SICB Annual Meeting 2013
January 3-7, 2013
San Francisco, CA

Student Worker Information

For all student workers, make SURE that you sign up prior to and after fulfilling your work assignment so that your funding will be valid. The sign up book will be at the registration desk. Be sure to be at your assignment about 10 minutes prior to the time that it begins. If you find that you are unable to work during your time, it is your responsibility to exchange with someone so that all slots are filled. Note that this change needs to be recorded in the sign in book at the registration desk so that the correct person is given credit for that assignment.

For those signed up to help in a session:
First of all, introduce yourself to the chairperson(s). Tell them that you will be in the session room to assist should they need anything. If they would like for the lights to be dimmed during the session, you can help with that function. If something should go wrong with the av equipment during the session, come quickly to the registration desk and report the name of the room and the problem and someone from the av company will be sent to the room to fix the problem.

For those signed up to help in the Ready Room:
There will be 2 tables set up outside of the Ready Room so that speakers can check in with you prior to entering. When they arrive, check off the speaker's presentation on the Ready Room program that will be on the table so that SICB will know that they have arrived. Give them their presentation number if they do not know it so that they can give it to the av person who is uploading presentations inside. Instruct each speaker to then go into the Ready Room to upload their presentation. When you finish your assignment, make sure that the book is left on the table and passed on to the next students.

For those signed up to help at the Registration desk:
Depending on the day and time of your work assignment, you will be given various instructions to help at the desk. You may be asked to put out signs in front of the rooms or to help with registration or with checking off participants who have arrived.

For those signed up to work at the Poster sessions:
You will be in the Exhibit Hall where the posters will be set up, presented or taken down. You may be asked to put up the poster numbers on the boards for the next session. There will be a table in the exhibit hall where you can sit and be the source of push pins and also help poster presenters find their board and help with any questions. At the end of the session, you will make sure that posters have been taken down. Those that have not been removed should be taken down and then put at the registration desk.