SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 27

Climate Change and Species Interactions
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Dillon Monroe

27  27-1 Monroe, DM*; Offermann, G; Gabor, CRExposure to warmer water, but not pond drying as tadpoles contributes to decreased survival when exposed to fire ants 
27  27-2 Goerge, TM*; Miles, DBThe influence of conspecifics in thermal preference in tree lizards (Urosaurus ornatus) 
27  27-3 Stark, G*; Levy, OClimate change and ecological interactions: How vegetation cover affect the performance of desert lizards? 
27  27-4 Chapman, TL*; Bidwell, JRField and behavioral analysis of microhabitat preference in two species of Plethodontid salamanders in the Southern Appalachian Mountains 
27  27-5 Yost, CM*; Gnoose, MA; Yang, JL; Utsumi, KLSocial network analysis of two sympatric lizard species long-nosed leopard lizards (Gambelia wislizenii) and Western whiptails (Aspidoscelis tigris) 
27  27-6 Sayavong, N*; Estrada, M; Salas, H; Gunderson, AR; Stillman, JH; Tsukimura, BThe transduction of climate change in rocky intertidal porcelain crabs P. cinctipes and P. manimaculus through thermal stress, increased density, and competition 
27  27-7 Dimitrie, DA*; Benard, MFA comparison of the effects of two anuran competitors on breeding site selection in a treefrog 
27  27-8 Tituskin, JR*; Waddell, SM; Mabry, KESpecies-specific responses to warming alter community composition of California dragonflies