SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 103

Structure-Function of Habitat Transitions
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: H Dutel

103  103-1 Bagby, MW*; Ross, MA; Giammona, FAncestral state reconstruction of amphibious species within the order cyprinodontiformes  
103  103-2 Lutek, K*; Foster, KL; Znotinas, KR; Standen, EMDo environmental gradients elicit behavioural gradients in an amphibious fish 
103  103-3 Dutel, H*; Porro, LB; Fabre, A-C; Martin-Silverstone, E; Berks, H; Fagan, MJ; Rayfield, EJFunctional evolution of the skull during the fish-tetrapod transition: insight from living vertebrates 
103  103-4 Rawson, JRG*; Esteve-Altava, B; Porro, LB; Dutel, H; Rayfield, EJBuilding a tetrapod: skull topology across the water-to-land transition 
103  103-5 Quigley, ZM*; Blob, RW; Kawano, SMKinematic comparisons between mudskipper fins and salamander limbs during terrestrial locomotion 
103  103-6 Rizwan, M*; Spence, M; Rull, M; Konow, N; Albert, A; Panessiti, CChanges in sternohyoid contraction pattern with terrestrialization in the axolotl 
103  103-7 Spence, M*; Rizwan, M; Rull, M; Konow, NTongue in cheek: altered basihyal kinematics during food processing in terrestrializing Axolotls 
103  103-8 Rull, M*; Bouvier, C; Konow, NTongue kinematics change across terrestrialization in ambystomatid salamanders 
103  103-9 Cheu, AY*; Bergmann, PJChoose your own adventure: Performance and kinematics of multiple climbing and swimming strategies in lizards 
103  103-10 Huang, J*; Wang, T; Liang, J; Yang, XHydrodynamics of a biomecanical compliant lower limb with skeletal skin: A numerical study