SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 107

Temperature and Metabolism
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Andrea Rummel

107  107-1 Stupski, SD*; Schilder, RJThermal plasticity in a combustion impaired dragonfly phenotype 
107  107-2 Toxopeus, J*; Gadey, L; Andaloori, L; Sanaei, M; Ragland, GJCosts of averting diapause associated with slow decline of metabolic rates at low temperature in the apple maggot fly Rhagoletis pomonella 
107  107-3 David, ZA*; Owen, MA; Durrant, B; Choun, V; Officer, K; Griego, M; Whiteman, JMetabolic rate of two co-existing Ursidae species: Asiatic black bears and sun bears  
107  107-4 Khudyakov, J*; Treat, M; Shanafelt, M; Deyarmin, J; van Breukelen, FLiver proteome responses to hibernation and body temperature variability in a basoendothermic mammal 
107  107-5 Breit, AM*; Levesque, DLNot all endotherms are homeotherms: the importance of high-quality, accurate thermoregulatory datasets 
107  107-6 Azzolini, JL*; DeNardo, DFDehydrations suppresses digestion-induced thermophyly in Children’s pythons, Antaresia childreni 
107  107-7 Rummel, AD*; Swartz, SM; Marsh, RLPhysiological adaptation to local temperature differences among bat wing muscles 
107  107-8 Glass, JR*; Harrison, JFInteractive effects of air temperature and density on flight physiology of honey bees 
107  107-9 Cubillos, CA*; Augustine, KE; Sinclair, BJ; Buckley, TRTemperature, nutrition and life history among New Zealand stick insects 
107  107-10 Skelton, ZR*; Wegner, NC; Prinzing, TS; Hastings, PAComparison of temperature preference and metabolic thermal sensitivity between two juvenile coastal shark species 
107  107-11 Martin, BM*; Dudley, PN; Kashef, NS; Stafford, DM; Reeder, WJ; Tonina, D; Del Rio, AM; Foott, JS; Danner, EMThe biophysical basis of thermal tolerance in fish eggs