SICB Grants-in-Aid of Research (GIAR) 2005

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Animal Behavior Michelle BeckWashington State UniversityIs plumage coloration a signal of genetic quality in the prothonotary warbler?
Comparative EndocrinologyShallin BuschUniversity of WashingtonEffects of chronic, acute stress on breeding and non-breeding rufous-collared sparrows (Zonotrichia capensis)
Animal Behavior Jamie M CorneliusUC DavisEffects of social environment on activity levels and stress physiology of an irruptive nomad, the red crossbill
Comparative Endocrinology Lauren M CostaPrinceton UniversityPlumage Signals and Seasonal Variation in Hormonal Mechanisms reduce the costs of Aggression for Female Hooded Warblers (Wilsonia citrina)
Ecology and EvolutionPatrick M. ErwinUniversity of Alabama at BirminghamIncidence, Identity, and Importance of Photosynthetic Symbionts in Shallow Water Sponge Communities
Invertebrate Zoology Anne M. EstesUniversity of ArizonaRecent insect-bacterial mutualisms: Role of bacterial symbionts in host survival in thermally fluctuating environments
Animal BehaviorHeidi FisherBoston UniversityEnvironmental control of hybridization in swordtail fishes
Comparative EndocrinologySusannah FrenchArizona State UniversityExamination of Interactions between Testosterone and Stress: Possible Regulation of Immune Function in Male Tree Lizards, Urosaurus ornatus
Systematic & Evolutionary BiologyMatthew E. GiffordWashington UniversitySpeciation and maintenance of species diversity in Hispaniolan ground-dwelling lizards
Ecology and EvolutionMatthew D. HerronUniversity of ArizonaExperimental selection of feeding rates in rotifers
Systematic & Evolutionary BiologyRyan Isaac HillUniversity of California, BerkeleyConvergent flight behavior and morphology in co-mimetic ithomiine butterflies
Comparative EndocrinologyBrent M HortonUniversity of MaineThe influence of baseline corticosterone on parental behavior, an experimental approach.
Integrative & Comparative IssuesDeborah HutchinsonOld Dominion UniversityDietary Toxin Sequestration in Two Populations of a Toad-Eating Snake, Rhabdophis tigrinus
Comparative Endocrinology Jason JohnstonU. MainePre-breeding Physiological Condition of Hermit Thrushes: Investigating the Energetic Mechanisms Affecting Onset of Reproduction
Animal BehaviorJennifer LancasterCalifornia State University, NorthridgeWhy do banded geckos group? Testing the benefits of aggregation in Coleonyx variegatus
Ecology and EvolutionLesley Lancaster UCSCReaction Norms and the Evolution of Complex Specialization: intrapopulational differences in endocrine maternal effect initiation and response plasticities in the side-blotched lizard Uta stansburiana
Ecology and Evolution Daniel A. LevitisUniversity of California, BerkeleyChemical defense in birds: Linking diet, toxicity and defense
Systematic & Evolutionary BiologySusanne J LockhartUniversity of California, Santa CruzReproduction and speciation in Antarctica
Comparative EndocrinologyOliver LoveSimon Fraser UniversitySex-specific effects of maternal corticosterone on offspring phenotype and subsequent fitness
Ecology and EvolutionKrista McCoyUniversity of FloridaSloppy signals or fickle females: endocrine disruptors may alter communication in Anurans
Animal BehaviorBrooke MillerUniversity of California, Santa CruzSexual Conflict and Partner Manipulation Simultaneously Hermaphroditic Banana Slugs Ariolimax dolichophallus
Comparative Physiology & BiochemistryAaron Nicholas RiceUniversity of ChicagoMulti-modal sensory integration in coral reef fishes
Animal BehaviorAngela RiveraClemson UniversitySocial Thermoregulatory Behavior of Turtles
Vertebrate MorphologyGabriel RiveraClemson UniversityEffects of shell shape on the aquatic turning performance of freshwater turtles
Comparative Endocrinology Haruka WadaUniversity of Texas at AustinPlasticity of the adrenocortical response with age and its relation to adult reproductive performance
Ecology and Evolution Daniel WarnerUniversity of SydneyThe adaptive significance of temperature-dependent sex determination

Fellowship of Graduate Student Travel (FGST) 2004 Awards

Comparative Physiology & BiochemistryBradley Hartman BakkenUniversity of WyomingThe effect of body size, diet, and phylogeny on water balance mechanisms
Animal BehaviorMark LaidreUniversity of Cambridge and Cornell UniversityVulnerability and honest communication: an experiment with hermit crabs
Evolutionary Developmental BiologyAmy MaxmenHarvard UniversityThe Pycnogonid Head: An Evo-Devo Approach to Examine a Primitive Mode of Arthropod Anterior Patterning
Ecology and Evolution Justin S. McAlisterUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillEnvironmental predictability and the evolution of plasticity in Panamanian echinoid larvae