SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 18

Aggregations & Migrations
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Valentina Di Santo

18  18-1 Ruddy, BT*; Kirwan, DJ; Kajiura, SM; Porter, MECollective swimming kinematics of Carcharhinus limbatus to Sphyrna mokarran during wild predation events 
18  18-2 Di Santo, V*; Lauder, GVFeeding affects individual and collective behavior of schooling fish 
18  18-3 SepĂșlveda-RodrĂ­guez, G*; Lauder, GV; Di Santo, VEffect of speed on collective behavior in schooling and shoaling fishes 
18  18-4 Nguyen, C*; Ozkan-Aydin, Y; Bhamla, MS; Peleg, OModeling collective dynamics of aquatic worm blobs 
18  18-5 Ozkan Aydin, Y; Goldman, D; Bhamla, S*Collective locomotion in entangled worm and robot blobs 
18  18-6 Shishkov, O*; Nave, GK; Peleg, OInternal structure of honey bee swarms 
18  18-7 Morrell, A*; Bartlam-Brooks, H; Bennitt, E; Webster, J; Wilson, AUsing dead reckoning to identify fine scale movements of navigating zebra in Botswana, Africa 
18  18-8 Thandiackal, R*; Lauder, GVSwimming in thrust wakes: implications for fish schooling dynamics 
18  18-9 Ogilvie, JGO*; Van Belleghem, S; Range, R; Chouteau, M; Counterman, BAThe evolution of polymorphic mimicry in Heliconius butterflies