SICB Annual Meeting 2011
January 3-7, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT

Symposium: The Biomechanics and Behavior of Gliding Flight

S11.1 Friday, Jan. 7, 08:00 DUDLEY, R.*; YANOVIAK, S.P.: Animal Aloft: The Origins of Aerial Behavior

S11.2 Friday, Jan. 7, 08:30 MUNK, Y*; YANOVIAK, S P; DUDLEY, R: Directed aerial descent in canopy ants

S11.3 Friday, Jan. 7, 09:00 JUSUFI, A.*; ZENG, Y.; FULL, R.J.; DUDLEY, R.: Aerial Righting Responses: A Comparative Approach

S11.4 Friday, Jan. 7, 10:00 HERREL, A*; BOISTEL, R; LOSOS, J; VANHOOYDONCK, B: The evolution of the vestibular system and controlled aerial descent in non-specialized arboreal squamates

S11.5 Friday, Jan. 7, 10:30 SOCHA, J.J.*; JAFARI, F.; VLACHOS, P.P.: Challenges of being a snake glider

S11.6 Friday, Jan. 7, 11:00 MCGUIRE, J A*; DUDLEY, R: The Evolution of Gliding Performance in Flying Lizards (Draco)

S11.7 Friday, Jan. 7, 11:30 BYRNES, G.*; SPENCE, A. J.: Ecological and biomechanical insights into the origins of gliding in mammals

S11.8 Friday, Jan. 7, 13:00 BISHOP, K.L.; BAHLMAN, J.W.*: Active control of aerodynamic forces during gliding in flying squirrels

S11.9 Friday, Jan. 7, 13:30 KOEHL, M.*; EVANGELISTA, D.: Aerodynamic performance of feathered dinosaurs

S11.10 Friday, Jan. 7, 14:00 PETERSON, K.*; BIRKMEYER, P.; DUDLEY, R.; FEARING, R. S.: Wing Assisted Locomotion of a 25 g Running Robot

S11.11 Friday, Jan. 7, 14:30 LENTINK, D*; DE KAT, R: Swifts have an edge on drag reduction