SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 12

Complementary to S10: Metachronal Coordination of Multiple Appendages for Swimming and Pumping I
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Margaret Byron

12  12-1 Colin, SP*; Costello, JH; Sutherland, KR; Gemmell, BJ; Dabiri, JO; DuClos, KThe role of suction thrust in the metachronal paddles of swimming invertebrates 
12  12-2 Strock, S*; Colin, SC; Daniels, J; Costello, JH; Katija, KCoordination of jet propulsion among physonect siphonophores 
12  12-3 Herrera-Amaya, A*; Byron, MLMeasuring metachronal maneuvering at the milliscale: an analysis of ctenophore swimming kinematics 
12  12-4 Fofanova, E*; Voronezhskaya, EAge-related cilia shortening in marine polychaeta Dinophilus gyrociliatus 
12  12-5 Du Clos, KT*; Gemmell, BJ; Colin, SP; Costello, JH; Dabiri, JO; Sutherland, KRSynchronous swimming in siphonophores yields higher maximum speeds but lower efficiency and higher cost of transport 
12  12-6 Kasoju, VT; Ford, MP*; Santhanakrishnan, AEffects of hinge angle variation on metachronal paddling 
12  12-7 Col√≥n, DA*; Ford, MP; Santhanakrishnan, ADumb it down: A simplified metachronal locomotion mathematical model 
12  12-8 Price, CT*; Ford, MP; Santhanakrishnan, ARoles of body and tail angles on metachronal swimming performance