SICB Annual Meeting 2014
January 3-7, 2014
Austin TX
Hilton Austin

Exhibitor Sponsored: Fundamentals of Video Capture and Motion Analysis Workshop
Instructor: Peter Carellas

Friday, January 3, 2014, 3:00 - 5:00 pm

Limited to first 25 participants - No cost to attend but you must apply using the form below.

This workshop is full.

Xcitex invites you to our interactive workshop on high-speed video capture and computer-aided 2-D and 3-D motion analysis. The workshop will begin with instructions and methods for capturing high-speed video. Topics include an explanation of the relationships between camera resolution, frame rate, shutter speed and throughput; optical lens settings such as f/# and field of view; and lighting techniques. Industry expert and instructor Peter Carellas will then discuss the four fundamental steps of motion analysis: Pre-processing, Data Extraction, Computation, and Presentation. Participants will learn the fundamental concepts of quantifying data and the ways objects interact with each other and their environment. The workshop will include live demonstrations of camera capture and lighting techniques, and hands-on examples of motion analysis of animal biomechanics. Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops; each participant will be provided with a temporary copy of Xcitex's ProAnayst motion analysis software, and sample practice videos.

Peter Carellas is President and CEO of Xcitex Inc., an innovator in video-based motion capture and motion analysis.

This workshop is full.