SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 19

Animal Communication
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Fernanda Duque

19  19-1 Duque, FG*; Carruth, LLDo smaller hummingbirds sing higher pitched songs? 
19  19-2 Graham, ZA*; Angilletta, MSeparating noise and function in systems of animal communication: a comparative study of aggressive signaling in crayfish 
19  19-3 Schuppe, E*; Catin , L; Biegler , M; Jarvis, E; Fuxjager, MNeural correlates of drumming behavior in free-living woodpeckers 
19  19-4 Lohr, B*; Brown, M; Moyer, MJ; Hill, RAge-related stereotypy in song of grasshopper sparrows 
19  19-5 Bush, JM*; Ellison, M; Simberloff, DTerritory owners, floaters, and sneaker males use different behavioral strategies in green anole lizards (Anolis carolinensis) 
19  19-6 Erdmann, JAFrogtalkers: Automating the parameterization of frog calls for comparative studies 
19  19-7 Cavagnaro, JWCan fluorescence in reptiles and amphibians have a visual signalling function? 
19  19-8 Delamare, IM*; Olson, RA; Provini, PHow do birds modulate sound with their vocal tract?  
19  19-9 Rutter, AR*; Roberts, TJAmplitude patterns in woodpecker drumming 
19  19-10 Goldberg, DL*; Sadd, BM; Capparella, APA rallid ballad: Correlates of communal signaling in the rails (Rallidae), a model system for studies of avian duets 
19  19-11 Johnson, JR*; Piland, NCCan you sing that again? Assessing wide-scale vocal adjustment in urban songbirds 
19  19-12 Potdar, S*; Westerman, E LToxic, unpalatable and aposematic butterflies respond to specialist predatory bird calls 
19  19-13 Giglio, EM*; Campbell, P; Phelps, SMAcoustic variation across social contexts in neotropical singing mice (S. teguina)