SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 110

(Un)Correlated Evolution
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Leigha Lynch

110  110-1 Woldt, K*; Sustaita, D; Pratt, RBClimbing behavior and skeletal anatomy of the salt marsh harvest mouse 
110  110-2 Stewart, TA*; Yoo, I; Upham, NSOn the coevolution of mammae number and litter size 
110  110-3 Fraser, CJ*; Butler, MAEvolutionary analysis of SARS-CoV-2: Is haplotype variation linked to mortality? 
110  110-4 Ospina-Rozo, L*; Stuart-Fox, DEnvironmental factors shaping visible and near-infrared light manipulation in Christmas beetles 
110  110-5 Lynch, LM*; Allen, KLCarnivoran relative brain volume does not correlate with environmental and dietary variation 
110  110-6 Weaver, RJ*; Havird, JCTight evolutionary rate correlations between mammalian mitochondrial- and nuclear-encoded aerobic respiration proteins 
110  110-7 Deconinck, AD*; Willett, CSThe odd un-couple: Hypoxia tolerance uncorrelated with acid tolerance in populations of Tigriopus californicus 
110  110-8 Gross, D*; Davoll, ME; Freehill, D; Nelligan, N; Benton, B; Larouche, O; Loganathan, A; Weller, HI; Williams, K; Price, SAA mouthful of fry and eggs: does mouth-brooding influence head and body shape evolution in cichlid fishes?  
110  110-9 Eliason, CM*; Riede, T; Laverde-R, O; Goller, F; Clarke, JAShared acoustic allometry in the largest and smallest known birds 
110  110-10 Santana, SE*; Kaliszewska, ZA; Leiser-Miller, LB; Lauterbur, ME; Arbour, JH; Davalos, LM; Riffell, JAEvolution of fruit scent in neotropical pepper plants: a test of the dispersal syndrome hypothesis 
110  110-11 Keirnan, AR*; Weisbecker, V; Iwaniuk, ANThe nocturnal letter-winged kite (Elanus scriptus) and diurnal birds of prey: visual anatomy differences are not like night and day