SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 73

Locomotion: Challenges & Obstacles
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Chen Li

73  73-1 Saintsing, AJ*; Full, RJEffects of leg loss depend on the leg lost in cockroaches 
73  73-2 Othayoth, R; Li, C*Simultaneous wing opening and leg flailing enables strenuous ground self-righting in cockroaches 
73  73-3 Othayoth, R*; Francois, E; Li, CLarge spatiotemporal scale measurement of cockroach traversal of large obstacles 
73  73-4 Chen, Y; DeJong, JT; Jaeger, RA; Martinez, A*Scaling of burrowing resistances with sediment depth: a geomechanical perspective 
73  73-5 Zhong, B*; Goldman, D; Bergmann, PBody-leg coordination in lizard locomotion along the body elongation and limb reduction continuum 
73  73-6 Wang, LK*; Ruopp, R; Hunt, N; Nguyen, A; Full, RJEffect of motivation on sequential jump strategy in fox squirrels 
73  73-7 Whitacre, TD*; Goldsmith, HL; Hubicki, CM; Daley, MATurning in treacherous terrain: Slip and fall risk and locomotion priority in guinea fowl 
73  73-8 Naylor, ER*; Higham, TEFrequent encounters of the compliant kind: the cursorial Namib day gecko maintains speed and alters posture during substrate transitions 
73  73-9 Bagheri, H*; Huang, Z; Lentink, D; Marvi, HThe role of basilisk lizard toe fringes in effective water running 
73  73-10 McInroe, BW*; Baryshnikov, YM; Koditschek, DE; Full, RJDiscovering simple mechanical models from motion data: A novel representation shown in ground righting geckos 
73  73-11 Tucker, EL*; Mantilla, DC; Hsieh, STKinematics of running across hard and granular surfaces in specialist and generalist lizards 
73  73-12 Soto, D*; Goldman, DIEnhancing legged robot navigation of rough terrain via use of a tail 
73  73-13 St. Pierre, R*; Bergbreiter, SLegged locomotion at low Reynolds numbers: limitations on insects and microrobots