SICB Annual Meeting 2015
January 3-7, 2015
West Palm Beach, FL
Marriott West Palm Beach

Workshops & Programs

  • Workshops

    - Public Affairs Committee Workshop: Speak your Science: How to Engage with Policy Makers, Jan. 4

    - Broadening Participation Committee Workshop I: The academic juggling trick: How to effectively manage your time during the professoriate (and beyond!), Jan. 4

    - Student/Postdoctoral Affairs Workshop: 'Ins and Outs' of Writing Fundable Grants, Jan. 5

    - TALX (Teaching and Learning Workshop), Jan. 6

    - Broadening Participation Committee Workshop II: Don't be such a scientist, part II: How to give dynamic and informative presentations, Jan. 6

    - NSF Program Officers Workshop: Update and Outcomes from the Analysis of the Pre-Proposal Process, Jan. 6.

    - Pancrustacean Workshop to complement Breaking Boundaries for Evolutionary Synthesis: An Interactive, and Integrative Symposium Linking Crustacean and Insect Physiology
    Jan. 7, 6-8 pm in Room 1E of the Convention Center