SICB Annual Meeting 2019
January 3-7, 2019
Tampa, FL

January 7 - Symposium S11: Allometry, Scaling and Ontogeny of Form

In its simplest form, the study of allometry is about investigating and quantifying the relative sizes and shapes of body parts. Insofar as size and shape are among the most characteristic aspects of a species, understanding and quantifying these characteristic measures, and the relationships among them, has been of interest to evolutionary biology for more than a century. Recent advancements in the field are moving towards a systems level understanding of size and shape variation, integrating genetics, developmental physiology and environmental factors into the study of allometry. The goal of this symposium is to promote such an integration and to address the developmental and evolutionary causes of morphological scaling relationships. We have assembled developmental biologists, morphologists, and evolutionary geneticists to examine how scaling relationships manifest from biological systems, with the aim to provide a novel integrative synthesis and approach to the study of biological form.

Sponsors: DEDB, DIZ


  • H. Frederik Nijhout
  • Kenneth McKenna

Speakers and Anticipated Schedule

S11-1 Monday, Jan. 7, 08:00 RODRIGUEZ, RL*; EBERHARD, WG: Sexual Selection and Static Allometry: the Importance of Behavior and Function

S11-2 Monday, Jan. 7, 08:30 O'BRIEN, Devin: Canine Evolution in a Saber-toothed Cat (Smilodon fatalis): Static Scaling and Evidence of Natural Selection

S11-3 Monday, Jan. 7, 09:00 NIKLAS, Karl J: Biophysical Effects on the Scaling of Plant Ontogeny

S11-4 Monday, Jan. 7, 10:00 SHINGLETON, AW: Which line to follow? The utility of different line-fitting methods to capture the mechanism of morphological scaling

S11-6 Monday, Jan. 7, 10:30 CASASA, S*; ZATTARA, EE; MOCZEK, AP: Developmental regulation and evolution of nutrition-responsive growth in horned beetles

S11-7 Monday, Jan. 7, 11:00 MCKENNA, KZ*; NIJHOUT, HF: Exploring the role of insulin signaling in relative growth: a case study on wing-body scaling in Lepidoptera

S11-8 Monday, Jan. 7, 13:30 HALLGRIMSSON, Benedikt*; KATZ, David C.; APONTE, Jose D.; GONZALEZ, Paula N.; LARSON, Jacinda R.; DEVINE, Jay P.; MARCUCIO, Ralph S.: Integration and the Developmental-Genetics of Allometry

S11-9 Monday, Jan. 7, 14:00 SAXENA, Aditya; SHARMA, Virag; GUTIERREZ, Haydee; ERBERICH, Joel; TAN, Fayth; ELLIS, Caroline; HILLER, Michael: What Big Feet You Have! Scaling Skeletal Proportion During Development and Evolution

S11-10 Monday, Jan. 7, 14:30 HOULE, D.*; FORTUNE, R.; JONES, LT: Excavating burden: revealing the causes of stasis in allometry

S11-11 Monday, Jan. 7, 15:00 FRANKINO, W. A.*; SHINGLETON, A. W. ; DWORKIN, I.; BAKOTA, E.; WILKINSON, G. S.; WOLF, J. B.: Individual Cryptic Scaling Relationships and the Evolution of Animal Form