Meeting Abstract

S10.1  Jan. 7  Vision of the SICB Digital Library MORSE, M/P; Univ. of Washinngton Seattle

The Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology has established a Digital Library (SICBDL) on the website ( The mission of this electronic resource is to provide peer-reviewed instructional materials, resources and activities in integrative and comparative biology for faculty as a resource to enhance undergraduate education at two- and four-year colleges and universities. The library architecture has been established by utilizing the first topic area addressed, Biomechanics. The library is totally electronic, receiving only materials that are submitted in appropriate software via the computer. The library is to be connected to the AAAS BEN portal ( The founding advisory board has established a way for any group to create topics within or across divisional lines. We present to you today the vision of this library for the future, a sample of the topic biomechanics, the importance of that topic in the classrooms and for utilizing a multidiscipline approach and the guiding educational principles, based on research, that are being utilized to maximize the effectiveness of these undergraduate materials. A short guide for the SICBDL has been prepared to help the Society’s Divisional members take new leadership roles in creating and shaping this important resource.