SICB Annual Meeting 2019
January 3-7, 2019
Tampa, FL

January 4 - Symposium S3: Playing with Power: Mechanisms of Energy Flow in Organismal Movement

Across multiple evolutionary clades and size scales, organismal movement requires controlling the flow of energy through the body to enhance a variety of functions. Whether energy is released or absorbed by the organism, proper function hinges on the ability to finely manipulate both where and when energy is transferred. This symposium comes after a surge in research in power amplification mechanisms over the last decade, and more recently research has expanded into the burgeoning field of power attenuation mechanisms. In this symposium, we have speakers that demonstrate the diversity of mechanisms used to control the flow of energy through the body in order to facilitate fresh perspectives on the unifying mechanical themes of energy transfer in organismal movement. Our speakers cover multiple disciplines including animal biology, cell biology, mechanical engineering, applied mathematics, evolution, and paleorobotics. This symposium brings together this diverse set of people and their ideas to address the challenge of understanding movement in the context of energy flow in multiple organisms.

Sponsors: DCB, DNNSB, DVM


  • Jeffrey P. Olberding, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California, Irvine, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Michael Rosario, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Researcher, Brown University, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Stephen M. Deban, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of South Florida, Department of Integrative Biology

Speakers (final titles in bold; tentative, pre-final titles from authors in italic)

S3-1 Friday, Jan. 4, 08:00 OLBERDING, JP*; AZIZI, E; DEBAN, SM; ROSARIO, MV: Energy flow in elastic structures: not so unusual

S3-2 Friday, Jan. 4, 08:30 ROBERTS, TJ: Some Challenges of Playing with Power

S3-3 Friday, Jan. 4, 09:00 EDWARDS, J: The Role of Water in Effecting Rapid Movements in Plants

S3-4 Friday, Jan. 4, 09:30 REYNAGA, CM*; AZIZI, E: Trade-offs of power amplification on compliant substrates

S3-5 Friday, Jan. 4, 10:30 SAWICKI, GS*; ABBOTT, E; NEWZEK, T; PATEK, S; WALL, C; SCHMITT, D: Exploring the Limits of Muscle-based Latch Systems for Power Amplification

S3-6 Friday, Jan. 4, 11:00 RICHARDS, Christopher T.*; EBERHARD, Enrico A.; COLLINGS, Amber J.: Energy flow across segments in multi-body systems: a case study in frogs

S3-7 Friday, Jan. 4, 11:30 PATEK, S. N.: The power of extreme movement: evolution, behavior, and biomechanics of mantis shrimp strikes

S3-8 Friday, Jan. 4, 13:30 ANDERSON, P. S. L. *; CROFTS, S. B.: Making an impact: Energy transmission during high-speed puncture events

S3-9 Friday, Jan. 4, 14:00 MüLLER, UK*; BROWN, MD; BERG, O: Suction feeding without muscles: Estimating power requirements from flow for the traps of bladderwort, a carnivorous plant

S3-10 Friday, Jan. 4, 14:30 SUTTON, GP: The two Borelli laws for jumping animals

S3-11 Friday, Jan. 4, 15:00 LONGO, SJ: Pivots and power amplification: evolution and functional morphology of feeding in seahorses and their relatives