SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 105

Swimming: Maneuvering & Stability
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Freddie Ortiz

105  105-1 Ganley, A*; Bartol, IManeuverability of hatchling Sepia officinalis 
105  105-2 Hawkins, OH*; Ortega-Jimenez, V; Sanford, CThe contribution of the body, pectoral fins and ribbon fin to turning in a gymnotiform swimmer 
105  105-3 Gibbs, BJ*; Akanyeti, O; Liao, JCPectoral fin kinematics and electromyography in Karman gaiting trout 
105  105-4 Fath, M*; Polavaram, T; Donahue, J; Nguyen, S; Tytell, ECenter of mass and center of buoyancy dynamics in the bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus) 
105  105-5 Ortiz , FD*; Buser, T; Hall, K; Kolmann, M; Donatelli, CFlight of Daedalus: Kinematics of demersal swimming in the fish superfamily Cottoidea 
105  105-6 Yang, Y*; Wilkinson , MG; Whitcomb, LL; Cowan, NJModeling nonlinearities of refuge tracking in Eigenmmania virescens 
105  105-7 Clark, AD*; Tytell, EDFin kinematics during acceleration and turning in fishes: using a novel method to regularly produce irregular behaviors 
105  105-8 Liao, JC*; Rajeev, E; Canestrelli, A; Ray, BFlooded forests in flow; trout exploit wakes behind multi-cylinder arrays  
105  105-9 Huang, J*; Wang, T; Yang, X; Liang, JHydrodynamics of a biomecanical compliant flipper with skeletal skins: A numerical study 
105  105-10 Matthews, DG*; Maciejewski, MF; Wong, G; Lauder, GV; Bolnick, DILocomotory costs of a fibrosis based immune response in sticklebacks 
105  105-11 Chen, W*; Zhu, J; Stankovic, J; Lauder, GV; Bart-Smith, HTuna robotics: using machine learning and inertial measurement sensors for sensory feedback during swimming