2021 Elections - Online Ballot

The balloting concludes on May 15, 2021.

SICB Member,

This is the official web ballot for the SICB General and Divisional Elections for SICB members eligible to vote. Please select one candidate each from the categories below, then click on "Proceed." Before your vote is submitted, you must wait for the confirmation page where you can review your votes. Then, to actually vote, you must click on "Confirm Vote" at the bottom of that page.

Please take a moment to ensure that your divisional affiliations are up to date. Log in via the member info page to view and change your affiliations. If you make changes, they will go into effect immediately. Only those in a division may vote in that division's election.

If you have any problems with the functionality of this ballot or have questions, please click here and email us.

As with any SICB program, we are always interested in feedback. We may be contacted anytime via email at SICB@BurkInc.com or via telephone at 703-790-1745.

The balloting concludes on May 15, 2021.

To start the voting process please fill in your last name and membership-number and click "Submit." Upon confirmation of your membership ID and last name you will be presented with the voting form for General Election and for divisional elections if the division(s) you are member of hold(s) elections this year.
If you don't remember your membership number you can use the membership number look up form to have your member number emailed to you.

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