SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session S9

Sending and Receiving Signals: Endocrine Modulation of Social Communication
Day: Wed Jan 6 - 10:15-19:00 Chairs: Karen Maruska

S910:15 S9-1 Maruska, KP*; Butler, JMIntroduction to the symposium sending and receiving signals: endocrine modulation of social communication  
S910:30 S9-2 Markham, MR*; Nourbakhsh-Rey, M; Wiser, SD; Maltby, RCMultiple hormonal pathways modulate active sensory and communication signals in weakly electric fish 
S911:00 S9-3 Sorensen, PW*; Levesque, HBlood-borne prostaglandin F2a causes female goldfish to become responsive to an androgen sex pheromone released by males 
S911:30 S9-4 Campos, SMChemical signals control our social lives: Lessons from lizards 
S914:00 S9-5 Mangiamele, LAAndrogenic modulation of multimodal signal structure in foot-flagging frogs 
S914:30 S9-6 Butler, JM*; Maruska, KPReproductive state-dependent visual plasticity in a cichlid fish 
S915:00 S9-7 Maruska, KPModulation of acoustic communication in an African cichlid fish 
S916:00 S9-8 Perelmuter, JT*; Sisneros, JA; Forlano, PMDopamine seasonally modulates adaptive sensitivity of the inner ear for reproductive communication in a vocal fish 
S916:30 S9-9 Petersen , CL; Hurley, LM*Neuromodulatory feedback to sensory systems: how serotonin conveys contextual information to the auditory midbrain 
S917:00 S9-10 Remage-Healey, LREstrogens synthesized in auditory circuits are neuromodulators of cellular physiology and behavior  
S918:00 S9-11 Gall, MD*; Baugh, AT; Lucas, JR; Bee, MASocial communication across reproductive boundaries: hormones and the auditory periphery 
S918:30 S9-12 Leary, CJGlucocorticoids, acoustic communication and sexual selection in treefrogs