SICB Annual Meeting 2015
January 3-7, 2015
Marriott West Palm Beach, FL

2015 West Palm Beach Symposium Schedule

January 4, 2015

  1. Towards a General Framework for Predicting Animal Movement Speeds in Nature
    Organizer: Robbie Wilson; Sponsors: SICB wide; DAB, DCB, DCPB, DEE, & DVM

  2. Physiology in Changing Landscapes: An Integrative Perspective for Conservation Biology
    Organizers: Christine Madliger & Glenn Crossin & Oliver Love; Sponsors: DCE & DCPB

  3. Integrative Biology of the Crocodilia

Organizer: Valentine Lance; Sponsors: DAB, DCPB, DEDB, DNB, DEE & DPCB

January 5, 2015

  1. Soft Bodies, Hard Jaws: Phylogenetic Diversity of Prey Capture and Processing in Jawed, Soft-bodied Invertebrates
    Organizers: Rick Hochberg & Elizabeth Walsh; Sponsors: DIZ, DPCB & AMS

  2. Origins of Neurons and Parallel Evolution of Nervous Systems: The Dawn of Neuronal Organization
    Organizer: Leonid Moroz; Sponsors: DEDB, DIZ, DNB and DPCB, & AMS

  1. Thinking About Change: An Integrative Approach for Examining Cognition in a Changing World
    Organizers: Timothy Roth II & Zoltan Nemeth; Sponsors: DAB, DCE & DEE

January 6, 2015

  1. Unsteady Aquatic Locomotion with Respect to Eco-Design and Mechanics
    Organizers : Frank Fish &Paolo Domenici; Sponsors: DCB, DVM & DIZ

  2. Neurohormones, Brain and Behavior: a Comparative Approach to Exploring Rapid Neuroendocrine Function
    Organizers: Rebecca Calisi & Colin Saldanha; Sponsors: DCE, DAB & DCPB

  3. Leading Students and Faculty to Quantitative Biology Through Active Learning
    Organizers: Laura Miller & Lindsay Waldrop; Sponsors: SICB Wide; DAB, DCB, DCPB, & DVM

January 7, 2015

  1. Chemicals that Organize Ecology: Towards a Greater Integration of Chemoreception, Neuroscience, Organismal Biology, and Chemical Ecology
    Organizers: James Murray & Russell Wyeth; Sponsors: DNB, DCPB and DIZ

  2. Breaking Boundaries for Evolutionary Synthesis: An Interactive, and Integrative Symposium Linking Crustacean and Insect Physiology
    Organizers: Jon Harrison & Sherry Tamone; Sponsors: TCS, AMS, DIZ, DEDB, DPCB, & DCE

  3. New Insights into Suction Feeding Biomechanics and Evolution
    Organizers: Tim Higham & Peter Wainwright
    Sponsors: DCB, DIZ, & DVM