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SICB 2007 Symposium

Phoenix, Arizona
January 3 - 7, 2007

Recent Developments in Neurobiology - In Honor of Regents' Professor Emeritus Douglas G. Stuart, University of Arizona

Organized by Richard Satterlie

Richard Satterlie (University of North Carolina Wilmington) and Thomas Pirtle (Abilene Christian University)
Changing Speeds in a Central Pattern Generator/The Ionic Mechanism Underlying Postinhibitory Rebound in Clione limacina Swim Interneurons

Keir Pearson and David McVea (University of Alberta)
Short- and Long-term Adaptation of the Motor Pattern for Walking/Obstacle Avoidance During Walking

Richard Levine (University of Arizona) and Carsten Duch (Arizona State University)
Form and Function of Identified Insect Motoneurons

Roger Enoka and Ben Barry (University of Colorado, Boulder)
The Neurobiology of Muscle Fatigue: 15 Years Later/An inhibitory Spinal Reflex Between Elbow Flexor Synergists

Arthur Prochazka (University of Alberta) and Sergiy Yakovenko (University of Montreal)
General Properties of Locomotor Control Systems

Douglas Stuart
Reflections on Integrative and Comparative Approaches in Movement Neuroscience