SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 17

Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Justin Havird

17  17-1 St. John, ME*; Martin, CHThe specialists’ guide to the novel niche—How shifts in aggression, feeding behavior, and mate preference contribute to scale- and snail-eating in pupfishes 
17  17-2 Cox, CL*; Logan, MLUsing integrative biology to infer adaptation from comparisons of two (or a few) species  
17  17-3 Eaton, KM*; Bernal, MA; Backenstose, NJC; Yule, DL; Krabbenhoft, TJNanopore amplicon sequencing reveals molecular convergence and local adaptation of rhodopsin in Great Lakes salmonids 
17  17-4 Sadowska, J*; Medlock, S; Carlson, KM; Buck, CL; Duddleston, KNSignificance of microbially-liberated urea-nitrogen in pregnant and lactating arctic ground squirrels 
17  17-5 Marks, JR*; Lailvaux, SP; Beatty, AE; Schwartz, TSEffect of sprint training on Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 and Insulin-like Growth Factor 2 expression in green anoles (Anolis carolinensis)  
17  17-6 Weller, HI*; Schwartz, ST; Karan, E; Lord, NPRecolorize: a flexible R package for color classification 
17  17-7 Hall, JM*; Mitchell, TS; Thawley, CJ; Stroud, JT; Warner, DAAdaptive seasonal shift towards investment in fewer, larger offspring 
17  17-8 Havird, JC*; Maeda, G; Zwonitzer, KSelection (or lack thereof) on mitochondrial genes in animals: tales from bivalves, electric fishes, snakes, and elephants