SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 16

Complementary to S12: Manakin Genomics: Comparative Studies of Evolution and Behavior in a Unique Clade of Birds
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Blake Jones

16  16-1 Vernasco, BJ*; Dakin, R; Majer, AD; Haussmann, MF; Ryder, TB; Moore, ITA telomeric perspective on the (anti-)aging phenotype of male wire-tailed manakins (Pipra filicauda) 
16  16-2 Alfonso, CA*; Moore, ITMale-male coalitions and aggression in two species of manakins 
16  16-3 Boyle, WA*; Bodony, DJ; Shogren, EH; Nguyen, L; Day, EBMore than meets the eye: high-speed video reveals aerobatic performance and the production of mechanical sounds in mating displays 
16  16-4 Clunis, P*; Ryder, TB; Dakin, RReciprocity is a pathway to social network stability 
16  16-5 Schaedler, LM*; Taylor, L; Anciães, MDelayed plumage maturation in manakins: a review on its patterns and functions 
16  16-6 Bolton, P E*; Balakrishnan, CN; Ryder, T B; Dakin, R; Moore, I T; Horton, B MGene expression in neuroendocrine tissues of a cooperatively lekking bird, the wire-tailed manakin  
16  16-7 Paulo, P*; Teófilo, FH; Ferreira, C; Moncrieff, AE; Bandeira, LN; Nuñez-Penichet, C; Bosholn, M; Machado, AF; Peçanha, WT; Hrbek, T; Kaefer, IL; Anciães, MGenetic but not phenotypic differentiation is determined by geographic and climatic distances in the blue-crowned manakin 
16  16-8 Driver, RJ*; White, ND; Balakrishnan, CNEvolution of visual perception in response to dietary shift and sexual selection  
16  16-9 Dakin, R*; Moore, IT; Horton, BM; Vernasco, BJ; Ryder, TBTestosterone-mediated behavior shapes social networks in wire-tailed manakins