SICB Annual Meeting 2016
January 3-7, 2016
Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR

Poster Guidelines

Poster authors must be available at their poster during their session's Question & Answer period. Odd- and even-numbered posters have the authors present at different times. For your presentation, set-up and take-down times please refer to the online schedule grid.

Poster Size

Poster mounting boards vary with location, but are approximately 4 feet tall by 8 feet wide; these stand approximately 30 inches off the floor. There will be several feet of space between rows of poster boards. In general, one (1) poster will be mounted on each side of the board.
Be prepared with your own material (push pins and velcro) to secure items to the boards.

Poster Presentation

The following guidelines may prove helpful in the preparation of your poster.

  • Use a large font size, and bullet your major points. Text should be printed in fonts of about 3/8" height (font size no less than 28).
  • Keep the text to a minimum - most posters contain far too much text.
  • Attractive charts, tables and graphics will greatly increase the effectiveness of any poster. Illustrations and tables should be kept relatively simple to maximize legibility. Avoid "artsy" style and keep captions brief.
  • Lines in graphs should be heavy. Choose colors that are easily distinguishable from one another. Symbols, letters and numbers should be large enough to be seen from a distance of six feet.
  • It's easier to read a poster if the information is arranged in vertical columns rather than horizontal strips.
  • If you wish to show movies as part of your poster presentation, there are now a variety of commercially-available hangers for iPads and similar devices which can be mounted to your poster. Some hangers are like fancy plate holders, others are clear "sleeves". Bring your own hanger and be sure that it is mounted securely.

Tips for creating a great poster