SICB Annual Meeting 2017
January 4-8, 2017
New Orleans, LA

Symposium Schedule

January 5

  1. Indirect Effects of Global Change: from Physiological and Behavioral Mechanisms to Ecological Consequences (SICB wide)
    Organizers: Alex Gunderson, Jonathon Stillman & Brian Tsukimura; Sponsors: DAB, DCPB, DEE, DIZ, DNB, & TCS

  2. The Ecology of Exercise: Mechanisms Underlying Individual Variation in Movement Behavior, Activity or Performance
    Organizers: Tony Williams, Shaun Killen, & Ryan Calsbeek; Sponsors: DAB, DCB, DCPB, DEE, & DVM

  3. Molecular and Neuroendocrine Approaches to the Study of Evolutionary Tradeoffs: Food, Sex, Stress, and Longevity
    Organizer: Jill Schneider; Sponsors: DAB, DCE, & DNB

January 6

  1. Evolutionary Impacts of Seasonality
    Organizers: Caroline Williams & Gregory Ragland; Sponsors: DCE, DCPB, & DIZ

  2. With a Little Help from My Friends: Microbial Partners in Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB wide)
    Organizers: Kevin Kohl & Denise Dearing; Sponsors: DCE, DCPB, DEDE, DEE, DIZ, DNB, & AMS

  3. Integrating Cognitive, Motivational and Sensory Biases Underlying Acoustic and Multimodal Mate Choice
    Organizers: Kathleen Lynch & Scott MacDougall-Shackleton; Sponsors: DAB, DCE & DNB

January 7

  1. The Evolution of Arthropod Body Plans – Integrating Phylogeny, Fossils and Development
    Organizers: Ariel Chipman & Doug Erwin; Sponsors: DEDB, DIZ, DPCB, AMS & TCS

  2. Integrative Life-History of Whole-Organism Performance (SICB wide)
    Organizers: Simon Lailvaux & Jerry Husak; Sponsors: DAB, DCB, DCE, DEDE, DEE, DNB & DVM

January 8

  1. The Development and Mechanisms Underlying Inter-individual Variation in Pro-social Behavior
    Organizers: Ben Dantzer & Dustin Rubenstein; Sponsors: DAB, DCE, DEE & DNB

  2. Physical and Genetic Mechanisms for Evolutionary Novelty
    Organizers: Thomas Stewart, Stuart Newman & Günther Wagner; Sponsors: DCB, DEDB & DPCB

  3. Low Spatial Resolution Vision - Function and Evolution
    Organizer: Anders Garm: DIZ, DNB, AMS & TCS