Meeting Abstract

MOORE.1  Tuesday, Jan. 7 16:00  John A. Moore Lecture - The Contextual Nature of Evolutionary Reasoning: Implications For Biology Teaching, Learning, and Assessment NEHM, R.H.; Stony Brook University, New York

Recent studies of evolutionary reasoning across age groups (elementary, high school students), nations (China, Germany, Indonesia, and the USA), and expertise levels (undergraduates, practicing scientists) have revealed new insights about how humans think about evolutionary change. This talk will summarize these empirical findings, and discuss their implications for biology teaching, learning, and assessment.

Ross H. Nehm is Associate Professor in the Department of Ecology & Evolution, and a member of the Ph.D. Program in Science Education, at Stony Brook University in New York. His recent work has focused on measurement of evolutionary understanding and study of the growth of evolutionary thought. His evolution education research was recently highlighted in the National Research Council publication Thinking Evolutionarily (National Academy Press, 2012).