Officer Listing of All Divisions

Division of Animal Behavior

Chair 01/2019-01/2022  Kendra Sewall
Program Officer 01/2020-01/2023  kathleen lynch
Secretary 01/2021-01/2024  Allison Welch
Student/Postdoc Representative 01/2021-01/2023  Conner Philson

Division of Botany

Chair 01/2020-01/2023  Chris Martine
Secretary-Elect   Karolina Heyduk
Program Officer 01/2020-01/2023  Janet Steven
Secretary 01/2020-01/2022  Christopher Muir
Student/Postdoc Representative 01/2020-01/2023  Morgan Furze

Division of Comparative Biomechanics

Chair 01/2021-01/2023  John Long
Chair-Elect 01/2021-01/2023  Brooke Flammang
Past Chair 01/2021-01/2023  Stacey Combes
Secretary 01/2020-01/2022  Emily Kane
Program Officer 01/2020-01/2022  Matthew J McHenry
Student/Postdoc Representative 01/2020-01/2023  Armita Manafzadeh

Division of Comparative Endocrinology

Chair 01/2020-01/2022  Kathleen Hunt
Chair-Elect 01/2020-01/2022  Rachel Bowden
Program Officer 01/2021-01/2023  Sara O'Brien
Secretary 01/2021-01/2023  Christine Lattin
Student/Postdoc Representative 08/2019-01/2022  Carla Madelaire

Division of Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry

Chair 01/2020-01/2022  Kenneth Welch
Past Chair 01/2020-01/2022  Kimberly Hammond
Program Officer 01/2021-01/2023  Michael Sears
Student/Postdoc Representative 01/2021-01/2023  Maria Stager
Secretary 01/2020-01/2022  Heather Liwanag

Division of Ecoimmunology and Disease Ecology

Chair 01/2020-01/2022  Laura Zimmerman
Chair-Elect 01/2021-01/2022  James Adelman
Program Officer 01/2021-01/2023  Laura Mydlarz
Secretary 01/2021-01/2023  Patricia Lopes
Student/Postdoc Representative 01/2021-01/2024  Jennifer Houtz

Division of Ecology and Evolution

Chair 01/2021-01/2023  Frances Bonier
Chair-Elect 01/2021-01/2023  Tonia Schwartz
Past Chair 01/2021-01/2023  Cameron Ghalambor
Program Officer 01/2020-01/2022  Sarah Diamond
Program Officer-Elect 01/2021-01/2022  Martha Munoz
Secretary 01/2021-01/2023  Christine Miller
Student/Postdoc Representative 01/2021-01/2023  Anusha Shankar

Division of Evolutionary Developmental Biology

Chair 01/2020-01/2022  Deirdre Lyons
Past Chair 01/2020-01/2022  Kim Hoke
Program Officer 01/2019-01/2022  Matthew Rockman
Secretary 01/2021-01/2023  Leslie Babonis
Student/Postdoc Representative 01/2020-01/2023  Ryan Hulett

Division of Invertebrate Zoology

Chair 01/2021-01/2023  Jonathan Allen
Program Officer 01/2020-01/2023  Kit Yu Karen Chan
Secretary 01/2019-01/2022  Justin McAlister
Student/Postdoc Representative 01/2020-01/2023  Rebecca Varney
Libbie Hyman Memorial Scholarship Committee Chair   Abigail Cahill

Division of Neurobiology

Chair 01/2021-01/2023  James Newcomb
Program Officer 01/2020-01/2023  Jeff Riffell
Secretary 01/2016-01/2022  Lisa Mangiamele
Student/Postdoc Representative 01/2019-01/2022  Maryam Kamran

Division of Phylogenetic and Comparative Biology (formerly: DSEB)

Chair 01/2019-01/2022  David Blackburn
Chair-Elect 01/2021-01/2022  Samantha Price
Program Officer 01/2021-01/2023  Leigha Lynch
Secretary 01/2019-01/2022  Haley O'Brien
Secretary-Elect 01/2021-01/2022  Ryan Felice
Student/Postdoc Representative 01/2021-01/2023  Emily Lessner

Division of Vertebrate Morphology

Chair 01/2021-01/2023  Richard Blob
Past Chair 01/2021-01/2023  L Patricia Hernandez
Program Officer 01/2021-01/2023  Nicole Danos
Secretary 01/2020-01/2022  Angela Horner
Student/Postdoc Representative 01/2019-01/2022  Kara Feilich