SICB Annual Meeting 2016

January 3-7, 2016
Portland, OR

Transcriptomics Workshop

Workshop Participant Application

Jan. 7, 4-5:30 pm

Members of the Animal Genome to Phenome Research Coordination Network will discuss best practices for the de novo assembly, annotation, and expression analysis of RNA-seq data. It will incorporate comments from the RNA-seq feedback booth and twitter feed. Participation is open to all meeting participants who are using, or are considering using, RNA-seq technology in their research. The expected outcome is a policy paper published as part of the society-wide symposium: Tapping the Power of Crustacean Transcriptomes to Address Grand Challenges in Comparative Biology.

Please fill out the following form and submit it to participate in the workshop:
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  • 4) Describe your research area and specify the organism, or group of organisms, you study.

  • 5) If you are you using RNA-seq or other next generation sequencing technology, what technology or technologies are you using?

  • 6) How familiar are you with computational resources, such as XSEDE and iPlant, and software, such as R, Python, Unix, and perl, used for RNA-seq data? (scale 1-5, with 5 being “not familiar” and 1 being “very familiar”).

  • 7) What kinds of questions do you want to address using RNA-seq or other next generation sequencing technology?

  • 8) What barriers or problems have you encountered or expect to encounter in using RNA-seq or other next generation sequencing technology?

  • 9) What RNA-seq resources and technical support would facilitate your research?

  • 10) Additional comments?

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