SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 15

Complementary to S11: Biology’s Best Friend: Bridging Disciplinary Gaps to Advance Canine Science II
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Alexandra Protopopova

15  15-1 Dror, S*; Magyari, L; Fugazza, C; Miklósi, A; Andics, AComparing the ability of miniature pigs and family dogs to learn iconic and ‎non-iconic orientation cues ‎ 
15  15-2 Karimjee, K*; Olsen, E; Piercy, RJ; Daley, MQuantifying canine activity using collar-based accelerometers: a cut-point free approach 
15  15-3 Protopopova, AThe role of companion animal scientists in anticipating and adapting to the fallout of climate change 
15  15-4 Dror, S*; Miklósi‎, A; Temesi, A; Sommese, A; Fugazza, C‎“Who’s a smart boy?” ‎ Qualitative variation in the ability of dogs to learning object names 
15  15-5 Gábor, A*; Kaszás, N; Faragó, T; Pérez Fraga, P; Lovas, M; Andics, AAcoustics of dogs’ interspecific voice discrimination ability 
15  15-6 Kortekaas, K*; Jean-Joseph, HG; Kotrschal, KSocial context influences resting physiology in wolves and dogs 
15  15-7 Jean-Joseph, HG*; Wacker, K; Kotrschal, KCircannual time budget of equally raised wolves and dogs 
15  15-8 Lord, KA*; Li, X; Karlsson, EKA molecular perspective on the evolution of behavior in dogs