Edward Saiff  Ramapo College of New Jersey 
Hassan Sakhtah  Vassar College 
Norma J Salcedo  College of Charleston 
Julia Samson  UNC Chapel Hill 
Taylor Samson   
Erin Sanders   
Jill Sanderson   
Paula Sandusky  University of South Florida 
Christopher Sanford  Kennesaw State University  
Thomas Sanger  Loyola University in Chicago 
Alison Sansone  Clemson University 
Sharlene Santana  University of Washington 
Nir Sapir  University of Haifa 
Vinodkumar Saranathan  Yale NUS College 
Erik Sathe  U.C. Berkeley 
Iwao Sato  Nippon Dental University 
Alan Savitzky  Utah State University 
Gregory Sawicki  Georgia Tech 
Sara Sawyer  Glenville State College 
Jeffrey Scales  CSU, Stanislaus 
Jeffrey Scales   
Simon Scarpetta   
Emma Schachner  Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center 
Emma Schachner  Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center 
Justin Schaefer   
Adrian Scheidt   
Thomas Schilling  UC Irvine 
Nadja Schilling  University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Foundation 
Stacy Schkoda  North Carolina State University 
Gerhard Schlosser  Natnl Univ of Ireland (NUI) Galway 
Robert Schmitz  Univ of Wisconsin 
Lars Schmitz  Claremont McKenna, Pitzer, and Scripps Colleges 
James Schmitz   
Nikole Schneider  University of South Dakota 
Nikole Schneider  Clemson University 
Sara Schoen   
Heiko Schoenfuss  St Cloud State Univ 
Nicholas Schomburg  Salem State University 
Tommy Schoolman  McDaniel College 
John Schroeder  Hendrix College 
Johanna Schultz   
Eric Schultz  University of Connecticut 
Andrew Schulz   
Cosima Schunk   
Heidi Schutz  Pacific Lutheran University 
Heidi Schutz  UC Riverside 
Margot Schwalbe  Lake Forest College 
Marie Schwaner   
Daniel Schwarz  Friedrich-Schiller-University  
Kurt Schwenk  Univ of Connecticut 
Anna Sciortino  Hendrix College 
Andrea Scott  URI 
Bradley Scott  University of Illinois U-C 
Karen Sears  UCLA 
Jayc Sedlmayr  LSUHSC  
Elizabeth Sefton   
Nicholas Sekits  Whitman College 
Casey Self  University of Washington 
Jessica Self   
Keegan Selig  University of Toronto 
Kaleb Sellers   
Leah Selznick  Trinity University 
Miguel Serrano  Georgia Tech 
Maria Serrat  Cornell University 
Anmol Sethi   
Alan Shabel   
Robert Shadwick  University of British Columbia 
Swara Shah  University of Toronto (UTSC) 
Ron Shahar   
Ron Shahar   
Reeda Shakir  The University of the South 
Michael Shapiro  University of Utah 
Liza Shapiro  UT Austin 
Jeffrey Sharick   
Osman Sharifi  CSU East Bay 
Neha Sharma  Adelphi University 
Neelima Sharma  Yale University 
Alana Sharp  University of Liverpool 
Rebecca Shearman  Framingham State University 
Andrea Shehaj    
Thomas Sheridan   
Robin Sherman  Nova Southeastern University 
Emma Sherratt  The University of Adelaide 
Emma Sherratt  Harvard University 
Jeff Shi  University of Michigan 
Catherine Shine  Univeristy of Idaho 
Amy Shyer   
Brian Sidlauskas  Oregon State University 
Aubrey Siebels  James Madison University 
Melissa Sierra   
Mark Simms  Wake Forest University 
Rachel Simon   
Lauren Simonitis  Texas A&M University  
Erin Simons  Midwestern University 
Richard Simpson  University of Windsor 
Olivia Sims  Hendrix College 
Amber Singh   
Emily Singleton  University of North Carolina Wilmington 
Dimitri Skandalis   
Dorothy Skates  CSUSB 
Isaac Skromne  University of Miami 
Graham Slater  Smithsonian Institution NMNH 
David Sleboda   
Leah Sloan  University of Alaska Fairbanks 
Tyler Sloan   
Grace Smarsh   
Kathleen Smith  Duke University 
Andrew Smith  Umass, Amherst 
Stephanie Smith  Field Museum 
Catherine Smith   
Benjamin Smith  Royal Veterinary College 
Cierra Smith  Blackburn College 
Anna Smith   
Caitlyn Smith    
Heather Smith  Midwestern University, Anatomy 
Daniel Smith Paredes  G&G YaleUniversity 
Cherice Smithers   
Amanda Smolinsky  Roanoke College 
Tara Snyder  Montclair State University 
Jake Socha  Virginia Tech 
Francesca Socki  University of Minnesota  
Kenneth James Soda  Florida State University 
Alan Sokoloff  Emory University Department of Physiology 
noam sommerfeld   
Matthew Sonnefeld   
Elizabeth Soo  Hendrix College 
Laurie Sorenson  University of California, Los Angeles 
Emily Sou  George Washington 
Laura Soul  Smithsonian NMNH 
Kyle Spainhower  Youngstown State University 
Nathan Speckhart  Blackburn College 
Nicole Squyres  Johns Hopkins University 
Katie Staab  McDaniel College 
Aaron Stahl  Northern Iowa 
Kathryn Stanchak  University of Washington 
Emily Standen  University of Ottawa 
Theodore Stankowich  Univ Mass Amherst 
Ted Stankowich  Cal State Univ Long Beach 
Shane Stanley  University of Alabama 
Matthias Starck  University of Munich (LMU) 
Alyssa Stark  Villanova University 
Rachel Statler  McDaniel College 
Nancy Staub  Gonzaga University 
Tristan Stayton  Bucknell University 
Kendall Steer   
Edmund J. Stellwag  East Carolina Univ 
Sydney Stephens  Howard University 
Lucy Stevens  Clemson University 
Dale Stevens  Clark University 
Anna Correen Stevenson  University of Nebraska at Kearney 
James R Stewart  East Tennessee State University 
Morgan Stewart   
Thomas Stewart  University of Chicago 
Arthur Stewart  Hendrix College 
Thomas Stewart  The University of Chicago 
Thomas Stewart  The University of Chicago 
Elise Stickles  Vassar College 
Josef Barrett Stiegler  Montana State University 
Tyler Stigall  Allegheny College 
Reed Stiller  Georgia Southern University 
Kelsey Stilson  University of Chicago 
Hannah Stinson  Lake Forest College 
Rebecca Liv Stirnemann  Trinity College 
David Stock  Univ of Colorado 
Michelle Stocker  Virginia Tech 
Ashley Stoehr  Univ. of Mass. Dartmouth 
Geffrey Stopper  Sacred Heart University 
Joshua Storch  The George Washington Universi 
Alexandra Stote   
Kristin Stover  West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine 
Amy Streets   
Jeffrey Streicher   
James Strother  University of Florida 
Mikayla Struble  Northern Arizona University 
Hannah Stuart  UC Berkeley 
Alexander Stubbs  Univ of California, Berkeley 
Joshua Sturm  Vassar College 
Anne Su  Cleveland State University 
Kyra Sullivan  UC Santa Barbara 
Corwin Sullivan   
Corwin Sullivan  University of Alberta 
Samuel Sullivan   
Stuart Sumida  California State University 
Adam P. Summers  Friday Harbor Laboratories 
Colin Summers  Friday Harbor Fish Labs 
Dexter Summers  Harvard University 
Lauren Sumner-Rooney  Oxford University MNH 
Sibo Sun  Des Moines University  
Shivani Sundaram   
Luke Sundquist   
Diego Sustaita  CA State Univ San Marcos 
Brook Swanson  Gonzaga Univ 
Eli Swanson  University of Minnesota 
Sharon Swartz  Brown University 
Brian Swartz  Univ of California, Berkeley 
Peter Sweetser   
Donald Swiderski  University of Michigan 
Jonathan Sylvester  Georgia Institute of Technolog 
Theresa Szabo  Brandeis Univ 
Natasha Taft  UMASS 
Natalia Taft  University Wisconsin-Parkside 
Milton Tan  Auburn University 
Ho Kwan Tang  Yale University 
Jaime B Tanner  Umass-Amherst 
James Tarrant   
Maxime Taverne  Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle 
Kellie Taylor  Hendrix College 
Larry Taylor  University of California, Berk 
Andrea Taylor  Touro University 
Matthew Taylor  Oklahoma State University CHS 
Kari Taylor-Burt  Franklin & Marshall College 
Kari Taylor-Burt  Harvard University 
Jamie Tedeschi   
Kelsey Tennett  West Chester University of PA 
David Tessmer  Coconino Inst. of Technology 
Matthew Teutimez   
Boris Tezak  Florida Atlantic University 
Nimmy Thomas  CSU Sacramento, Biology 
Larry Thompson   
Nathan Thompson  NYIT 
Kevin Thonkulpitak   
Steven Thornton   
Justin Tickhill  North Central State College 
Matt Tietbohl  Wake Forest University 
Chris Tijs   
Lori Timm   
Douglas W Timm   
Jessica Tingle  UC Riverside 
Alexander Tinius  University of Calgary 
Tim tkint  Ghent University 
Khanh To  Virginia Tech 
Bret Tobalske  University of Montana 
Nancy Todd  Manhattanville College 
William L. Todt  Concordia College 
Monica Togna  Drexel University 
Maxx Toler  Duke University 
Carole Tomlinson  Haskell Indian Nations Univ. 
Daniel C Totten   
Katherine Tousignant   
Severine Toussaint  Humboldt University of Berlin 
Charles Tralka   
Kevin Travis  California State University, Long Beach 
Lisa Truong  Wellesley College 
Henry Tsai  Missouri State University 
Jack Tseng  University of California, Berkeley 
Derek Tucker  Georgia Southern Univ 
Frank Tulenko   
Sarah Tulga   
Walter Tunnell Wilson  1998 
Ralph Turingan  Florida Tech 
Alan Turner  Stony Brook University 
Sarah Turner  Coll of Charleston 
Morgan Turner  University of Minnesota 
Abigail Turney  Blackburn College 
Kristy Tuttle  Northern Illinois University 
Kenyon S. Tweedell  University of Notre Dame Department of Biological Sciences 
Eric Tytell  Tufts University 
Amiko Uchida  Weber State University 
Yu Umeki   
Amelia Unser   
Colleen Unsworth  University of Akron 
Veronica Urgiles  University of Central Florida 
Todd Uriona  University of Utah 
Jim Usherwood  Royal Vet College 
Theodore Uyeno  Valdosta State University 
Janet Vaglia  Depauw Univ 
Miles Valencia   
Alberto Valero-Gracia  Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn 
Maria Camila Vallejo-Pareja  University of Florida 
Johan van Leeuwen  Wageningen University 
Noraly van Meer  Wageningen University & Research 
Noraly van Meer  Wageningen University 
William Van Trump  UC Irvine 
Sam Van Wassenbergh   
Charlotte Vanden Hole   
Abby Vander Linden   
Pierre Vandewalle  Universite de Liege Faculte des Sciences 
Bieke Vanhooydonck  University of Antwerp 
Alexander Vargas  Yale University 
Hayley Vatcher   
Princeton Vaughn  Ohio Wesleyan University 
Diego Vaz   
Diego Vaz   
Christine Vega  Wake Forest University 
Jorge Velez-Juarbe  Natural History Museum of LA 
William Velhagen  Caldwell University 
Brandy Velten   
Madhusudhan Venkadesan  Yale University 
Vishruth Venkataraman  University of Chicago 
Judith M. Venuti  LSU Health Science Center 
Melinda Vergara   
Nina Veselka   
Matthew Vickaryous  Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph 
Flynn Vickowski   
Marta Vidal-Garcia   
Sacha Vignieri  AAAS/Science 
Carla Nathaly Villacis Nunez  University of Michigan 
Jaquelyn Villalba   
Catalina Villamil  Universidad Central del Caribe 
Chris Vinyard  NEOUCOM 
Valerie Virta  National Institutes of Health 
Natasha Vitek  Stony Brook University 
Kristen Vollrath   
Rhea von Busse  Brown University 
Christopher Wagenbach   
Erica L. Wagner  Sacramento City Coll 
Jonathan Wagner  The University of Texas 
Stephen Wainwright  Duke University 
Peter Wainwright  UC Davis 
Dylan Wainwright  Yale University 
David Wake  Univ of California 
Marvalee Wake  University of California, Berkeley 
James Wakeling  Simon Fraser Univ 
MIchelle Waligora  Virginia Polytechnic 
Jeffrey A. Walker  U Southern Maine 
Hortense Walker  Oberlin College 
Rebekah Walker  Hendrix College 
Christine Wall  Duke University 
Ian Wallace   
Brian Walter  Illinois Wesleyan Univ 
Rebecca Walter  Bloomfield College 
Jing Wang  Wellesley College 
Sophie Wang   
Shuo Wang  USC 
Cynthia Wang-Claypool   
Andrea Ward  Adelphi University 
Carol Ward  University of Missouri 
Abigail Wark  Harvard Medical School 
Tatiana Warraich   
Steven Warren  Florida Atlantic University 
Douglas Warrick  Oregan State 
Akinobu Watanabe  NY Institute of Technology 
Akinobu Watanabe  American Museum of Natural His 
Junya Watanabe  University of Cambridge 
Sean Waters   
Mrinalini Watsa  Washington University in Saint Louis 
Robert E Weaver  Washington State University 
Lucas Weaver   
Paul Webb  Univ of Michigan 
Jacqueline Webb  University of Rhode Island 
Nicholas Wegner  Scripps Institution of Oceanography 
Alexander Weickhardt  Harvard University 
Kara Weigand   
Daniel Weihs  Technion 
Anne Weil  OSU-CHS 
Jonathan Weinbaum  Southern Connecticut State Univ 
Vera Weisbecker  Jena University 
Vera Weisbecker  Flinders University 
Talia Weiss  Virginia Tech 
Hannah Weller  Brown University 
Lauren Wells  McDaniel College 
Carl Wellstead  WVU Tech 
Bianca Werner  Lafayette College 
Sarah Werning  Des Moines University 
Alexander Werth  Hampden-Sydney College Dept. of Biology 
James West  Texas A&M University  
Mark Westneat  Univ. of Chicago 
William Wharton  Hendrix College 
Howard Whidden  East Stroudsbourg University 
Jacquelyn Whisenant  University of Wisconsin: MSN 
Jennifer L. White  East Stroudsburg University 
Bartholomew Joeseph White  Youngstown State Univ 
Heather White   
Lisa Whitenack  Allegheny College 
John Whitlock  University of Michigan 
Katrina Whitlow  University of Chicago 
Megan Whitney  University of Washington 
Susan Lynn Whittemore  Keene State College 
Darrell Wiens  University of Northern Iowa 
Martin Wikelski  Max Planck Inst 
Sean Wilcox  Moorpark College 
Cheryl Wilga  University of Rhode Island 
Alec Wilken  University of Missouri-Columbi 
Alec Wilken   
Susan Williams  Ohio University 
Keiffer Williams  University of Minnesota 
McCoy Williams   
Keiffer Williams  Clemson University 
Katie Willis  University of Oklahoma 
Alan Wilson  The Royal Veterinary College 
Peter Wilson   
Mark Wilson  Loyola University Chicago 
Lauren Wilson  Widener University  
Pamela Windsor  University of Alberta 
Lawrence E. Wineski  Morehouse School of Medicine 
Leann Winn  NJIT 
Benjamin Winslow  Wesleyan 
Taylor Wise  Bucknell University 
Lawrence Witmer  Ohio University 
Jan Woelfer   
Ethan Wold   
Kelsey Woldt  CSUSM 
Zane Wolf  Harvard University 
Zane Wolf  Harvard University 
Lyndsy M Wolff   
Steven Woll  Portland State University 
Molly Womack   
Gene Wong  Quinnipiac Univ 
Heejun Woo   
Bradley Wood  Wellesley College 
Amber Wood-Bailey  University of Liverpool 
Abbigail Woodring   
Christina Woody  University of South Florida 
Mark Wright   
Jeremy Wright  UFL 
Kathryn Wright  Clemson University 
Chen-Yi Wu  Duke University 
Jianing Wu  1986 
Matthew Wund  The College of New Jersey 
Roshna Wunderlich  James Madison Univ 
Brenen Wynd   
Jeanette Wyneken  Florida Atlantic Univ 
zhihua xiao   
Yoshiyuki Yamamoto  UCL 
Maya Yamato  Smithsonian Institution NMNH 
Joshua Yang  East Carolina University 
Zvi Yaron  Tel Aviv University 
Stan Yavno  Tel Aviv University 
Kamryn Yerga   
Krystal Yohannan  SUNY New Paltz 
Lengxob Yong   
Edwin Yoo  Harvard University 
Bruce Young  A.T. Still University 
Nathan Young   
Jesse Young  NEOMED 
Vanessa Young  Saint Mary's College 
Caroline Young  Fairfield University 
Ellianna Zack   
Edward Zalisko  Blackburn College 
Sarah Zehr  Duke Lemur Center 
Angel Zeininger  UT Austin 
Miriam Leah Zelditch  University of Michigan Museum of Paleontology 
Molly Zeller  Colorado State University 
Nicholas Zellmer   
Yu Zeng  Chapman University 
Eric Zepnewski  Northern Ariz Univ 
Samuel Zhang   
He Zhu   
Ruijie Zhu  University of Virginia 
Mingna Zhuang   
Breda Zimkus  Harvard University 
Meghan Zimmerman   
Samantha Zimmerman  Macalester College 
Hope Zimmerman   
Katherine Zink  Harvard University 
Kazimiera Zippert  Westminster College 
Christopher Zobek   
Sarah Zohdy  Auburn University 
David Zonana  University of Colorado, Boulde 
Jose Zuniga-Vega  Universidad Nac Aut de Mexico