Meeting Abstract

S4-1  Friday, Jan. 6 07:50 - 08:00  Introduction to Evolutionary Impacts of Seasonality symposium RAGLAND, GJ*; WILLIAMS, CM; U Colorado, Denver; UC Berkeley

Organisms living in seasonal environments experience fluctuating selection pressures that influence their ecology and physiology, and drive their evolution. Classic work by Dobzhansky and early researchers identified seasonal fluctuations as a potentially important mechanism maintaining genetic polymorphism in natural populations, and studies of seasonal polyphenism and phenology have advanced our understanding of life history evolution. Recent advances in the field are moving towards greater understanding of the impacts of seasonality on genomic and physiological evolution, promising to illuminate the importance of seasonality in generating adaptation and constraining evolution. This symposium brings together experts from across disparate fields, with complementary expertise covering the entire span of the biological hierarchy and the breadth of terrestrial eukaryotes. The early morning session will cover functional and mechanistic responses, late morning session ecological responses, and evolutionary responses to seasonality will be in the afternoon session.