SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 104

Suckling, Swallowing & Chewing
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Francois Gould

104  104-1 Mayerl, CJ*; Steer, KE; Chava, AM; Bond, LE; Edmonds, CE; Gould, FDH; Stricklen, BM; Hieronymous, TL; Vinyard, CJ; German, RZHyoid movements are correlated with contractile patterns of the hyoid musculature during infant feeding 
104  104-2 Gould, FDH*; Lammers, AR; Mayerl, CM; German, RZHeterogeneity of variance partitioning between kinematics and electromyography (EMG) of swallowing following nerve lesion in pigs 
104  104-3 Edmonds, CE*; German, RZ; Gould, FDH; Steer, KE; Adjerid, K; Bond, LE; Mayerl, CJCapsaicin improves swallow safety during infant feeding 
104  104-4 Montuelle, SJ*; Olson, R; Gerstner, G; Curtis, H; Williams, SHTime-shifting correlations in jaw-tongue coordination during feeding in pigs 
104  104-5 Olson, RA*; Montuelle, SJ; Curtis, H; Williams, SHSucking and lapping in mammals: a false dichotomy? 
104  104-6 Laurence-Chasen, JD*; Arce-McShane, FI; Hatsopoulos, NG; Ross, CFThe effect of oral anesthesia on jaw and tongue kinematics during feeding in Macaca mulatta 
104  104-7 Stilson, KT*; Li, P; Laurence-Chasen, JD; Olson, S; Luo, Z; Ross, CFThe role of inferior alveolar nerve afferents in control of jaw kinematics in Didelphis virginiana 
104  104-8 Adjerid, K*; Mayerl, CJ; Gould, FDH; Edmonds, CE; Steer, KE; Bond, LE; German, RZHow do different feeding delivery parameters affect swallowing behavior in infant pigs? 
104  104-9 Beery, SM*; Chubb, E; Olson, R; Montuelle, SJ; Curtis, H; Williams, SHDoes sensation within the oral cavity determine occlusal movement and duration?