Meeting Abstract

S7.6  Thursday, Jan. 6  The ecogeography of brown shrimp Crangon crangon CAMPOS, Joana; University of Porto

In all European shallow coastal waters, from the White Sea to Morocco within the Atlantic and throughout the Mediterranean and Black Seas, brown shrimp Crangon crangon is consistently very abundant. It thus plays a relevant role in the functioning of local ecosystems as both prey of fish and shorebirds and predator of meiofauna and early stages of fish and bivalves. The C. crangon wide geographic range reflects its capability to cope with a wide range of temperature and salinity conditions. Despite being heavily investigated, basic questions about recruitment, population dynamics, growth and reproduction still remain unanswered; including its taxonomic status, the vivid debate about the growth potential of C. crangon in Dutch waters and its recruitment to the North Sea fisheries, and trends across the distributional range. In this work, an appraisal is made on the eco-geography of the species. An attempt is also made to compare the biology of the species with other crangonids with similar life history patterns.