SICB Annual Meeting 2013
January 3-7, 2012
San Francisco, CA
Hilton San Francisco Union Square

2013 Symposia


When Predators Attack: Sensing and Motion in Predator-Prey Interactions
Organizers: Matt McHenry and Stacy Combes

Vertebrate Land Invasions: Past, Present, and Future
Organizers: Alice Gibb, Miriam Ashley-Ross, Richard Blob, Tonia Hsieh

Phenotypic plasticity and the evolution of gender roles
Organizer: Janet Leonard

DEDB, DEE, DCE: Ecological Epigenetics
Cristina Ledon-Rettig, Andrea Liebl, Christina Richards, Aaron Schrey, Armin Moczek

DCPB, DEE, DNB, DIZ, AMS: Keeping time during animal evolution: conservation and innovation of the circadian clock
Organizers: Adam Reitzel and Ann Tarrant

DCPB, DEE, DIZ: Physiological Responses to Simultaneous Shifts in Multiple Environmental Stressors: Relevance in a Changing World
Organizer: Anne Todgham and Jonathon Stillman

DEDB, DAB, DCE, DIZ: Understanding First Order Phenotypes: Transcriptomics for Emerging Model Systems
Organizer: Suzy Renn and Antónia Monteiro

DIZ, DNB, AMS: Integrating genomics with comparative vision research of the invertebrates
Organizers: Jeanne Serb and Todd Oakley

DCE, DCPB, DAB: Hormone-mediated sex ratio adjustment in vertebrates
Organizer: Kristen Navara

DAB, DCE, DEE, DCPB: Coping with uncertainty: Integrating physiology, behavior and evolutionary ecology in a changing world
Organizers: Zoltan Nemeth, Frances Bonier and Scott MacDougall-Shackleton

DIZ, AMS: Assembling the Poriferan Tree of Life
Organizer: Robert Thacker and Allen Collins