SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 23

Biological Materials: (Ultra)Structure & Function II
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Dara Orbach

23  23-1 Zeng, Y*; Petrichko, S; Nieders, K; Fudge, DScaling of secretory cells and cell products with body size in hagfishes 
23  23-2 Evans, AJ*; Cohen, KE; Summers, AP; Kolmann, MA; Egan, JP; Hernandez, LPThat'snot how it works: Particle aggregation in the viscous environment of the epibranchial organ 
23  23-3 Magondu, B*; Cervantes, G; Lee, A; Kaminski, C; Yang, P; Carver, S; Hu, DHow the vombatus ursinus forms cubic feces, with an application to the feces of terrestrial mammals 
23  23-4 Challita, EJ*; Acharya, R; Krugner, R; Bhamla, SPeeing one drop at a time: How sharpshooter insects use superpropulsion to launch their fluid excreta and why 
23  23-5 Diaz, C*; Aaron, E; Long, JHMoth-catching by spiders: the spreading behavior of capture glue depends on the morphology of moth scales 
23  23-6 Bolmin, O*; Alleyne, M; Wissa, AAMobility power flow: How click beetles transmit and dissipate mechanical power 
23  23-7 Sutton, GP; St. Pierre, R; Kuo, CY; Summers, A; Bergbreiter, S; Patek, SN*Devilish dynamics: precision mandible rotation without pins by ultrafast, spring-actuated trap-jaw strikes 
23  23-9 Ojo, O*; Shoele, KLoad reduction and reconfiguration capabilities of branched trees 
23  23-10 Sordilla, S*; Schulz, A; Hu, DSkin morphology and microstructure in the elephant trunk 
23  23-11 Boyle, M*; Schulz, A; Hu, DElephant Trunks expand in volume when reaching for distant objects 
23  23-12 Fourney, E*; Sukhwani, A; Schulz, A; Hu, DWrinkles and folds enable stretching of elephant trunk skin