SICB Grants-in-Aid of Research 2001

DAB: Animal Behavior
Emily DuValUC BerkeleyHormonal correlates of reproductive success in the lance-tailed manakin, Chiroxiphia lanceolata.
DCE: Comparative Endocrinology
Brian TrainorUW, MadisonTestosterone, aromatase and winner effect
Matt MilnesU FloridaThe relationship between yolk steroids and intra-clutch sex ratios in alligators
DCPB: Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry
Keith ChoeU FloridaMechanisms of acid transport in gills of a euryhaline elasmobranch, Dasyatis sabina.
Michelle RiehleUC IrvineGenetic analysis of the adaptation to temperature stress: evolved variation in gene expression
Shawna KarpovichU AlaskaEvidence for metabolic suppress during re-cooling phase in hibernating arctic ground squirrels
DEE: Ecology and Evolution
Cheryl SwansonFlorida StateCommunal egg-laying and the effects of increasing mass size on embryo success
Elisa TarlowPrinceton Energetic costs of passerine migration
Patricia TownsendU FloridaHabitat corridors and conservation of plant-pollinator interactions
DEDB: Evolutionary Developmental Biology
Erik SanstadDePaul Conserved gene expression in vertebrate skulls and shells: The msx gene family in turtles
Margaret PizerDukeEvolution and development of left-right asymmetry in echinoderms
DIZ: Invertebrate Zoology
Johathan CowartU FloridaPalatability and chemical defense of Pteraster tesselatus eggs and juveniles.
Kristin SherrardU ChicagoIs suspension feeding inherently inefficient in early juveniles?
DSEB: Systematic and Evolutionary Biology
Annette FreseWHOILife cycle evolution in campanulariid hydrozoans
Gregory FarleyFlorida StateThe evolution of commensalism: a phylogenetic perspective
DVM: Vertebrate Morphology
Jimmy LiaoHarvardAnalysis of hydro-dynamic function of fin morphology: intraspecific comparisons of zebrafish mutants
Tomasz OwerkowiczHarvard Function of the postpulmonary septum in Varanus