SICB Grants-in-Aid of Research (GIAR) 2008

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Ecology and EvolutionBrianne AddisonUniversity of Missouri - St LouisIs disease defense in early life traded off against adult immunity? Impact of passively acquired immunity on offspring neonatal and adult immunity in Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica)
Ecology and EvolutionDeepa AgasheUniversity of Texas, AustinThe roles of genetic variation and competition in resource niche expansion
Systematic & Evolutionary Biology Hugo AlamilloWashington State UniversityDoes rapid diversification in the Miocene explain patterns of species richness in colubroid snakes?
Comparative Physiology & BiochemistryLeslie S. BabonisUniversity of FloridaIntegrated responses to salt water acclimation in marine snakes
Ecology and EvolutionSusan BalengerAuburn UniversityGene expression and parasite-mediated sexual selection in the house finch
NeurobiologyRebecca M. CalisiUniversity of California at BerkeleyNeurological Mechanisms of Sociality in African Superb Starlings
Evolutionary Developmental BiologyAmanda CassCornell UniversityHomology of the actinopterygian swimbladder and tetrapod lung: a molecular investigation
Systematic & Evolutionary Biology Zachary ChevironLouisiana State UniversityEcological genomics of high altitude adaptation in an Andean sparrow
Comparative Physiology & BiochemistryEunice ChinTrent UniversitySex-specific maternal investment in a sexually sized dimorphic bird
Invertebrate Zoology Daniel L. CurtisUniversity of Nevada Las VegasDigestive responses of decapod crustaceans to low salinity exposure following feeding
Systematic & Evolutionary BiologyShahan DerkarabetianSan Diego State UniversitySystematics of the subfamily Sclerobuninae, with an assessment of troglomorphic evolution within Cyptobunus (Opiliones, Laniatores)
NeurobiologyAdam Kabir DewanUniversity of HawaiiArginine Vasotocin Modulation of Neural Activity in a Behaviorally Relevant Brain Region in Butterflyfishes
Comparative Physiology & BiochemistryW. Wesley DowdUniversity of California-DavisProteomic analysis of mechanisms of hypoxia and anoxia tolerance in epaulette sharks
Animal BehaviorSherri EmerFlorida Institute of TechnologyDetermining the sensitivity of the snake infrared imaging system through application of operant conditioning techniques
Ecology and EvolutionDaniel M. EvansUniversity of WashingtonHabitat Fragmentation, Habitat Corridors, and Plant Gene Flow: An Experimental Approach
Comparative Physiology & BiochemistryGabriel E. A. GartnerUniversity of California, RiversidePhylogenetic analysis of locomotion in colubrid snakes: an integrative approach
Ecology and EvolutionKecia Alene KerrMcGill UniversityReproductive Timing Under Variable Environmental Conditions: Implications for Metapopulation Dynamics
Systematic & Evolutionary Biology Sindhu. M. KrishnankuttyUNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, URBANA, ILPhylogeny and Historical biogeography of Subfamily Mileewinae (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) in Madagascar
Ecology and EvolutionKeith W. LarsonUniversity of GuelphLinking the Annual Cycle to Understand Factors that Limit Migratory Birds Populations
Animal BehaviorBret PaschUniversity of FloridaNeural mechanisms of altitudinal replacement in singing mice
Vertebrate MorphologyJeffrey A. ScalesUniversity of Hawaii, Manoa Morphological adaptation and evolution in Phrynosomatid lizards
Ecology and EvolutionVictor SchmidtUniversity of North Carolina WilmingtonGamete incompatibility and the sexual conflict hypothesis in blue mussels
Comparative Physiology & Biochemistry Marc TraversSimon Fraser UniversityNon-resource based costs of reproduction in birds
Comparative BiomechanicsWilliam J. Van TrumpUC IrvineEffects of a changing sensory morphology in the lateral line of zebrafish (Danio rerio).

Fellowship of Graduate Student Travel (FGST) 2008 Awards

Ecology and EvolutionBrittny CalsbeekUniversity of VermontGames lizards play: polymorphism, pathogens, and evolutionary population dynamics.
Systematic & Evolutionary BiologyEsprit HeestandThe Ohio State UniveristyA Phylogenetic Study of Anthopleura (Cnidaria: Anthozoa: Actiniaria) and its Allies
Comparative Physiology & BiochemistryLiam McGuireUniversity of Western OntarioPhysiological ecology of bat migration
Systematic & Evolutionary Biology Molly Sabrina PankeyUniversiy of California, Santa BarbaraEvolutionary Origins of Photoreception in Cephalopoda