SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 102

Spines & Sutures
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: AL Camp

102  102-1 Abu-Bader, L*; Summers, AP; Kruppert, S; Donatelli, CMVertebral column bending and intervertebral space shape in fishes 
102  102-2 Long, JH*; Eiltersen, M; Fjelldal, PG; Helvik, JV; Karlsen, T; Nordvik, K; Rusten, I; Støren, E; Totland, GK; Wiig, H; Kryvi, HFrom head to tail, embryo to adult: the life cycle of the notochord of Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar  
102  102-3 Camp, ALRainbow trout use 3D vertebral flexion during suction feeding 
102  102-4 Carter, AM*; Johnson, EH; Hsieh, S-T; Dodson, PRange-of-motion in dorsal vertebra of ancient tetrapods 
102  102-5 Nyakatura, JA*; Müller, MA; Merten, L; Böhmer, CAnalysing form and function of the cervicothoracic transition in cetartiodactyls confirms the ‘functional elongation hypothesis’ of the giraffe neck 
102  102-6 Roston, RA*; Mirando, AJ; McLellan, WA; Pabst, DA; Hilton, MJ; Roth, VLSutural structure in a telescoped skull: the maxillo-frontal suture in Tursiops truncatus 
102  102-8 Button, DJ*; Porro, LB; Barrett, PMFinite-element modeling of fossil taxa: how close is close enough? Sensitivity analyses on the skull of Megapnosaurus  
102  102-9 Laver, RJ*; Hunziker, J; Bauer, AM; Daza, JDA bone of contention – The search for wormians in squamates