Meeting Abstract

S10.5  Jan. 7  Rolling out the SICB Library - What are the procedures for submission and review? BIRENHEIDE, R.*; MERZ, R.A.; SICB Webmaster; Swarthmore College

The SICB digital library offers an online submittal system to authors (available through the SICB website or at Our online form gathers information about the submitted entry depending on the topic and the type of material. This information is used to generate the metadata necessary for initially cataloging and later for effectively searching materials. Guidelines for authors are provided on the website and a variety of files can be uploaded, from text or picture files to movies and interactive online software. This variety of file types enables demonstrations or interactive activities that are not possible with print media. When editors are notified of new submissions via an automated email system, they view the entries and then email links to reviewers. As with paper journals, entries are reviewed by at least two peer reviewers (chosen by the editors when a manuscript is submitted) and evaluated for both scientific accuracy and pedagogical value. Comments are returned electronically to the author. The manuscript is “published” when the editors switch the entry to “live” on the webpage. The submittal and review systems are easily updated and refined using feedback from users.