SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 29

Comparative Genomics
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Aida Verdes

29  29-1 Verdes, A*; Saarenp√§√§, S; Junoy, J; Riesgo, A; Giacomello, SVisualization of toxin gene expression patterns in ribbon worm tissue sections by spatial transcriptomics 
29  29-2 Gallagher, KA*; Caira, JN; Wegrzyn, JMorphological and genomic evolution of pelagic thresher shark tapeworms 
29  29-3 Gonzalez, P*; Baxevanis, ADLarge-scale characterization of non-coding conserved elements across the Metazoa 
29  29-4 Chang, ES*; Travert, M; Sanders, SM; Klompen, AML; Gonzalez, P; Barreira, SN; Cartwright, P; Baxevanis, ADInsights from the draft genome assembly for the hydrozoan Podocoryna carnea: Just the tip of the tentacle 
29  29-5 Zaragoza, G*; Fitak, RR; Robson, CAssigning rural and urban origin to burrowing owls (Athene cunicularia) using traditionally omitted genomic data 
29  29-6 Cai, L*; Arnold, B; Xi, Z; Khost, D; Patel, N; Hartmann, C; Manickam, S; Sasirat, S; Nikolov, LA; Mathews, S; Sackton, T; Davis, CCDeeply altered genome architecture in the iconic endoparasitic flowering plant Rafflesiaceae 
29  29-7 Shipman, BM*; Ernst, DA; Dijkstra, JA; Westerman, ELDifferential gene expression in an invasive ascidian as a response to temperature  
29  29-8 Bouguerche, C*; Tazerouti , F; Delphine, G; Justine, JLNo vagina, one vagina, or multiple vaginae? An integrative study of Pseudaxine trachuri (Monogenea, Gastrocotylidae) leads to a better understanding of the systematics of Pseudaxine and related genera 
29  29-9 Zhang, P*; Jacobs, DEvolution of DNA methylation in Cnidaria 
29  29-10 Stanton, DS*; Hurlbert, JC; Smith, JPThe Acoelomorphan circadian clock reveals a critical point at which the PER/ CRY heterodimer evolved as the negative regulator in Animalia