SICB 2008 Symposia

San Antonio, Texas
January 2 - 6, 2008

Going with the flow: ecomorphological variation across aquatic flow regimes - Saturday, Jan. 5
(G. Rivera & R. Blob)
Advances in decapod crustacean phylogenetics - Saturday, Jan. 5
(J. Martin & D. Felder)
Vertebrate head segmentation in a modern evo-devo context - Thursday, Jan. 3
(S. Kuratani & T. Schilling)
Consequences of maternally-derived yolk hormones for offspring: current status, challenges and opportunities - Friday, Jan. 4
(R. Bowden & M. Lovern)
Advances in neurobiology - Saturday, Jan. 5
(K. Suter & R. Satterlie)
Reptile genomics and evolutionary genetics - Thursday, Jan. 3
(D. Janes & C. Organ)
Aeroecology: probing and modeling the aerosphere - the next frontier - Friday, Jan. 4
(T. Kunz & N. Hristov)
Evolution vs. Creationism in the classroom: evolving student attitudes - Friday, Jan. 4
(E. Lovely)

Late Breaking Symposia

Electromyography Interpretation And Limitations In Functional Analyses Of Musculoskeletal Systems - Thursday Morning, Jan. 3
(N. Konow & S. Gerry)
Testing Macroevolutionary Hypotheses of Diversification: Approaches and Perspectives - Friday Morning, Jan. 4
(M. Alfaro)
Building a better organismal model: the role of the mouse - Thursday Afternoon, Jan. 3
(K. Carlson)
Recent advances in crustacean genomics, a 2-year progress report - Sunday Morning, Jan. 6
(J. Stillman)