SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 22

Biological Materials: (Ultra)Structure & Function I
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Molly Gabler-Smith

22  22-1 Yager, CC*; Casey, CB; Vahidi, G; Jankauski, MA; Heveran, CMEvaluating the modulus of flying insect thoraxes with nanoindentation 
22  22-2 Crane, RL*; Denny, MWMussels maintain repair during chronic mechanical fatigue 
22  22-3 Johnson, EHFight or flight: tradeoffs between mechanical and behavioral defenses in bivalve shell shape 
22  22-4 Edwards, RA*; McClintock, JBAn evaluation of ontogenetic allometry of defensive and feeding efficiency properties of skeletal components of the regular sea urchin Lytechinus variegatus 
22  22-5 Pales Espinosa, E*; Allam, BHigh spatial resolution mapping of the mucosal proteome of the gills of Crassostrea virginica: implication in particle processing 
22  22-6 Kennedy, KN*; Hall, KC; Cohen, KE; Donatelli, CM; Kruppert, S; Kolmann, MAMighty fine spines: trade-offs in puncture performance among spiny cartilaginous fishes 
22  22-7 Stewart, MT*; Wainwright, DK; Nikora, VI; Cameron, SM; Thunert, M; Stoesser, THigh resolution measurements of billfish skin roughness 
22  22-8 Herbst, HD*; Scheurle, D; Clark, A; Porter, MEVariable roughness of shark skin inspired surface impacts bacterial migration rates  
22  22-9 Gabler-Smith, MK*; Wainwright, DK; Wong, GA; Lauder, GVShark dermal denticles: novel patterns on branchial skin 
22  22-10 Wainwright, DK*; Lauder, GVThe surfaces of sharks and bony fishes: a comparison of scale structure and function 
22  22-11 Elcock, JN*; Hall, KC; Donatelli, C; Farina, S; Summers, APMicrostructures and measured morphometrics of skate egg cases