SICB Annual Meeting 2014
January 3-7, 2014
Austin TX
Hilton Austin

Exhibitor Sponsored: Anatomy in Clay Learning System Workshop
Instructor: Jon Zahourek

Workshop Information and Participant Application
Limited to the 1st 20 participants - No cost to attend but you must apply using the form below

This workshop is full.

Anatomy In Clay® Learning System workshop will focus on comparative somatic anatomy between the mammals: human, horse and dog. Lab teams of two participants will be assigned a scale model skeleton of each species, one person assigned per side. The procedure followed is that both team members will form, one-at-a-time, a series of muscles and myologic patterns in clay for each of the three models. Determining the attachment sites on each model, each participant builds the muscle onto his assigned side of all three. The process creates an excellent opportunity to compare and contrast the implications of form and function of each individual muscle in this new way. Building the different expressions of the shared pattern of muscles has been an effective way to possibly find new insights into our own human biomechanics. Thousands of teachers, students and even administrators, from middle school to medical school, have enthusiastically adopted this system for its remarkable level of success in anatomy education.

Jon Zahourek, the creator of the Anatomy in Clay® Learning System, has conducted this workshop over several years at the Natural History Museum in London, and a similar comparative Primates pair of workshops at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC.

This workshop is full.