SICB Annual Meeting 2015
January 3-7, 2015
Marriott West Palm Beach, FL

Exhibitor Sponsored: 3-D Video Capture and Motion Analysis Workshop
Instructor: Peter Carellas

Saturday, January 3, 2015, 1:00 - 5:00 pm
Room 1F, Palm Beach Convention Center

Workshop Information and Participant Application
Limited to the 1st 25 participants - No cost to attend but you must apply using the form below

This workshop is full.

Xcitex invites you to this hands-on interactive workshop. This drop-in event will begin with recording a high-speed video of our dancing robot using our ProCapture motion capture system. Participants will then use ProAnalyst to perform their own 3-D motion analysis on the captured video. Industry expert Peter Carellas will be the instructor for the workshop.

Peter Carellas is President and CEO of Xcitex Inc., an innovator in video-based motion capture and motion analysis.

This workshop is full.