SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 25

Bone Structure: Ecology & Phylogeny
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Emily Lessner

25  25-1 Ingle, DN*; Porter, METhe microarchitecture and mechanical properties of cetacean vertebral trabecular bone 
25  25-2 Alfieri, F*; Nyakatura, JA; Amson , EEvolution of bone cortical compactness in slow arboreal mammals 
25  25-3 Mossor, AM*; Young, JW; Butcher, MTBone plasticity in arboreal mammals: Material and mechanical properties of sloth limb bones 
25  25-4 Amson, E*; Bibi, FDiffering effects of size and lifestyle on bone structure in mammals 
25  25-5 Munteanu, VD*; Diamond, KM; Blob, RWChanges in limb bone neutral axis orientation during climbing in iguanas 
25  25-6 Smith, SM*; Angielczyk, KDAdventures inside shrew vertebrae: trabecular bone morphology and regionalization in Soricidae 
25  25-7 Baxter, DL*; Tytell, EDDiversification of internal vertebral morphology of actinopterygian fishes along the benthic-pelagic habitat axis 
25  25-8 McInnis, SJL*; Franz-Odendaal, TACharacterizing the effects of increased muscle load on the flat scleral ossicles of Danio rerio 
25  25-9 Zack, EH*; Smith, SM; Angielczyk, KDEffects of captivity on the bone microstructure of xenarthrous vertebrae 
25  25-10 Betterton, LM; Shirk, MT; Pirtle, JM; Rohlf, P; Stover, KK*Limb bone mineral density and morphology affected by more than just body mass in domestic turkeys 
25  25-11 Villacís Núñez, CN*; Cooper, KL; Moore, TYFusion reinforces metatarsals and facilitates larger body sizes in jerboas (Dipodidae) 
25  25-12 Gutherz, SB*; O'Connor, PMPostcranial skeletal pneumaticity in Accipitriformes  
25  25-13 Chase, HT*; Tobalske, BWTrying to understand bird bone? You’ll need reinforcements!